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Memorial: Herbert John Weeks (1897-1960)

Robert E. Rettger

AAPG Non-Technical and Memorials

... of weather and over all hazards. H e spared neither himself nor his car. His strength was such t h a t he was often able to extricate his car f r o m sand...


Abstract: Variable Depth Streamer Acquisition: Enhancing Interpretation with Broadband Marine Seismic; #90174 (2014)

R. Soubaras, R. Dowle, and R. Sablon

Search and

... survey. It is operationally robust, is proven to extend the marine acquisition weather window and has been combined with fan-mode streamer acquisition...


Sedimentary Facies Relations and Inferred Dynamics of a Single-Barred Nearshore Environment, Atlantic Coast of Eastern Long Island, New York: ABSTRACT

R. Craig Shipp

AAPG Bulletin

.... By deployment of dye tracer and by inspection of bed forms in the longshore trough (during low wave-energy, fair-weather conditions) little evidence of longshore...


Cardium Formation at Seebe, Alberta--Storm-Transported Sandstones and Conglomerates: ABSTRACT

Marsha E. Wright, Roger G. Walker

AAPG Bulletin

... parts of sequences 1, 2, 3, and 5. The implication is that these sequences terminate in water deeper than fair-weather wave base (10 to 15 m...


Offshore Storage Structures

J. J. Jasper, J. S. McCabe

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... is installed during construction onshore. This arrangement should allow pile installation during weather conditions that might otherwise shut down surface...


Environmental Impacts Associated with Geothermal Exploration, Development, and Power Generation

Agustin L. Viesca

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... be of greater concern than in less developed or undeveloped areas. 6. The weather during construction. Construction dur­ ing rainy seasons, for example...


Geological Note: Field Study of Modern Carbonate Environments1

Frank W. Beales

CSPG Bulletin

... that this note is published. The problems involved in the interpretation of ancient rocks are of course greatly complicated by the hazards of preservation...


Coarse-Clast Ridge Complexes of the Caribbean: A Preliminary Basis for Distinguishing Tsunami and Storm-Wave Origins

Robert A. Morton, Bruce M. Richmond, Bruce E. Jaffe, Guy Gelfenbaum

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., Atlantic hurricane season of 2004: Monthly Weather Review, v. 134, p. 981–1025. Goff, J., Dudley, W.C., deMaintenon, M.J., Cain, G., and Coney, J.P., 2006...


Lithofacies Analysis of Colluvial Sediments--An Aid in Interpreting the Recent History of Quaternary Normal Faults in the Basin and Range Province, Western United States

Alan R. Nelson

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... Earthquake Hazards and Risk along the Wasatch Front, Utah: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1500, chapter A, p. A1-A71. MCCALPIN, J.P., 1982...


Western Utah Climatography

Dale J. Stevens, R. Clayton Brough

Utah Geological Association

...Western Utah Climatography Dale J. Stevens, R. Clayton Brough 1987 31 58 Western Utah’s weather and climate is much more than what most people...


Optimization of Offshore Platform Layouts

B. Cote

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... to hazards. – evaluation of fire and explosion effects in terms of probability of occurrence and scale of consequences, with a view to determining...


An Overview of the Anoa Field Development

M. Fahman, Faisal Nur, J. S. Djalal, Subagio, Kasjati

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... of the Natuna Sea. Figure 1. Location map of Anoa field and structure map of the "B-1" sand. The weather environment at the field is generally mild, except...


Sediment Transport During the Winter on the Yukon Prodelta Norton Sound, Alaska

D. E. Drake, C. E. Totman, P. L. Wiberg

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... in the winter of 1978 were essentially the same as those observed during fair weather summer periods, when the sediment discharge of the Yukon River...


Environmental Effects of Geothermal Energy Development--Summary: Geothermal Energy

Richard G. Bowen

AAPG Special Volumes

...-pressure weather systems End_Page 118------------------------ often create a pall of lingering smoke and fog from the burning of fossil fuels...


Remote Sensing of Shoreline Dynamics, Mobile Bay Area, 1900-1975 (1)

C. Daniel Sapp, J. G. Emplaincourt, J. D. Hardin

GCAGS Transactions

..., Jr., and others, 1974, Natural hazards of the Texas coastal zone: Texas Univ., Austin, Bur. Econ. Geol., 24 p. Chermock, R.L., Boone, P.A., and Lipp...


Gray Whale and Walrus Feeding Excavation on the Bering Shelf, Alaska

C. Hans Nelson, Kirk R. Johnson, , John H. Barber, Jr.

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... HESS, G. R., LARSEN, B. R., KLINGMAN, D., AND MOORE, D., 1981, Marine geologic hazards in the northern Bering Sea, Final Report on data collected in FY...


Central-Tunu 3D Transition Zone Acquisition - Technical and Planning Coordination Challenges in Populated Areas, and on a Field Under Intensive Development (Tunu Field, Indonesia)

Michel Erbetta, Florent Bertini, J. Bonnafé, M. Saleh, Olivier de Pellegars, P. Faure, H. Lancien

Indonesian Petroleum Association

...) and two short SIMOPS with Rigs. Most of the stand by time (87.35 hours) was related to bad weather conditions. Despite the high complexity...


Monitoring and Forecasting of Volcanic Eruptions with Reference to Active Volcanoes in Indonesia

Adjat Sudradjat

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... in remote areas in Indonesia have been observed by Sawada (written communication, 1983) by means of the GMS Japanese weather satellite. The plume...


Field Trip Guide to Ancient & Modern Organic-Rich Environments in Kalimantan Timur (Borneo), Indonesia

Edited by Tim Moore

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

...-­‐3  is  circuitous  and   dependent  on  weather  and  traffic.     g. HAZARDS:   i. If  the  road  is  still...


Environmental Remote Sensing in the Oil Industry: Changing Technology for Changing Times

Ralph N. Baker

Environmental Geosciences (DEG)

... (hazardous wastes, oil seeps, and oil spills), earth hazards assessment, baseline studies, facilities siting, and crisis response (Table 1). An industry...


Uinta Mountain Geology; Frontmatter

Carol M. Dehler, Joel L. Pederson, Douglas A. Sprinkel, Bart J. Kowallis

Utah Geological Association

... Glacial Geology of the Southern Uinta Mountains   by Benjamin J.C. Laabs and Eric C. Carson 235 Landslide Hazards Along the Southern Flank...


Louisiana State Water Gulf of Mexico Old Field Resurrection in the Aftermath of the Macondo Disaster

William Clay Kimbrell, Elliott Black, IV, James W. Kimbrell, Tracey V. Kimbrell, Max N. Lindsay, Christopher Tolleson

GCAGS Transactions

... on line after years of many and various technical difficulties, uncooperative weather, and strict (and sometimes illogical) regulatory environments...


The Tsunamite Problem

G. Shanmugam

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., A.I., and Rosendal, H.E., 1962, Great Atlantic Storm, 1962: Mariners Weather Log, v. 6, p. 79–85. Davies, G.R., 1997, Interpretites: the new...


HCS: Problems, Perspectives and Misunderstandings: Abstract

Christopher J. Pound

CSPG Special Publications

... of deposition between storm and fair weather wave bases. Dott and Bourgeois have proposed an idealized HFXM sequence thought to represent a waning flow sequence...


Extended Abstract: The “Tax Day” Flood of April 17-18, 2016

Jeff Linder

Houston Geological Society Bulletin

... the actions taken by the Harris County Flood Control District, the Harris County Office of Emergency Management, and the National Weather Service during...


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