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Abstract: An Integrated Water Quality Forecasting Model to Restrict the Harvesting of Shellfish Following Extreme Weather Events

Charity Mouland, Timothy Webster, Ian Spooner, Nathan Crowell

Atlantic Geology

...Abstract: An Integrated Water Quality Forecasting Model to Restrict the Harvesting of Shellfish Following Extreme Weather Events Charity Mouland...



P. R. Evans

Journal of Petroleum Geology

... of eastern Australia. The northern third of the continent lies within the tropics and experiences monsoonal weather conditions. The population is about 14...


The Part Helicopters are Playing in Geophysical Exploration: ABSTRACT

E. E. Gustafson

AAPG Bulletin

... operations, plus a film showing actual field operations as well as flight performance, load-carrying abilities, landing areas, weather restrictions...


Geophysical Exploration in Northern Alaska: ABSTRACT

John R. Woolson

AAPG Bulletin

... between February and late July. This is a result of weather and terrane conditions and the necessity of supporting isolated field camps. Gravity work...


Earth Resource Photography--Payoff in Space: ABSTRACT

W. V. Trollinger, H. A. Tiedemann

AAPG Bulletin

... flights and in weather and communications satellites demonstrate presently available technology for obtaining worldwide color photography. The synoptic...


Outburst Flood Sedimentation on the Proglacial Tuttle Canyon Alluvial Fan, Owens Valley, California, U.S.A.

Terence C. Blair

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

..., and by causing major changes to the landscape such as the carving of channels. These differences produce fans with distinctive facies and hazards, the former...


Submarines, Blimps, Trains, and Ships: Transportation Proposals for Prudhoe Bay Crude Oil, 1968-77

Ross A. Coen

Petroleum History Institute

... of ice, Jog, wind, subJreezing temperature, storms and waves - exposed to a minimum of environmental hazards. 7 The major difficulty acknowledged...


The Back Valleys of Summit and Wasatch Counties: (A Geographic Summary)

H. Bowman Hawkes

Utah Geological Association

... feet in elevation and the Coalville weather station at 5,500 feet is most typical. The uplands surrounding the valleys range from 8,000 to 10,000 feet...


Valuation of Natural Gas Properties

Eugene A. Stephenson

AAPG Special Volumes

... hazards in regard to the daily supply of gas, inability to meet peak load conditions, and danger to the wells from moving sand or from water-coning...


Economics in the Oil Business

Robert A. Bishop

Oklahoma City Geological Society

... with the usual hazards of modern business, it must depend heavily upon factors and conditions which no one could possibly foretell. Who can say...


Renewable Energy: The Role of Small Scale Biomass-Energy Systems in Alternative Development

George L. Chan

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... is the best investment that the family can make. Besides isolating all objectionable excreta, human as well as animal, that are health hazards on most...


Exploration for Shallow Compaction-Induced Gas Accumulations, Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

D.W. Oldham

Montana Geological Society

... of western North America: RMAG 1991 Guidebook, p. 191-200. Hobbs, R.G., 1978, Methane occurrences, hazards, and potential resources...


The Environmental Impact Management Program Used by Conoco Warim Ltd., During the DIGUL-1 Exploratory Drilling Project in Irian Jaya

Sugiarto, Willy Ekariyono

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... were as follows: Identification and assessment of the probability of major and minor hazards which could result from drilling activities. Sensitivity...


Discovering Yellowstone

William L. Lang

Wyoming Geological Association

... prospector who had roamed all over the West and experienced more than his allottment of hazards and close scrapes, led an adventurous pack of gold...


Baldness of Bedding Surface

F. W. Beales

AAPG Bulletin

... almost without exception, because of the hazards of preservation, the most important constituents of most communities must remain those occult...


Solar Power for Sustainable Offshore Petroleum Exploration and Production in Africa; #42027 (2017)

Samuel Tawiah, Solomon Adjei Marfo, Daniel Benah Jnr

Search and

... on offshore rigs are met principally through the use of diesel engines and gas turbines. This adds to the already high safety hazards and environmental...


Geology and Deep Structure of the Rumsey Hills Area, Sacramento Valley, California

Vincent Rex Ramirez

Pacific Section of AAPG

... with occasional thin conglomerates, these poorly sorted and well indurated arkosic rocks often contain large concretions which weather into "cannon balls...


A Movable Offshore Gas Production Unit for West Natuna

Joao G. de Oliveira, Yogi Prayogi

Indonesian Petroleum Association

..., and this possibility of weight growth needs to be accounted for in the design. Hazards Analyses Extensive hazards type analyses of the different phases...


A Holistic Approach to Achieve Excellence in Pipeline Security Using "SOLIDS"

Muhamad Rais, M. Nuramzan Iftari

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... and cleanse. These actions should take place immediately following a spill so as to minimize hazards to human health and the environment. 2. Liquid...


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