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A Compaction-Based Pore Pressure Model for Shales

James T. Krushin

GCAGS Transactions

.... 55, p. 401-414. Lambe, T. W., and R. V. Whitman, 1969, Soil mechanics: John Wiley and Sons, New York, 553 p. Leung, P. K., and R. P. Steiger...


Effects of Methane Hydrate on the Physical Properties of Sediments

William J. Winters, William F. Waite, David H. Mason

AAPG Special Volumes

...: American Geophysical Union, Geophysical Monograph 124, p. 318.Lambe, T. W., and R. V. Whitman, 1969, Soil mechanics: New York, John Wiley Sons, 553...


Cenozoic Sedimentation in the Pacific Ocean: Steps Toward a Quantitative Evaluation

Thomas R. Worsley, Thomas A. Davies

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...., 1975, Cenozoic History and Paleoceanography of the Central Equatorial Pacific Ocean: Geol. Soc. America Mem. 143, 134 p. WHITMAN, J. M., AND DAVIES...


Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy and Productive Zones, Paradox Salt Basin

George Herman , Clifford A. Barkell

AAPG Bulletin

...," Bull. Amer. Assoc. Petrol. Geol., Vol. 17, pp. 963-80. CROSS, WHITMAN, SPENCER, A. C., AND PURINGTON, C. W., 1899 (1901), "La Plata, Colorado," U...


Liability for Harm from Underground Waste Disposal

Frank J. Trelease

AAPG Special Volumes

... Bing. N.C. 468. Vincent v. Lake Erie Transportation Co., 1910: 109 Minn. 456, 124 N.W. 221. Whitman Hotel Corp. v. Elliott & Watrous Engineering Co...


Revised Volcanic History of the San Juan, Uncompahgre, Silverton, and Lake City Calderas in the Western San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Peter W. Lipman, Thomas A. Steven, Robert G. Luedke, Wilbur S. Burbank

Grand Junction Geological Society

.... Assoc. Petroleum Geologists [1962]. Cross, Whitman, Howe, Ernest, and Irving, J. D., 1907, Description of the Ouray quadrangle [Colorado]: U.S. Geol...


Quaternary Deposits and Soils in the Durango Area, Southwestern Colorado

Mary L. Gillam, David W. Moore, Glenn R. Scott

Four Corners Geological Society

... indicator, western United States: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1210,56 p. Cross, Whitman, Howe, E., and Ransome, F. L., 1899, Description...


Variations of Density and Porosity with Depth in Deep-sea Sediments

Edwin L. Hamilton

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... Project, v. 16, Washington, U.S. Govt. Printing Office, p. 499-511. LAMBE, T. W., AND R. V. WHITMAN, 1969, Soil Mechanics, John Wiley & Sons, New York...


Geology and Physical Properties of Ross Sea, Antarctica, Continental Shelf Sediment

B. D. Edwards, H. J. Lee, H. A. Karl, E. Reimnitz, L. A. Timothy

Circum Pacific Council Publications

... sediments plot below the Casa­ grande A-line on the Plasticity Chart of the Unified Soil Classi­ fication (Fig. 3; Table 3.5 of Lambe and Whitman, 1 9...


Stratigraphy of a Part of Southern Utah

Raymond C. Moore

AAPG Bulletin

... in Nevada, Jour. Geol., vol. 30, p. 66, 1922. FOOTNOTE 28. Cross, Whitman, and Home, Ernest, Red Beds of southwestern Colorado and their correlation...


The Rise and Fall of Eustasy

Christopher G. St. C. Kendall, Ian Lerche

Special Publications of SEPM

... of Kossinna (1921, 1933), Bond (1976), Harrison and others (1981), Southham and Whitman (1981), or Cogley (1984), or one's own system. Loss...


Studies of Source Beds in Oklahoma and Kansas

Parker D. Trask

AAPG Bulletin

.... FOOTNOTE 3. Parker D. Trask and H. Whitman Patnode, "Means of Recognizing Source Beds," Drilling and Production Practice, 1936, Amer. Petrol. Inst. (1937...


The Possible Significance of Pore Fluid Pressures in Subduction Zones: Tectonic Processes: Model Investigations of Margin Environmental and Tectonic Processes

Roland von Huene, Homa Lee

AAPG Special Volumes

..., U.S. Government Printing Office, v. 67. Lambe, T. W., and R. V. Whitman, 1969, Soil mechanics: John Wiley and Sons Inc., 553 p. Lee, H. J., H. W...


Relationships Between Pore Pressure, Stresses, and Present-Day Geodynamics in the Scotian Shelf, Offshore Eastern Canada

N. A. Yassir , J. S. Bell

AAPG Bulletin

...., and R. V. Whitman, 1979, Soil mechanics, SI version: New York, John Wiley, 553 p. Mandl, G., and R. M. Harkness, 1987, Hydrocarbon migration...


Development of the La Sal and Other Laccolithic Mountains on the Colorado Plateau

Charles B. Hunt

Grand Junction Geological Society

... Professional Paper 637, 80 p. Cross, Whitman, 1894, The laccolithic mountain groups of Colorado, Utah, and Arizona: U.S. Geological Survey 14th Annual Report...


History of Exploration in Southeastern Utah

George H. Hansen

Utah Geological Association

.... Holman was issued by the U. S. Geological Survey in 1884. It covered Cottonwood Wash, Elk Ridge, and the Clay Hill Divide. Whitman Cross visited...


The Abajo Mountains, San Juan County, Utah

Irving J. Witkind

Utah Geological Association

..., E. S., Jr., and Cross, Whitman, 1956, Geology and Petrology of the San Juan Region, Southwestern Colorado, U. S. Geol. Survey Prof. Paper 258...


A Wonderful Record of Life, and a Rich Mine of ResultsŽ … Early Geological Observations of the Monterey Formation of California

Stephen M. Testa

Petroleum History Institute

..., Stanley, 1888, Jacob Whitman Bailey: Botanical Gazette, v. 13, no. 5, p. 118-124. 27 EARLY GEOLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS OF THE MONTEREY FORMATION...


Miocene Carbonate Shelf Margin, Bali-Flores Sea, Indonesia

W. W. Tyrrel, R. G. Davis, H. G. McDowell

Indonesian Petroleum Association

.... Indonesian Petro. Assoc., 14th Annual Convention, p. 437-452. Newell, N.D., J.K. Rigby, A.G. Fisher, A.J. Whitman, J.E. Hickox, and J.S. Bradley, 1953...


Technical Aspects Controlling the Emerging Eagle Ford Play East of the San Marcos Arch

Richard McLean, David Miertschin, Keith Owen, Nathan Winters, Nathan Whitman

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., Nathan Whitman URTeC: 1920683 Technical Aspects Controlling the Emerging Eagle Ford Play East of the San Marcos Arch Richard McLean1, David...


Quaternary Sequence Eat of the Front Range Near Denver, Colorado

Glenn R. Scott

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

... Basin: Colorado Sci. SOC. Proc., v. 3, p. 48-70 C18891. Emmons. S. F.. Cross. Whitman. and Eldridce, G. H., 1896, Geology'of the Denver Basin in Colorado...


Regional Studies

Parker D. Trask, H. Whitman Patnode

AAPG Special Volumes

...Regional Studies Parker D. Trask, H. Whitman Patnode 1942 80 87 SP 12: Source Beds of Petroleum SCOPE OF STUDIES The results of the studies...


Petroleum Geology of the Devonian and Mississippian Rocks of the Four Corners Region

V.O. Gustafson

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

.... Geol., p. 100-110. Cross, Whitman and Spencer, A. C., 1899, La Plata: US. Geol. Survey Geol. Atlas Folio 60. Gilbert, G. K., 1875, Report Upon...


Relation of Organic Matter to Color of Sedimentary Rocks

H. Whitman Patnode

AAPG Bulletin

...Relation of Organic Matter to Color of Sedimentary Rocks H. Whitman Patnode 1941 1921 1933 25 10. (October) Sedimentary rocks may be classified...


Differential Cementation of a Pleistocene Carbonate Fanglomerate, Guadalupe Mountains

Alonzo D. Jacka

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... 301-302. NEWELL, N. D., J, K. RIGBY, A. G. FISCHER, A. J. WHITMAN, J. E. HICKOX, AND J. S. BRADLEY, 1953, The Permian reef complex of the Guadalupe...


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