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Foreword — Oil-sands and heavy-oil deposits: Local to global multidisciplinary collaboration

Frances J. Hein, Kevin P. Parks, Dale A. Leckie, Chris Seibel

CSPG Bulletin

... with which to view the various papers in the volume. As conventional oil and gas reservoirs become depleted, other unconventional energy sources must...


Abstract: Inversion Approach to Calculate Instantaneous Frequency; #90174 (2014)

Jiajun Han and Mirko van der Baan

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..., and combined with empirical mode decomposition (EMD) or ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD), it shows potential as a time-frequency analysis...


Abstract: GPR Noise Reduction Based on BPD and BPD-EMD; #90255 (2017)

Roya Ostoori, Ali Goudarzi, Behrooz Oskooi

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...Abstract: GPR Noise Reduction Based on BPD and BPD-EMD; #90255 (2017) Roya Ostoori, Ali Goudarzi, Behrooz Oskooi AAPG Datapages/Search and Discovery...


Prediction and Distribution Analysis of Marcellus Shale Productive Facies in the Appalachian Basin, USA; #80319 (2013)

Guochang Wang and Timothy R. Carr

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... shale oil and gas reservoirs, the emphasis is often placed solely on organic content, but the productivity of shale reservoirs is also highly...


Evaluation of Water Hammer Analysis as Diagnostic Tool for Hydraulic Fracturing

Xiang Ma, Fuping Zhou, Jose Alberto Ortega Andrade, Shekhar Gosavi, Damian Burch

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... Hydraulic fracturing has revolutionized shale oil/gas production in the last decades, but further robust understanding is needed as to what happens...


A History of the Society From 1976-2001

H. Edward Clifton

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

.... They included: item-by-item approval of SEPM's annual budget by the AAPG Executive Committee requirement for all members of SEPM to be members of AAPG...


Frontmatter: Critical Assessment of Shale Resource Plays

Jean-Yves Chatellier, Daniel M. Jarvie

AAPG Special Volumes

... in the Bakken Shale to predict source rock characteristics such as hydrogen index and gas-oil ratio (GOR). Ethane carbon isotopes show excellent...


Water-Rock Interaction History of Regionally Extensive Dolomites of the Burlington-Keokuk Formation (Mississippian): Isotopic Evidence

Jay L. Banner, G. N. Hanson, W. J. Meyers

Special Publications of SEPM

... Isotopic enrichments were measured relative to diges an in tralaboratory standard reference gas which was calibrated All en to PDB through daily...


Northern San Joaquin Valley Gas Field Bibliography*

Frank B. Cressy

Pacific Section of AAPG

...** Hodges, F.C., 1943, Chowchilla Gas Area: California Div. of Oil & Gas, Summary of Operations — Calif. Oil Fields, v. 29, no. 2. Hunter, G.W....


Organic Petrography of Unconventional Systems - Short Course Slide Presentation

Maria Mastalerz

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

... geochemistry techniques are essential to obtain an understanding of the formation and occurrence of oil and gas INTRODUCTION Schimmelmann...



R.G. Keeler

Saskatchewan Geological Society

.... The Oil and Gas Conservation Board (1963) and the ERCB (1976) concentrated on heavy oil reserves and reservoir distribution. Kramers (1974) reviewed...


Search and Discovery

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Processing Well Log Data Using Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) and Diffusion Equation; #120188 (2015)

Sangmyung D. Kim, Seok Jung Kwon, Kwang Min Jeon

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...Processing Well Log Data Using Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) and Diffusion Equation; #120188 (2015) Sangmyung D. Kim, Seok Jung Kwon, Kwang Min...


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FRONTMATTER: Expanded Abstracts Volume: Rocky Mountain Section Meeting: AAPG

Montana Geological Society

... of Permian Salt Dissolution on Cretaceous Oil and Gas Entrapment and Reserve Potential, Denver Basin, Western Nebraska...


Developments in Coal in 1981

Samuel A. Friedman

AAPG Bulletin

... statements (1982, Coal Industry News, p. 75). The use of coal to provide feedstock for chemicals continued to increase at the expense of oil and gas...


Definition, Modes of Occurrence and Pitfalls in Understanding the Term Bitumen in Conventional and Unconventional Petroleum Systems, #42111 (2017).

Andy Pepper

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... oil expulsion window and the gas expulsion window – hence the OM-hosted porosity of gas ‘shales’. During this redistribution, the mechanically weakest...


Aliso Canyon Gas Storage Leak Disaster and Response, #70252 (2017).

Jeremy Platt

Search and

... a series of integrity tests were being conducted on its 114 injection wells. Imposed by the state’s Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources...


VMD Based Sedimentary Cycle Division for Unconventional Facies Analysis

Fangyu Li, Tao Zhao, Yin Zhang, Kurt J. Marfurt

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference held in San Antonio, Texas, USA, 1-3 August 2016. The URTeC Technical Program Committee accepted this presentation...


Diatreme-Dike Associations of Central Montana

Arnold G. Doden, David P. Gold

Montana Geological Society

... by energetic eruptions of gas-charged, ultramafic magmas. Dikes commonly possess chilled margins, flow-aligned mica xenocrysts (?)/phenocrysts...


Abstract: Seismic Data Decomposition into Spectral Components Using Regularized Nonstationary Autoregression; #90187 (2014)

Sergey Fomel

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... data can be captured by EMD (empirical mode decomposition) proposed by Huang et al. (1998). EMD has a number of important applications in seismic data...


Road Log Through Southeastern Piceance Basin (Focusing on the Basin's Coalbed Gas Resources)

Bradford C. Boyce, Clarence L. Harr, Bruce S. Kelso

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

..., conventional gas and oil, coal, oil from oil shale, and geothermal springs, as found in Glenwood Springs. The sedimentary section in the basin is more than...


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