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Tulsa Geological Society


Tulsa Geological Society Digest
Vol. 27 (1959), Pages 90-103

Depositional Environments of Mississippian Limestones of Oklahoma

Doris M. Curtis, Stephen C. Champlin


Interpretation of depositional environments of Mississippian limestones of Oklahoma indicates that the waters of Mississippian seas were shallow and warm. Waters of early Mississippian seas were quiet and protected, among scattered islands almost at sea level. More widespread later Mississippian seas had greater stretches of open, less quiet water. Subsidence and basin filling in Anadarko basin area increased toward late Mississippian time. Lands to the south supplied an increasing amount of detrital sediment toward late Mississippian time.

The reconstruction of the depositional environments during Mississippian time in Oklahoma was made on the basis of regional study of distribution, thickness, and gross lithographic characteristics of Mississippian limestones, as compiled from published and unpublished sources.

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