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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Tulsa Geological Society

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"Frac" Treatments — The Modern Well Stimulation Method

R. E. Hurst, J. M. Moore, D. E. Ramsey

The "Sooy" Conglomerate of Kansas

Fanny C. Edson

The 100-Year Old California Road Traced Across Oklahoma by Geology

Robert H. Dott

The A.A.P.G. and How It Functions

Robert H. Dott

A.A.P.G. Bulletin — Facts and Fancies: Abstract

A. A. Meyerhoff

Abstract: Relation of Production on the Central Kansas Uplift to Structural and Stratigraphic Traps

Edward A. Koester

Accumulation of Oil & Gas in Bois D'Arc Member of Hunton Group Central Oklahoma

Eugene Culp, Ed Barrett

Activities of the New Mexico Bureau Pertinent to Petroleum Geologists: Abstract

Robert Biberman, Frank Kottlowski

Activity of the Kansas Geological Survey: Abstract

Frank C. Foley

Adjustment Form of Unit Operating Agreement

C. Condon MacKay

Advances in Logging Technology: Abstract

Robert Sarmiento

Airborne Multisensing for Reconnaissance and Production: Abstract

Allen M. Feder

Air Photos in Geology

H. T. U. Smith

Alaska's Potential Oil Resources

Philip S. Smith

The Alcan Highway

W. J. Himes

The American Petroleum Institute's Geological Research Program

Clarence L. Moody

An Analysis of the Refraction Collapse of 1930

Esme Eugene Rosaire

Ancient Beaches in Oil Finding

Warren O. Thompson

Antarctica, Past, Present, and Future

F. Alton Walde

The Apache Field, Caddo County, Okla.

V. C. Scott

The Application of Digital Computers to Exploration Operations: Abstract

James M. Forgotson Jr.

Application of Recent Sediment Studies to the Interpretation of Ancient Deposits: Abstract

Tjeerd H. Van Andel

Application of Stratigraphic Analysis Methods to the Trinity Group

James M. Forgotson Jr.

Applications of the Electric Pilot in Selective Acidizing and Permeability Surveys

H. A. Koch

The Arbuckle of Northwest Arkansas

Joe Marsh Clark

Arbuckle Production and Prospects in Northeastern Oklahoma

Edward Bloesch

Arkoma Basin and Midcontinent Platform

Carl C. Branson

Arkoma Basin Drilling Problems

Geo. J. McLernon Jr.

Artificial Formation Fracturing in Southern Oklahoma and North-Central Texas

Warren L. Sallee, Fred E. Rugg

The Asmussen Oil Field, Butler County, in Southeastern Kansas

Daniel F. Merriam, Edwin D. Goebel

Aspects of Natural Gas Exploration

Henry A. Ley

Asphaltites, Asphaltic-Pyrobitumens and Non-Asphaltic-Pyrobitumens

Roy L. Ginter

The Association of Organic Materials and Minerals in the Sea: Abstract

Richard G. Bader

Athabasca Oil Sand Evaluation Using Geological Data Processing Methods: Abstract

Richard W. Fetzner

The Atlantic Ocean Basin and Its Margins

Maurice Ewing

Australian Oil Possibilities

J. M. Wanenmacher, C. H. Keplinger

Bahamian Facies: Abstract

Edward G. Purdy

The Bartlesville and Burbank Sands in Osage County, Oklahoma, and a Part of Southeastern Kansas: Composition and Physical Characteristics

Constance Leatherock

Basinal Dynamics of the Joaquin Embayment in California: Abstract

Allan P. Bennison

Basin Development, Mountain Building, and the Accretion of Continents: Abstract

Ralph W. Disney

Basis for Locating Wildcats Drilled in 1940

Basis for Red Fork Sandstone Exploration in Northwest Oklahoma: Abstract

Phil C. Withrow

The Basis on Which Our Science Rests

W. V. Howard

Beds of Ellenburger Age in North-Central Texas

A. J. Crowley

Bibliography and Index of Viola, Fernvale, Sylvan and Equivalent Rocks in Oklahoma

Julia H. Triplehorn, Don M. Triplehorn

Bibliography of Natural Gas in Oklahoma

Howard Ross Cramer

Bibliography of the Simpson Group and Equivalents in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas

Howard Ross Cramer

The Billings Field, Noble County, Oklahoma

Norman Wallace

Black Hills Field Trip: Abstract

J. V. Howell

Boone Chert

Albert W. Giles

Bottom-Hole Pressure

Harry F. Wright

Bottom Sediment Charts off the Asiatic Coast

Francis P. Shepard

Buffalo Wallow Field: Abstract

Herschel S. Carver

Buried Pre-Cambrian Hills in Northeastern Barton County, Kansas

Robert F. Walters

The Cambrian of Northern Argentina

Juan Carlos M. Turner

The Cambro-Ordovician Rocks of Northeastern Oklahoma and Adjacent Areas

Mary H. McCracken

The Camiri Field Bolivia

J. M. Wanenmacher

Canadian Rockies Orientation in Time and Space: Abstract

Ernest W. Shaw

Can We Keep Exploration Alive: Abstract

Merrill W. Haas

The Capability of the Offshore Oil Industry and the Marine Environment: Abstract

Burvon B. Tettleton

Carbonate Sediments and Structures of the Campeche Bank, Yucatan: Abstract

Brian W. Logan

Carboniferous Formations and Faunas of Central Montana: Abstract

William H. Easton

Carboniferous Stratigraphy of the Ouachitas with Special Study of the Bendian

Bruce H. Harlton

Career Opportunities in Geology: Abstract

Orlo F. Childs

The Carolina "Bays"

F. A. Melton

Carter-Knox Oil Field, Grady and Stephens Counties, Oklahoma

Harold J. Reedy, Howard A. Sykes

Cenozoic Deposits of Mississippi and Adjacent Areas

Grover E. Murray Jr.

Cenozoic History of the Colorado Plateau: Abstract

Chas. B. Hunt

The Changing Mineral Situation

C. K. Leith

Characteristics of Crude Oil

W. L. Nelson

Characteristics of Mississippian Production in the Northwestern Anadarko Basin

B. W. Beebe

Chaveroo Revisited: Abstract

William H. Dunlap

Chemical Aspects of the Origin of Petroleum

T. S. Oakwood

Cherokee Structural History in Oklahoma

Shepard W. Lowman

Classification and Nomenclature of Late Paleozoic Rocks in North America

Raymond C. Moore

The Classification of Faults

Stuart K. Clark

Classification of Porosity and Fractures in Reservoir Rocks

W. A. Waldschmidt, P. E. Fitzgerald, C. L. Lunsford

Clay Mineralogy in the Discovery and Recovery of Petroleum

R. E. Grim

Clay Minerals from the Viewpoint of the Petroleum Geologist

W. D. Keller

Clays and Associated Substances

James H. Gardner

Clays and Oil Exploration

B. N. Rolfe

Clays and Secondary Recovery

B. N. Rolfe

Colorado Oil Shale—Its Geology and Economic Significance

Tell Ertl

Colored Moving Pictures of Mexico

R. H. Wood

Colored Moving Pictures of Zion, Brice, and Grand Canyons

Louis Roark

Comments on Limestone Porosity

Max Littlefield

Comments on Peru: Abstract

Clark Millison

Common Fallacies in Electric Log Interpretation

R. G. Hamilton

Compaction and Cementation of Sand Under Conditions Simulating Deep Burial

John C. Maxwell

Comparative Geology of the Cincinnati Arch

T. E. Weirich

A Comparison of the Plio-Miocene Sedimentation of the Gulf Coast with the Atokan Sedimentation of the Arkoma Basin: Abstract

Burton J. Scull

Composition of Crude Oil and Its Relation to Stratigraphy in Wyoming: Abstract

John M. Hunt

The Composition of Seismic Reflections: Abstract

J. P. Woods

The Concho Arch

M. G. Cheney

Conjectured Middle Paleozoic History of Central and West Texas: Abstract

James Lee Wilson, O. P. Majewske

The Conley Field, Hardeman County, Texas

John C. Freeman

Conodonts—New Tools for the Stratigrapher

E. B. Branson, M. G. Mehl

Conquest of the Barranca de Cobre: Abstract

Russell J. Ford

Conservation Problems in Northeastern Oklahoma

C. G. Strachan

Continental Framework and Petroleum Exploration

W. W. Mallory

Continental Gravity Maps: Abstract

Paul L. Lyons, George P. Woollard

Continent and Ocean Basin Evolution by Sea Floor Spreading: Abstract

Robert S. Dietz

Continents in the Age of Mammals

George Gaylord Simpson

Continuous Velocity Logging

H. R. Breck, S. W. Schoellhorn, R. B. Baum

Contributions of Photogeology in the Arkoma Basin

Louis Dejardins

Contributions to Local Geology

John G. Bartram

Contributions to Local Geology

H. D. Miser

Control of Water in Pumping Wells

J. J. Zorichak

Conversion Products of Volcanic Ash

A. L. Burwell

Core Analysis

Howard C. Pyle, John E. Sherborne

Correlations and Mountain-Making Movements in the Ouachita Mountains

John Fitts

Country Club Field, Osage County, Oklahoma

L. E. Kennedy, L. B. Peters Jr.

Cowley Problem, Mississippian of Southcentral Kansas: Abstract

Edwin D. Goebel

Creativity Versus Problems in Exploration: Abstract

John M. Crawford

Crinoidal Bioherm in the St. Joe Limestone in Northeastern Oklahoma

C. G. Strachan

Criteria for Petroleum Provinces

A. W. Lauer

Crustal Structure and Its Relation to Continental Drift: Abstract

Clyde G. Strachan

Crustal Structure of Oklahoma: Abstract

Eysteinn Tryggvason, Bob Qualls

The Crust and Mantle of the Earth: Abstract

Paul L. Lyons

Cunningham Field, Kingman and Pratt Counties, Kansas

Richard B. Rutledge

Current Applications of Computers by Exploration Geologists: Abstract

James M. Forgotson

Current Financial and Management Appraisal of the Ohio Cambrian Play: Abstract

John Adams

The Cushing Field, Creek County, Oklahoma

Alan Bennison

The Cushing Oil Field: Abstract

C. H. Riggs

Dams on Our Large Waterways

E. G. Woodruff

Davenport Field, Lincoln County, Oklahoma

Stanley B. White

Depositional Environments and Sandstone Petrology of Triassic Sedimentary Rocks, Western Nova Scotia, Canada: Abstract

George deVries Klein

Depositional Environments of Mississippian Limestones of Oklahoma

Doris M. Curtis, Stephen C. Champlin

The Deposition Environments of the Spiro Sands in the Arkoma Basin: Abstract

Raymond H. Potts

Depth Control of Sedimentation in the Permian Basin

John Emery Adams

Detection of Deep Formation "Damage"

M. Lebourg, A. T. Campbell Jr., E. J. Witterholt

Development Data

Devonian and Mississippian Paleogeography of Northeastern Arizona

John W. Huddle

Devonian Stratigraphy in Kansas; A Progress Report

Paul L. Hilpman

The Devonian System of New Mexico

Arthur L. Bowsher

Diagenesis in Cenozoic Limestones of Florida

Alfred G. Fischer

Diastrophism and the Evolution of Sedimentary Rocks

Paul D. Krynine

Discovery Trends in the Rocky Mountains, January 1, 1950 to January 1, 1953

Alex W. McCoy III, R. L. Sielaff

Discussion of Data Indicating Processes of Vertical Migration

C. V. Millikan

Discussion of the Accumulation and Migration of Oil: Classification of Various Forms of Oil Migration

Edward Bloesch

Discussion of Upper Cretaceous Surface Structure and It's Interpretation in Western Kansas

O. E. Stoner

Distribution of Cretaceous Sands in Southeastern Alberta, Canada

C. G. Strachan

Distribution of Simpson Production, Central Mid-Continent Region

Martin W. Schramm Jr.

Does Mother Earth Show Her Age?

A. C. Lane

Dolomites: Their Stratigraphic and Structural Significance: Abstract

John F. Harris

Dolomitization: Abstract

W. J. Burgess

Drilling Operations, Wasatch Plateau, Central Utah

G. H. Laughbaum

Drilling Time Data in Rotary Practice

T. C. Hiestand, P. B. Nichols

Drilling with Gas: Abstract

O. J. Lilly

The Early Paleozoic Stratigraphy of Arbuckle and Wichita Mountains

Charles E. Decker

The Earth's Changing Climates: Abstract

Erling Dorf

Economics — The New Dimension in Geological Thinking: Abstract

Michel T. Halbouty

Edwards Core Study, Texas

Dan E. Feray

The Effect of Decrease in Porosity with Depth on Oil and Gas Reserves in Sandstone Reservoirs: Abstract

Gordon I. Atwater

The Effects of Variation of Wind Direction and Velocity in Oklahoma Sand Dunes: Abstract

Harriet G. Barclay

Electrical Logging While Drilling

David G. Hawthorn

Electron Microscopy of Carbonate Muds and Carbonate Rocks: Abstract

Robert L. Folk

Ellenburger (Lower Ordovician) Sponge Beds of Central Texas

Donald Francis Toomey

The Ellenburger Group of North Central Texas

H. H. Bradfield

Environment of Oil and Gas: Abstract

Erich M. Schlaikjer

The Essence of the Seismic Reflection Method: Abstract

Robert Kendall

Europe's Second Renaissance: Abstract

P. C. Lauringer

Evaluation of Permeability from Resistivity Gradient on Electric Logs

M. P. Tixier

Evaluation of Subsurface Pressures Obtained from Drill Stem Testing: Abstract

C. C. Olson

Evidence Indicating the Limits of Triassic in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas

Robert Roth

Evidence of Eustatic Shifts in Sea Level in the Pennsylvanian of the Southwestern United States

Harold R. Wanless

Evidence of Oil and Gas Migration, Crescent Pool

W. B. Wilson

Evidence of Oil Migration in Ordovician Time, Lucien Field

Robert M. Whiteside

Evolution of Geologic Thought in Prospecting for Oil and Natural Gas

Paul H. Price

The Evolution of Petroleum: Abstract

Umberto Colombo

Exploitation of Geologic, Lithologic, Reservoir and Drilling Data to Improve Electric Log Interpretations

R. G. Hamilton

Exploration Achievements of 1958 and Their Impact on the Future

Frank J. Gardner

Exploration for Uranium

J. A. S. Adams

Exploration in the North Sea: Abstract

T. F. Gaskell

Exploration Policies in Kansas, 1928-1948

Edward A. Koester

Exploration Targets on the Eastern Shelf of the Permian Basin

Frank B. Conselman

Exploration Thinking Behind an Offshore Play

Sheridan A. Thompson

Exploration Today and Tomorrow

Frank J. Gardner

Exploration Trends

Paul L. Lyons

Exploratory Bottlenecks

Ira H. Cram

Extent of the Carboniferous Marine Ingression in the Precordillera of San Juan-La Rioja (Argentina)

Guillermo Furque

The F. M. Logging System

Walton J. Greer

Facies Changes in Pennsylvania Rocks Along the North Flank of the Wichita Mountains: Abstract

Acus R. Edwards

Facies Control of Oil Occurrence

Parke A. Dickey, Richard E. Rohn

Fault Prospects in Horizontally Compressed Areas

Norman S. Morrisey, Jack L. Walper


Edward Bloesch

A Field Trip in Canada

Jack L. Walper

The Fort Cobb Anticline: A Geophysical Case History

Francis F. Campbell

Fracturing in Spraberry Reservoir, West Texas

Walter M. Wilkinson

The Frederick Field, Tillman County, Oklahoma (also called Southeast Frederick)

Tom Herndon

Function of Geology in Park Development—Its Relation to State and Municipal Parks and Reservations

Howard E. Rothrock

Fundamental Concepts and Modern Usage of Rotary Drilling Fluids

E. E. Huebotter

The Future of American Petroleum Geology: Abstract

Frank B. Conselman

Future of Louisiana Offshore Oil Province

Gordon I. Atwater

The Future of Petroleum Geologists in the United States: Abstract

Warren B. Weeks

Future Petroleum Provinces of the Mid-Continent: Abstract

Frank J. Adler

Gageby Creek Field, Wheeler County, Texas

William Coffman

Gageby Creek Gas Field, Anadarko Basin: Abstract

Donald D. Anderson

Garber Contacts

J. C. Ross

Garden Grove Pool, Okfuskee and Lincoln Counties, Oklahoma

Jimmie C. Smith

Gas Occurrences in the Paleozoic Rocks of Western Alberta: Abstract

M. Rollin Prather

General Geology and Oil Possibilities of the Amazonas Basin in Brazil

Luis G. Morales

General Geology of Southern Iowa

L. M. Cline

General Geology of the Uinta Basin

A. N. Murray

The Genesis of the Late Paleozoic Sediments of Southeastern Wyoming

S. H. Knight

Genetic Units in Delta Prospecting: Abstract

Daniel A. Busch

Geochemical Exploration with Some Speculation as to the Genesis of Oil and Gas Accumulation

Eugene McDermott

A Geographer Looks at Oklahoma

R. E. Olson

Geographic and Stratigraphic Implications of a Study of the Henryhouse Trilobite Fauna

K. S. W. Campbell

The Geological Aspects of Mining Underground Caverns for L. P. G. Storage: Abstract

S. E. Scisson

Geological Education

Robert R. Shock

Geological Expedition to the Antarctic: Abstract

Harvey J. Meyer

Geological Exploration in Northwestern China

J. Marvin Weller

Geological Fact Finding vs. Prejudice

Frank A. Morgan

Geological History of Oklahoma's Vegetation: Abstract

L. R. Wilson

Geological Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Surveys: Abstract

James Affleck

Geological Interpretation of Water Analyses

John F. Sage

Geological Mapping of Oklahoma Formations on Aerial Photographs

Louis Desjardins

Geological Notes on the Canol Project

Lowell R. Laudon

Geological Review of Waterflood Prospects

R. D. Faxon

The Geological Significance of Abnormal Pressures in Oil and Gas Wells: Abstract

Parke A. Dickey

Geological Warfare

Carey Croneis

Geologic Antiquity of Man in America

Kirk Bryan

Geologic Crossroads

Carey Croneis

Geologic Development of the Southern Front Range, Colorado

Don B. Gould

Geologic Framework and Petroleum Potential of the Atlantic Coast

John C. Maher

The Geologic History of Formation of Salt Deposits

Paul Weaver

The Geologic History of Northern Mexico and Its Bearing on Petroleum Exploration

Lewis B. Kellum

Geologic History of the Gulf Basin: Abstract

Hunter Yarborough

Geologic Notes on Northwest Canada

J. V. Howell

Geologic Phases of Recent Oil Development in Southeastern Nebraska

E. C. Reed

Geologic Responsibility in Seismic Exploration

B. W. Beebe

Geologic Setting for Oil Production, Southwestern Nebraska and Northwestern Kansas: Abstract

J. K. Morgan

A Geologic Travelog of Morocco and Algeria

Richard Hughes

Geologic Work and Experiences in the Middle East

Frederick G. Clapp

A Geologist Discusses Depletion: Abstract

Thomas C. Hiestand

A Geologist Looks at Pipelines: Abstract

Edmund T. Benson

A Geologist Looks at the Oil Industry

R. E. Rettger

A Geologist Looks at the Oil Industry: Abstract

Robert Rettger

Geologist Reforests Grand Lake Tract: Abstract

Clyde G. Strachan

Geology, Geophysics, and Their Common Ground: Abstract

H. M. Thralls

Geology Adds Profits to Waterflooding: Abstract

H. A. Nelson

Geology and Development of the Tri-State Zinc and Lead Mining District Development of the District

M. D. Harbaugh

The Geology and Discovery of Prudhoe Bay Field, Eastern Arctic Slope, Alaska: Abstract

Dean L. Morgridge

The Geology and Economic Future of the Salt Deposits of Oklahoma: Abstract

Louise Jordan

Geology and Economic Significance of the Lucien Field

Basil B. Zavoico

Geology and Economics of North Sea Basin: Abstract

J. A. Kornfeld

Geology and Geophysics of the Arkoma Basin: Abstract

George L. Robb

Geology and Geophysics of the Eastern Palo Duro (Hollis) Basin, Southwestern Oklahoma: Abstract

William E. Laing

Geology and Geophysics of the Gulf of Mexico

Paul L. Lyons

The Geology and Oil Accumulations of the Eastern Venezuela Basins

K. F. Dallmus

Geology and Oil Accumulations of the Gulf Coastal Plain

Grover E. Murray

Geology and Oil and Gas Prospects of Australia: Abstract

Grover E. Murray

Geology and Oil Development in Alaska: Abstract

J. Ben Carsey

Geology and Oil Development of Grayson County, Texas

H. H. Bradfield

The Geology and Oil Possibilities of the Jurassic of the Rocky Mountain Area

John G. Bartram

Geology and Oil Prospects of the Canadian Artic Islands: Abstract

J. C. Sproule

Geology and Petroleum Development in Mexico

Eduardo J. Guzman

Geology and Secondary Oil Recovery

Parke A. Dickey

Geology and Upper Paleozoic Stratigraphy in Portions of Northeastern New Mexico

Charles B. Read

Geology Applied to Military Intelligence

Charles B. Hunt

The Geology at Spavinaw

Clyde G. Strachan

Geology Faces the Mid-Century

David M. Delo

Geology in the National Parks

Earl A. Trager

Geology in War and Peace

Carey Croneis

The Geology of a Part of the Drainage Basins on Spavinaw, Salina and Spring Creeks, Northeastern Oklahoma

Clayton E. Gore Jr.

The Geology of a Portion of the Lawrence Uplift, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma

James C. Barker

Geology of Central Kansas Uplift

Edward A. Koester

Geology of China

Ray L. Six

The Geology of Cotton County, Oklahoma

James Durwood Pate

Geology of East Pauls Valley Pool, Garvin County, Oklahoma

V. L. Frost, H. L. Crockett

Geology of Grand Teton National Park

Rudolph W. Edmund

Geology of Manning Reservoir, Ringwood Pool, Major County, Oklahoma

Joseph A. Kornfeld

Geology of North Buffalo Oil and Gas Field, Harper County, Oklahoma: Abstract

Joseph Alton Kornfeld

Geology of Our National Parks

Earl A. Trager

The Geology of Shelder Field, Dimwitt County, Texas: Abstract

Thos. D. Barber

Geology of Southwestern United States

Lowell R. Laudon

The Geology of the Amazon Basin of Brazil and Case History of Exploration, 1954-60: Abstract

Walter K. Link

The Geology of the Aquitaine Basin, France: Abstract

Joseph Alton Kornfeld

Geology of the Arbuckle Limestone in the Arbuckle Anticline

William E. Ham

Geology of the Arctic Islands: Abstract

John Woncik

Geology of the Colorado Basin

J. P. H. Kaasschieter

Geology of the Coral Islands

H. B. Renfro

Geology of the Forest City Basin

H. S. McQueen

The Geology of the Grand Canyon Province

D. W. Ohern

Geology of the Hull-Silk Oil Field, Archer County, Texas

E. I. Thompson

Geology of the Kinta Gas Field: Abstract

John Woncik

Geology of the Late-Paleozoic Horseshoe Atoll, West Texas

Donald A. Myers

The Geology of the Marmaton Group of Northeastern Nowata and Northwestern Craig Counties, Oklahoma

Cassius M. Cade III

The Geology of the Marmaton Group of Southern Nowata County, Oklahoma

James Robert Faucette

Geology of the Mississippi Valley Region

H. N. Fisk

The Geology of the Northwest Sulphur Pool, Murray County, Oklahoma

R. P. Swirczynski

The Geology of the Osage Country

R. P. Clinton

Geology of the Ouachita Mountains: Abstract

Lewis M. Cline

The Geology of the Potato Hills, Pushmataha and Latimer Counties, Oklahoma

B. W. Miller

The Geology of the Region of the Gulf of St. Lawrence

W. H. Twenhofel

Geology of the Rift Valleys of Eastern Africa

C. T. Jones

Geology of the Schuler Oil Field, Union County, Arkansas

Warren B. Weeks

Geology of the South Burbank Pool

E. O. Markham, L. C. Lamar

The Geology of the South Polar Region

C. G. Morgan

Geology of the Southwest Antioch Field, Oklahoma

R. M. Swesnick

Geology of the Strang Area, Mayes County, Oklahoma

I. D. Simpson Jr.

Geology of the Tri-State District

George M. Fowler

The Geology of the Wauhillau Area, Cherokee and Adair Counties, Oklahoma

Norman Bruce Degraffenreid

Geology of the White River Uplift in Northwestern Colorado

N. Wood Bass

Geology of the Yonkers Area, Wagoner and Cherokee Counties, Oklahoma

H. Marvin Douglass

Geology of Washington and Oregon and Its Relation to the Possible Occurrence of Oil and Gas

Charles E. Weaver

The Geology of Water and Its Importance to Our Industrial Civilization: Abstract

George B. Maxey

Geology — Science or Profession?: Abstract

Ben H. Parker

A Geophysical-Geological Study of the Owasso Dome, Tulsa County, Oklahoma

V. L. Jones

Geophysical Background of Arkoma Basin Tectonics

Paul L. Lyons

Geophysical History of the Golden Trend of Oklahoma

John R. Hill

Geophysical Investigations of Continental Borders

Maurice Ewing

Geophysics and Stratigraphic Problems: Abstract

G. H. Westby

Geophysics and the Exploration Team: Abstract

John A. Taylor

Geopolitics and Oil Development in the Middle East

H. Andrew Ireland

Geoscience Research in the Oceans: Abstract

John M. Hunt

Geosynclines in Continental Development

Marshall Kay

Geothermal Energy Exploration: Abstract

Merrill J. Reynolds

Geothermal Resources: AAPG Distinguished Lecture: Abstract

James R. McNitt

The Gilsonite Deposits of the Uinta Basin, Utah

A. N. Murray

Glimpses of Our Southwestern National Monuments

N. N. Dodge

Granite and Limestone Velocity Determination in Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma

R. L. Harding

Graphical Method for Calculating Dip and Strike from Continuous Dipmeters

B. Osborne Prescott

Gravimetric Exploration for Reefs and Fracture Zones in the Michigan Basin: Abstract

Richard A. Pohly

Gravity and Magnetics for Geologists and Seismologists: Abstract

L. L. Nettleton

Gravity Interpretation of Major Crustal Properties: Abstract

Paul L. Lyons

A Gravity Map of the United States

Paul L. Lyons

Guard Electrode

H. K. McArthur

Habitat of Some Oil

G. M. Knebel, Guillermo Rodriguez-Eraso

Hilight Oil Field, Campbell County, Wyoming: Abstract

Tom Sprinkle

History, Geography and Geology of the Bermuda Islands

A. R. Denison

History of Natural Gas in Oklahoma

Terry Koontz

History of Petroleum Development of Mississippian Oil and Gas

Rick P. Clinton

History of the Petroleum Industry

Paul Hedrick

How to Evaluate Exploration Prospects: Abstract

Ben F. Rummerfield, Norman S. Morrisey

How to Organize a Strat Trap Search Program: Abstract

Roger M. Matson

How to Select Correct Logging Method

C. K. Ruddick

The Hugoton Gas Field, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas

L. C. Morgan

Hunton Oil and Gas Fields, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Panhandle Texas

Howard S. Kunsman

Hydraulic Fracturing Methods of Well Stimulation

J. C. McCormick

Hydrodynamics — A Practical Exploration Tool

Jack W. Knight

An Hypothesis of Diastrophism

R. C. Tuttle

Identification of Geological Formations by Growing Vegetation

A. N. Murray

The Igneous Geology of Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona

Harold E. Enlows

Igneous Geology of the Wichita Mountains

Jack L. Walper


Harold E. Enlows

Implications of Paleogeologic Maps of North America: Abstract

A. I. Levorsen

The Importance of the Structural Interpretation of Seismic Data

R. A. Weingartner

Indigenous Pleistocene Production in Offshore Louisiana: Abstract

Donald I. Andrews

Indigenous Precambrian Petroleum?: Abstract

Grover E. Murray

The Influence of Bacterial Activity on Petroleum Deposits and Products

Claud E. Zobell

Insoluble Residue Study and Correlation of the Arbuckle Group in Southern Oklahoma

Hubert Dale Winland

Interim Report on the Use of Steam to Increase Oil Recovery: Abstract

C. H. Keplinger

Interpretation of Electrical Well Logs in the Mid-Continent Area

Clyde E. Davis

The Interpretation of Gravity Anomalies

E. V. McCollum

The Interpretation of Structure in the Exploration for Oil and Gas

Clyde G. Strachan

Interpretative Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks

Gordon Rittenhouse

Jurassic Formations of the Gulf Region

Ralph W. Imlay

The Kelsey Dome—Upshur County, Texas

A. R. Denison

Keystone Field, Winkler County, Texas

Karl A. Mygdal

Kinta Gas Field, Haskell County, Oklahoma

John Woncik

Late Paleozoic History of Northeastern Nevada

Robert H. Dott Jr.

The Laterolog

R. D. Ford

Laverne Gas Area—Four Story Stratigraphic Trap, Beaver and Harper Counties, Oklahoma

J. Durwood Pate

Laverne Gas Field — Four Story Stratigraphic Trap: Abstract

J. Durwood Pate

Life in Old Mexico

Carroll H. Wegemann

Limestone Facies and Stratigraphic Traps: Abstract

Ralph W. Edie

Limitations of Methods of Drilling and Testing Wildcat Wells: Abstract

Parke A. Dickey

Location of Water Flows and Gas-Oil Contacts

W. B. Steward, B. L. Delleney

Logging and Interpetation Technique in the Arkoma Basin

B. F. Irvin

A Look at the Oil Possibilities of Cuba

Dollie Radler Hall

Looking Forward in Petroleum Geology

H. T. Morley

Lower and Middle Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy of Oklahoma East of the Meridian and North of the Arbuckle Mountains

Shepard W. Lowman

The Lower Mississippian in the Mississippi Valley

E. B. Branson

Lower Permain Reef Bioherms of West Texas Basin

Joseph A. Kornfield

Lower Permian and Pennsylvanian Correlations in North Central Oklahoma

L. H. Lukert

Magnetometer Results and Silicious Residues in Missouri

H. A. Buehler, H. S. McQueen

Major Controlling Factors in the Accumulation of Oil and Gas in the Anadarko Basin: Abstract

Donald C. Swanson

Major Divisions of Permian in Oklahoma and Southern Kansas

Darsie A. Green

The Making and Use of Topographic Maps

Kent K. Kimball

Map of Arbuckle Pools of Oklahoma

Ralph Akin

Map of Arbuckle Pools of Osage County

Ralph Akin

Mapping the Missouri-Virgil Boundary in Northeast Oklahoma

Malcolm C. Oakes

The Maracaibo-Falcon Basin—Venezuela

R. E. McMillen

Mathematically Derived Prospects: Abstract

John P. Dowds

Means of Recognizing Source Beds

Parker D. Trask

Mechanics of Basin Evolution and Its Relation to the Habitat of Oil in the Basin: Abstract

Karl F. Dallmus

Mechanics of Crustal Deformation

Walter H. Bucher

Mesozoic Igneous Activity in the Northern Gulf Coastal Plain: Abstract

A. L. Kidwell

The Mesozoic of Western Oklahoma

J. Willis Stovall

A Method for Determining Formation Dip and Strike in the Drill Hole

H. G. Doll

A Method for Evaluating Drillable Oil and Gas Prospects

D. Allen Mabra Jr.

Method of Measuring Distortion of Primary Stratigraphic Thicknesses Due to Flowage and Folding

Ernst Cloos

Microfossil Zonation of the Mancos Group

Roberto Sarmiento


R. D. Ford

Middle East Oil

John H. Murrell

Middle East Oil — Today and Tomorrow

C. O. Willson

Middle Permian Evaporites in Southwestern Oklahoma: Abstract

William E. Ham

A Midwestern Province: Abstract

Paul Lyons

Migration and Accumulation of Natural Gas: Abstract

Frank B. Counselman

Migration of Oil in Recent Sediments of Pedernales, Venezuela

A. L. Kidwell

The Milroy Field of Stephens and Carter Counties, Oklahoma: Abstract

Fred P. Schweers

Mineral Diversification in the Oil Industry: Abstract

L. C. Raymond

The Mineral Industry in Oklahoma

R. W. Disney, B. O. Andress, P. A. Chenoweth, M. W. Schramm Jr.

Mineralogy and Geology of the Green River Formation of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming: Abstract

Charles Milton

Mineral Resources in Oklahoma Other Than Oil and Gas

Robert H. Dott

Mineral Resources of Oklahoma: Abstract

Charles J. Mankin

Mineral Resources Other Than Oil and Gas in Oklahoma

Charles N. Gould

Mining of the Sea

C. M. Shigley

Mississippian and Lower Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy of Portions of Stonewall and Atoka Quadrangles, Oklahoma

Milton H. Kuhleman

Mississippian Boundaries and Subdivisions in Mid-Continent

Carl C. Branson

Mississippian Production Within the Kansas Portion of the Hugoton Gas Field With Special Emphasis on the Pleasant Prairie and Eubank Pools: Abstract

F. O. Bennett

Mississippian Rocks in Northern Oklahoma

Louise Jordan, T. L. Rowland

Mississippian Rocks of Southwest Kansas

Victor J. Veroda

Mississippian Stratigraphy and Tectonics of the Oklahoma Ozark Area

George G. Huffman

Mississippian Stratigraphy of Iowa and Missouri

L. R. Laudon

Mississippi Delta Sedimentation

P. C. Scruton

Modern Carbonate Sediments of South Florida: Abstract

Donald Bears

Modern Evaporite Deposition in Coastal Peru

Robert C. Morris, Parke A. Dickey

Modern Geology Requires Modern Technology: Abstract

Edward L. Dillon

Modern Mapping Methods

Gerald FitzGerald

Modern Methods of Field Sample Testing to Improve Acidizing

P. E. Fitzgerald

Modern Sedimentation and the Search for Petroleum

W. C. Krumbein

The Morrow of Northeastern Oklahoma

Carl A. Moore

Mountain-Building Chronology and the Nature of the Geologic Time Scale

Edmund M. Spieker

Muddy Sandstone Development in the Recluse Field, Campbell County, Wyoming: Abstract

John Woncik

Nationalism in Substitute Motor Fuels

Gustav Egloff

Natural Asphalt and Its Relation to Oil Deposits

E. G. Woodruff

Natural Gases of North America: Abstract

B. W. Beebe

Natural Gas in Oklahoma

Leland E. Moore

Natural Resources in Post War Planning

C. W. Tomlinson

Nearshore-Marine Sandstones, Rocky Mountain Cretaceous: Abstract

D. G. McCubbin

New Concepts in Oceanic Sedimentation: Abstract

Norman J. Hyne

A New Dip Logging Method

F. G. Boucher

New Light on the Earth's Interior

R. A. Daly

New Recovery Methods — Their Prospects and Limitations

Gerald D. Ortloff

New Work Pertaining to Structural and Stratigraphic Problems of the Ouachita Mountains: Abstract

Donald R. Seely

The Next Ten Years in Oil: Abstract

Panel of Experts

The Non-Fuel Minerals and National Defense

William O. Hotchkiss

North American Exploration Frontiers

John Woncik

Northeast Butterly Field, Garvin County, Oklahoma

W. Baxter Boyd, E. C. Parker

The Northern Shelf of the Anadarko Basin: Abstract

Arnold C. Hayden

North Madill Simpson Pool, Marshall County, Oklahoma

Joseph A. Kornfeld

North Pauls Valley Field, Garvin County, Oklahoma

Gerald A. Northrip

Northwest Lake Creek Area, Hot Springs County, Wyoming

Thom H. Green, C. W. Ziemer

Norway's Ekofisk Field—A Landmark in North Sea Basin Exploration: Abstract

Jack H. Lewis

Notes on East Texas Oil Field with Estimates on Total Recovery

R. B. Whitehead

Notes on the Bighorn Basin — Yellowstone Valley Tectonics Field Conference, August 3-5, 1937

C. W. Tomlinson

Notes on the Eighteenth International Geological Congress

W. B. Wilson

Notes on the Geology of the Gulf Coast Region

H. C. Vanderpool

Notes on the Rocky Mountain Trench

J. V. Howell

Number of Oil Wells, Gas Wells, and Dry Holes, Drilled as Wildcats in 1940

Observations on Oklahoma Gravel Deposits

Ed. Bloesch

Observations on the Geologic History of the Gulf of Mexico

C. L. Moody

Occurrence and Origin of Chert

W. A. Tarr

Occurrence of Oil and Gas in the Arbuckle and Ellenburger Formations

John G. Bartram, W. C. Imbt, E. F. Shea

Oceanographic Investigations of Submarine Canyons

Francis P. Shepard

Offshore Sedimentology, Northwest Gulf of Mexico

Fred B. Phleger

Ohio's Petroleum Development and Geological Occurrence: Abstract

Warren L. Calvert

Oil and Gas Development in the Denver-Julesburg Basin

Harry L. Thomsen

Oil and Gas Exploration in the 1970's: The Changing Oil Business

William B. Cleary

Oil and Organic Matter in Source Rocks of Petroleum

John M. Hunt, George W. Jamieson

Oil Creek Truncation Traps in Cooke and Grayson Counties, Texas: Abstract

Gary E. Henry

Oil Depletion Allowance

Mike Monroney

Oil Exploration from the Research Standpoint: Abstract

James F. Johnson

The Oil Fields of Great Britain

A. R. Denison

Oil Field Waters

L. C. Case

The Oil Industry in Argentina

Harry L. Baldwin

Oil in the Limestone Cycle

John Emery Adams

Oil Is Found with Ideas

Parke A. Dickey

Oil Occurrences in Relation to Regional Geology of the Middle East

F. R. S. Henson

Oil Production in Israel: Abstract

Daniel A. Busch

Oil Reserves and Trend of Oil Discoveries in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico

Ed. W. Owen

Oil Reservoirs

F. B. Plummer

Oklahoma's New Geologic Map

Hugh D. Miser

Oklahoma City

R. W. Brauchli, L. L. Foley

Oklahoma Geological Survey and the Oil and Gas Industry: Abstract

Carl C. Branson

Old Structures Never Die

Robert R. Wheeler, Norman C. Smith

Omega of Hydrocarbons: Abstract

Merrill J. Reynolds

On Economic Cycles and Permanent Decline: Abstract

Leo R. Newfarmer

On Researches of the Mississippian

L. R. Laudon

Opposed Thrusts on Scissor Faults in Southern Oklahoma

C. W. Tomlinson

Ordovician Formations in the Illinois River Valley of Northeastern Oklahoma

James H. Montgomery

Origin, Geometry and Production of a Sandstone Reservoir: Abstract

Charles H. Hewitt

The Origin and Development of Graben Structures Associated with Salt Domes

John B. Currie

Origin and Development of Limestone Caverns

James H. Gardner

Origin and Development of the New Volcano, Paricutin, Mexico

Fred M. Bullard

Origin and Distribution

N. W. Bass

Origin and Environment of Source Sediments

Parker D. Trask

Origin and Significance of Glauconite in the Geologic Sequence: Abstract

D. M. Triplehorn

Origin of Mobile Belts—Ouichitas Emphasized: Abstract

Ed Barrett

Origin of Oil: Abstract

A. L. Kidwell, Parke A. Dickey

Origin of Petroleum

Roy L. Ginter, C. L. Case

Origin of Porosity and Permeability in Carbonate and Chert Reservoirs

Samuel P. Ellison Jr.

Origin of the "Bartlesville" Shoestring Sands of Greenwood and Butler Counties, Kansas

N. W. Bass

The Origin of the Earth

Malvin G. Hoffman

Origin of the Hydrocarbons of the Uinta Basin: Abstract

Parke A. Dickey

Orogeny in the Appalachian Highlands of New England

Marland P. Billings

Ostracoda and Stratigraphy of the Henryhouse and Haragan Formations in Southcentral Oklahoma

Robert F. Lundin

Ouachita Facies of Texas and Oklahoma

August Goldstein Jr.

Outline of Talk Given

David M. Logan

The Ozark Uplift and Midcontinent Silurian and Devonian Stratigraphy

John W. Koenig

Palaeomagnetism: Abstract

S. K. Runcorn

Paleoecological Reconstruction of Depositional Environments—Some Techniques of Possible Exploration Interest: Abstract

Francis G. Stehli

Paleogeography and Correlation of Appalachian Province Lower Devonian Sedimentary Rocks

A. J. Boucot, J. G. Johnson

Paleogeologic and Quantitative Lithofacies Analysis, Simpson Group, Oklahoma: Abstract

M. W. Schramm Jr.

Paleogeology of Ouachita Geosyncline, Oklahoma and Texas: Abstract

August Goldstein Jr.

Paleotectonic History, Western North America: Abstract

L. R. Laudon

Paleotectonic Map Project of the U. S. Geological Survey

Edwin D. Mckee

Paleotopography of the Precambian Surface of Northeastern Oklahoma

Allan Charles Francis Dille

Paleozoic History of Southeastern Colorado and Adjacent Areas

John C. Maher

Paleozoic Sand Trends Defined by Dipmeter Data: Abstract

R. L. Campbell Jr.

Paleozoic Stratigraphy of "The Four Corners Region", Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico

William Wyman Mallory

Palynological Fossil Response to Low-Grade Metamorphism in the Arkoma Basin

L. R. Wilson

Palynology - The New Frontier: Abstract

John F. Grayson

Paricutin, Mexico's Newest Volcano

Fred M. Bullard

Paricutin, Mexico's Newest Volcano

Fred M. Bullard

Peculiarities in the Distribution of Oil and Gas in Fields of the Rocky Mountain Region

R. Claire Coffin

Pennsylvanian-Atoka Producing Sands, Red Oak-Norris Gas Field, Arkoma Basin: Abstract

David A. Six

Pennsylvanian-Atoka Producing Sands: Red Oak-Norris Gas Field, Brazil Anticline Latimer and Le Flore Counties, Oklahoma

David A. Six

Pennsylvanian Cycle of Illinois and Its Significance

Rex McGehee

Pennsylvanian History of Northeastern Oklahoma

Carl C. Branson

The Pennsylvanian of Northeast Oklahoma

Malcolm C. Oakes

Pennsylvanian Paleogeography of Southern Oklahoma

C. W. Tomlinson

Pennsylvanian Plant Microfossils of the Croweburg Coal in Oklahoma: Abstract

William S. Hoffmeister

Pennsylvanian Reef in Lawson-Chapman Area, Haskell County, Texas

Walter L. Ammon

Pennsylvanian Sediments on the Northerly Flank of the Pauls Valley Arch

Lon B. Turk

Pennsylvanian Strata of the McAlester Basin

Carl C. Branson

Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy and Structure of the Velma Pool, Stephens County, Oklahoma

William Wyman Mallory

Pennsylvanian System in Wyoming: Abstract

William W. Mallory

Pennsylvanian System of the United States: Abstract

Carl C. Branson

Peoria Field, Arapaho County, Colorado: Abstract

George D. Ecker

The Permian of Southwestern Coahuila, Mexico, and Its Ammonoid Fauna

A. K. Miller

Permian Problems

Ronald K. DeFord

Permian Rocks of the Southern Guadalupe Mountains

Philip B. King

Petroleum Developments and Prospects in Western Canada

G. S. Hume

Petroleum Exploration: Abstract

William C. Gussow

Petroleum Exploration in Mexico

B. W. Beebe

Petroleum Exploration in the Amadeus Basin, Australia: Abstract

Duncan McNaughton

Petroleum Exploration in the Canadian Arctic: Abstract

Jack L. Walper

Petroleum Geochemistry: Abstract

E. W. Biederman Jr.

The Petroleum Geology of Colombia, South America

J. L. Anderson

Petroleum Geology of the Arabian-Persian Gulf Area: Abstract

Richard Hester

Petroleum Geology of the Simpson Group, West Texas and Southeast New Mexico

W. Floyd Wright

Petroleum Geology of the United States: Abstract

Thomas A. Hendricks

Petroleum Hydrogeology

Parke A. Dickey

Petroleum on the Continental Shelves

Wallace E. Pratt

The Petroleum Potential of the Undrilled Areas of the USA: Abstract

A. I. Levorsen

Petroleum Potential of the United States: Abstract

Ira H. Cram

Petroleum Supplies Through the 1970's—Summary of Department of Interior Symposium: Abstract

Lloyd E. Elkins

Petroleum Technology in Russia: Abstract

John M. Hunt, Parke A. Dickey

Petrology of the Post-St. Peter Ordovician, Northern Arkansas

Tom Freeman

The Petrology of the Viola Formation, El Dorado Field, Butler County, Kansas

Edwin W. Biederman Jr.


Laurence Brundall

Photography and Geophysics: Abstract

Edward F. Haye

The Physical Evolution of the Rocky Mountains

S. H. Knight

Physiography and Structure of the Western Andes, with Notes on the Oil Fields of the Mendoza District of Argentina and of Northern Peru

John L. Rich

Pinnacle Reefs, Their Gravity Response

Edward F. Haye

Pioneer Geology in Oklahoma

Charles N. Gould

Pioneer Geology of Texas Panhandle

Charles N. Gould

Porosity in Limestone and Dolomite Petroleum Reservoirs

William C. Imbt, Samuel P. Ellison Jr.

The Position of the Geologist in the Oil Industry Today: Abstract

H. T. Morley

Possibilities for Oil Production in the Illinois Basin

W. V. Howard

Possible Pre-Springeran Unconformity in Southern Oklahoma: Abstract

W. A. Beckman Jr., L. L. Sloss

The Potential of Radar in Geological Exploration

Louis Field Dellwig, Harold C. MacDonald, J. Norman Kirk

Practical Interpretation of Electric Logs

Robert J. Hamilton

The Practice and Applications of Pressure Coring

J. J. Mullane, R. W. Sewell

Pre-Cretaceous Rocks in the Northern Part of the Mississippi Embayment

Kendall E. Born

Pre-Desmoinesian Isopachous and Paleogeologic Studies in Central Mid-Continent Region: Abstract

George G. Huffman

Pre-Pennsylvanian Channeling in Western Kentucky and Its Connection with Oil Accumulation

C. G. Strachan

Pre-Pennsylvanian Geology of Southwestern Kansas, Southeastern Colorado, and the Oklahoma Panhandle

John C. Maher, Jack B. Collins

Pre-Pennsylvanian Rocks Along the Front Range of Colorado

John C. Maher

Pre-Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy of the Hollow Pool and Adjacent Areas of the Central Kansas Basin

Leslie A. Johnston

Pre-Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy of Western Nebraska

G. S. Dille

Pre-Permian Stratigraphy and Oil Possibilities in West Texas

Taylor Cole

Preliminary Observations on the Geological Use of Aerial Photographs

Frank A. Melton

Present Status of Geologic Mapping in Oklahoma

Carl C. Branson

Presidential Address: Structural History of the Arbuckle Mountains

Robert H. Dott

Prince Edward Island, Canada and the Drilling of Hillsborough No. 1—With Comments on General Geology of the Area

J. V. Howell, E. R. Albert Jr.

Principles of Biostratigraphy: Abstract

Robert M. Kleinpell

Problem of the "Mayes" in Oklahoma

E. L. Selk

Problems in Exploration for Natural Gas

B. W. Beebe

Problems in Reflection Seismology

G. H. Westby

Problems in South American Geology as Suggested by an Aerial Traverse

John L. Rich

Problems of Carbonate Rock Classification: Abstract

William E. Ham

Problems of Oil Migration

William C. Gussow

Problems of the Mayes-Boone

R. A. Brant

Problems of the Pennsylvanian of the United States

H. R. Wanless

Producing Characteristics of the Ellenburger Formation of North Texas

Frank W. Cole

The Production, Transmission and Utilization of Natural Gas

Frank H. Dotterweich

Production Data

Professional Certification and Registration and the AAPG: Abstract

J. C. Sproule

Progress Report on the Geology of the Edmond Field

L. W. Jones

Project Rulison and Other Underground Nuclear Technology: Abstract

G. W. Frank

Promising Recent Developments in Geological Exploration Technology. Can They Help Find Oil?

William R. Walton

The Proposed Barnsdall and Tallant Formations in Oklahoma

Malcolm C. Oakes

Prospecting for Oil in the Northwest Territories, Canada

John M. Parker

Prospecting for Petroleum

E. De Golyer

Prospecting for Stratigraphic Traps: Abstract

Daniel A. Busch

Prospects and Structural Problems in Exploration for Natural Gas in the Appalachian Area: Abstract

John C. Ludlum

Pruitt Ranch, New Member of Oil Creek (Simpson) in Criner Hills, Oklahoma

R. W. Harris, Reggie W. Harris Jr.

Punch-Card Calculations of Detailed Stratigraphic Correlations

Charles W. Oliphant, Paul Fullerton

Putting Square Pegs into Square Holes

Alfred Dean Trembly

Quartz Veins in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma

Hugh D. Miser

Radiation Surveying for Oil and Gas

John W. Merritt

Radioactivity in Petroleum Geology

Clark Goodman

Radioactivity of Sedimentary Rocks

W. L. Russell

Rate and Continuity of Deposition of Sediments

W. H. Twenhofel

A Reasonable View of the Seismic Anomaly

R. W. Dudley

Recent Advances in Carbon-14, Potassium-Argon, and Rubidium-Strontium Geochronometry: Abstract

W. R. Eckelmann

Recent Coral Reefs

J. Edward Hoffmeister

Recent Developments in Dewey and Custer Counties, Oklahoma: Abstract

John Woncik

Recent Developments in Eastern and Central Kentucky: Abstract

William H. McGuire

Recent Drilling Activity in Cook Inlet, Alaska: Abstract

John Woncik

Recent Expeditions to the Antarctic: Abstract

Daniel Linehan

A Recent Interpretation of the Structure of the Coast Ranges

Ralph D. Reed

Recent Investigations of Pre-Atokan Rocks in Northeastern Oklahoma

George G. Huffman

A Recent Log Evaluation Technique—Synergetic Systems: Abstract

K. G. Kemp

Recent Oil and Gas Developments in the Shreveport Area with Special Reference to Cotton Valley

C. L. Moody

Recent Oil Prospecting in India and Pakistan: Abstract

E. V. Corps

Recent Studies in the Ouachita Mountains

C. W. Tomlinson, William D. Pitt

A Reclassification of the Pennsylvanian System in the Northern Mid-Continent Region

Raymond C. Moore

Reefs and Stromatolites: Abstract

William E. Ham

The Reflection Seismograph

Eugene V. McDermott

Regional Clay Petrology of Permian Shale in Southwestern Oklahoma: Abstract

C. J. Mankin, W. H. Bellis, R. L. Kerns Jr.

Regional Correlation and Subsurface Studies of the Arbuckle Group of Rocks in Oklahoma

H. Andrew Ireland

Regional Correlations of Pennsylvanian Rocks

M. G. Cheney

Regional Depositional Basin and Correlations of Simpson Group

H. A. Ireland

Regional Depositional Basins and Correlation of Siluro-Devonian Beds Using Arenaceous Foraminifera and Acid Residues

H. Andrew Ireland

Regional Discussion of Pennsylvanian Reefs of Texas

Carl B. Richardson

The Regional Geology of the Dakota Basin

W. Norval Ballard

Regional Geology of the Hugoton Embayment: Abstract

Glenn F. Thomas

Regional Geology of the Pennsylvanian

John G. Bartram

Regional Investigations, Oklahoma and Kansas

T. C. Hiestand

Regional Structural Types in the Cordilleran System of North America: Abstract

Peter Misch

Regional Structure of the Mid-Continent Area

Ira H. Cram

Relation of Cyclic Depositional Units to Classification of the Pennsylvanian and Permian of the Northern Mid-Continent Area

R. C. Moore

Relation of Earth Temperature to Geologic Structure

John A. McCutchin

Relation of Physical and Geochemical Factors to Porosities in Sandstones of the Bromide (Simpson) of Oklahoma

Carl A. Moore, Lorenzo Luis Albano

Relation of the Exploration of Petroleum to Reserves in the United States: Abstract

Graham B. Moody

Relationship of Crude Oils from the Mississippi Lime and the Shoestring Sands of the Cherokee Shale in Osage County, Oklahoma, and a Part of Southeastern Kansas

N. Wood Bass, Harold M. Smith

Relationships Between Reservoir Petrography and Reservoir Behavior of Some Appalachian Oil Sands

J. C. Griffiths

Renewed Activity of Anak Krakatau: Abstract

Robert W. Decker

Reserve Study of Cottage Grove, Northeast Waynoka Field, Woods County, Oklahoma

B. G. Barby

Reservoir Engineering in a Fieldman's Language

L. E. Elkins

Resume and Setting of Middle and Upper Ordovician Stratigraphy, Midcontinent and Adjacent Regions

H. A. Ireland

Resume of Silurian and Devonian Strata in the Subsurface of Oklahoma

Thomas W. Amsden, T. L. Rowland

Resume of Simpson (Ordovician) Stratigraphy

Martin W. Schramm Jr.

Resume of the Oklahoma City Field; A Study of Minor Folds, Ultimate Production and Production Problems

Lon B. Turk

Review of Geology and Activities in the Uinta Basin

A. M. Current

Review of Geology and Recent Developments in Illinois

R. J. Riggs

Review of Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Effect on Exploration

George Roberts Jr.

Review of New Concepts Based on Information from Joides (Joint Oceanographic Institutes, Deep Earth Sampling): Abstract

Thomas L. Thompson

Review of Petroleum Developments in Alaska: Abstract

Alex W. McCoy III

Review of the Lower Paleozoic Rocks of Northern Arkansas

Robert J. Lantz

Review of the Pennsylvanian of Oklahoma

Joseph L. Borden

A Review of Wildcatting During 1934, in the Mid-Continent, Gulf Coast, and Rocky Mountain Areas, as of January, 1935

E. F. Shea

Rhythm of Permian Seas—A Paleogeographic Study

John M. Hills

The Rocks That Crop Out in Tulsa County, Oklahoma

Malcolm C. Oakes

Role of Carbohydrates in the Formation of Bituminous Coals, Asphalts, Oils and Natural Gas

Ernst Berl

The Role of Isostasy in Mountain Building

Malvin G. Hoffman

Role of Sedimentology in the Discovery and Development of Cardium Oil Fields, Western Canada: Abstract

Eric R. Michaelis

Round Table Discussion the Origin and Time of Accumulation of Oil in the Granite Ridge Pools

Ira Cram, F. R. Clark, E. F. Shea, F. A. Bush, W. B. Wilson

Sand-Making Processes—Normal and Abnormal: Abstract

William R. Walton

San Jorge Basin, Argentina: Abstract

Clyde S. Deal, Willard J. Cramer

San Juan Basin

James H. Gardner

Schlumberger Method of Well Surveying

E. G. Leonardon

Secondary Recovery — A New Challenge to Geologists: Abstract

C. R. Johnson

Sedentary Processes and Their Role in the Formation of Future Source and Reservoir Rocks: Abstract

Donn S. Gorsline

Sedimentary Basin Development and Its Bearing on Oil Occurrence

L. G. Weeks

Sedimentary Facies and Stratigraphic Analysis

L. L. Sloss

Sedimentary Facies and Their Importance in Oil Finding: Abstract

Howard R. Gould

Sedimentary Structures in Modern Carbonate Sands of the Bahamas: Abstract

John Imbrie

The Sedimentation and Petrography of the Lower Calvin Sandstone of Hughes County, Oklahoma

Laddie Burl McDade

Sedimentation of the Gulf Coast

Carl B. Richardson

Sedimentological Studies of Recent and Old Sediments, A Comparison: Abstract

D. J. Doeglas

Sedimentology of Some Mexican Coastal Lagoons

Fred B. Phleger, Gifford C. Ewing

Seeking Oil in Arctic Alaska

C. O. Willson

Selected Bibliography of South American Geology

Howard Ross Cramer

Shelf Principle of Oil Origin, Migration and Accumulation

T. E. Weirich

Shore Processes and Aerial Photographs

F. A. Melton

The Significance of Deltas in Subsurface Exploration

Daniel A. Busch

Significant Exploratory Developments of 1953: Abstract

Phillip C. Ingalls

Significant Exploratory Events of 1956

Frank J. Gardner

Silurian and Devonian Rocks of Northern Arkansas

O. A. Wise, W. M. Caplan

Silurian and Devonian Strata in Oklahoma

Thomas W. Amsden

Silurian Outcrops of Southcentral and Southwestern New Mexico

Frank E. Kottlowski, Lloyd C. Pray

The Siluro-Devonian of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico

E. H. McGlasson

The Siluro-Devonian Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains

Robert T. Sellars Jr.

Simpson Group in Northeastern Oklahoma

George G. Huffman

The Simpson Group of the Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma and Arkansas

F. T. Holden

The Simpson Play—Some Notes and Reminiscences

L. Murray Neumann

Simultaneous Gamma Ray — Resistance Logging as Applied to Uranium Exploration

R. A. Broding, Ben F. Rummerfield

Some Applications of Pure Seismology to Geological Problems

L. Don Leet

Some Aspects of Simpson Anticlines in Central Oklahoma

Thom H. Green

Some Aspects of Subsurface Geologic Correlations: Abstract

Carl A. Moore

Some Basic Aspects of the Oil Industry in Venezuela

R. E. McMillen

Some Features of Stratigraphy in the Arkansas-Oklahoma Coal Basin

T. A. Hendricks

Some Frontiers of Petroleum Geology

A. I. Levorsen

Some Highlights on Early Geological Exploration in the Mackenzie River Area of Northern Canada

Theo. A. Link

Some Inter-Relationships Between Ideas, Dollars, and Good Dialogue

Melba W. Murray

Some New Concepts in Geophysics: Abstract

R. A. Baile

Some Notes on Geology and Geologists: 1907-47

Hugh D. Miser

Some Principles of Petroleum Occurrence: Abstract

Lewis G. Weeks

Some Problems of the Ouachita Mountains

Hugh D. Miser

Some Stratigraphic Studies of the Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains Oklahoma

L. M. Cline

Some Thoughts of the Structural Evolution of Southern Oklahoma

Jack L. Walper

Sources of Lower Eocene Sands in Central Texas: Abstract

Robert L. Folk

South Canyon Creek Field, Osage County, Oklahoma

L. E. Kennedy, L. B. Peters Jr.

Southeast Ceres Field, Noble County, Oklahoma

E. P. Neal

Southwestern Oklahoma, the Hollis Basin

Joe M. Sears

Springer and Related Rocks of Oklahoma

Allan P. Bennison

Springs, Tunnels, and Karst Topography of the Ozarks: Abstract

Joseph M. Clark

SSC Optical Analog Computer: Abstract

Stanley W. Wilcox, R. W. Baltosser

The Status of Geological Education in the U. S. Today: Abstract

V. Brown Monnett

Status of Sidelooking Radar Imagery for Earth Resources Studies

Allan N. Kover

The Status of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Geology

A. R. Denison

Strategic Weapons Bring the Next War to Your Front Door: Abstract

Robert E. Fearon

Stratigraphic Analysis and the Search for Oil: Abstract

L. L. Sloss

Stratigraphic Classification in Relation to Facies

Raymond C. Moore

Stratigraphic Convergence Problems in Oil-Finding

Robert M. Swesnick, Robert R. Wheeler

The Stratigraphic Correlation of the Wewoka Formation

Raymond H. Swanson

Stratigraphic Correlations and Depositional Environments Indicated by Ammonoid Occurrences in the Texas Pennsylvanian

Gayle Scott

Stratigraphic Dolomitization in Arbuckle Rocks in Oklahoma

William J. Burgess

The Stratigraphic Position of the Pre-Marmaton Producing Horizons of Oklahoma

Robert M. Whiteside

Stratigraphic Possibilities of the Dakota Side of the Williston Basin

John Paul Gries

Stratigraphic Prospecting by Soilane and Eltran

E. E. Rosaire

Stratigraphic Study of Pennsylvanian and Permian Rocks in the Western Mid-Continent: Abstract

Bailey Rascoe

Stratigraphic Summary of the Ellenburger Group of North Texas

Leo Hendricks

Stratigraphy, Sedimentation, and Seismology: Abstract

H. M. Thralls

Stratigraphy and Its Role in Petroleum Exploration with Special Emphasis on the Gulf Coast: Abstract

E. H. Rainwater

Stratigraphy and Structural History of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago: Abstract

Ray Thorsteinsson

Stratigraphy and Tectonics of Washita, Beckham, and Roger Mills Counties, Oklahoma

Robert P. McNeal

Stratigraphy in the Ardmore Area

F. W. Floyd, D. C. Nufer

Stratigraphy of Oklahoma

Robert H. Dott

Stratigraphy of the Arkoma Basin

Arkoma Basin Study Group

Stratigraphy of the Bendian of the Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma, and a Discussion of the Stanley and Jackfork

Bruce H. Harlton

Stratigraphy of the Mississippian Formations of the Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

L. R. Laudon, A. L. Bowsher

Stratigraphy of the Moon: Abstract

Daniel J. Milton

Stratigraphy of the Pre-Carboniferous Rocks of Black Knob Ridge, Oklahoma

T. A. Hendricks

Stratigraphy of the Simpson Group in Oklahoma

Anthony T. Statler

Stream Channels Applied to the Arbuckle of the Central Kansas Uplift

J. A. Mull

The Strength of the Earth

M. King Hubbert

Strike-Slip Faults: Abstract

Mason L. Hill

The Structural and Stratigraphic History of the Chandler Area of Lincoln County, Oklahoma: Abstract

Clyde G. Strachan

The Structural Framework of the Caribbean Region

K. W. Barr

Structural Geology and Petroleum Production Methods in Moreni Gura-Ocnitzei Field, Roumania

John P. Klep

Structural Geology in the Canadian Shield as Revealed by Air Photographs

J. M. Harrison

Structural Geology of the Ouachita Mountains: Abstract

George W. Viele

Structural Geology of the Southern Arbuckle Mountains

William E. Ham

Structural Geology of the Yellowstone-Bighorn Region

William T. Thom

Structural Geophysics and the Simpson in Oklahoma

John J. Rupnik

Structural History of the Billings Field Interpreted in Terms of Isostasy

Malvin G. Hoffman

Structural History of the Criner Hills

C. W. Tomlinson

Structural Interpretation of Gravity Data

W. R. Sype

Structural Patterns of North-Central Texas

M. G. Cheney

Structural Problems Pertaining to Petroleum Exploration in Wyoming

D. L. Blackstone Jr.

Structural Relations on the East Flank of the Anadarko Basin, Cleveland and McClain Counties, Oklahoma

Lynn Jacobsen

Structure and Sedimentation of a Wolfcamp Bioherm — Adair Oil Field, West Texas Basin

Joseph A. Kornfeld

Structure of Mississippian Rocks in Southeastern Kansas

Daniel F. Merriam, Edwin D. Goebel

Structure of the Continental Margin of Northeastern North America: Abstract

Charles L. Drake

Structure of the Frontal Belt of the Ouachita Mountains: Abstract

Thomas A. Hendricks

Structure of the Middle Rocky Mountains

Rollin T. Chamberlin

Structure of the Western Part of the Ouachita Mountains

T. S. Hendricks

Studies in Paleogeology

A. I. Levorson

Studies of Cyclic Sedimentation in the Late Paleozoic

E. T. Benson

A Study of Subsurface Faults in Oklahoma

Ira H. Cram

A Study of the Aldrich and Arnold Oil Producing Trends of Northwestern Ness County, Kansas: Abstract

Alfred James III

Subaerial Deposits as Illustrated by Permian, Triassic, and Cretaceous

E. B. Branson

Submarine Canyons Related to Salt Domes

Francis P. Shepard

Subsurface Conditions in Texas County, Okla.

C. C. Hemsell

Subsurface Geology of the North Flank of the Wichita Mountains

Clark Millison

The Subsurface Ouachita Structural Belt in Texas: Abstract

Peter T. Flawn

Subsurface Stratigraphy of Atlantic Coastal Plain Between New Jersey and Georgia

Horace G. Richards

A Subsurface Study of the Fernvale and Viola Formations in the Oklahoma Portion of the Arkoma Basin

Tom Mairs

A Subsurface Study of the Lower Pennsylvanian Rocks of East Central Oklahoma

Neil A. Jackson

A Subsurface Study of the Sholem Alechem Oil Field, Stephens and Carter Counties, Oklahoma

Harold R. Billingsley

Subthrust Production from Springer Sands on the North Flank of the Wichita Mountain Complex: Abstract

Suszanne Takken

Sulphur Producing Salt Domes of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast

L. O. Wiringa

Summary of Recent Development in Illinois

Clark Millison

Summary of Rocky Mountain Geology

John G. Bartram

Surface and Subsurface Subdivisions of Cambro-Ordovician Carbonates of Oklahoma

Bruce H. Harlton

Surface Mapping by Gamma Ray

John W. Merritt

The Surface Relationships of the Carrizo Sand of Texas

H. B. Stenzel

A Survey of Guatemalan Geology

Jack L. Walper

Sycamore and Related Formations of Southern Oklahoma

Phillip A. Chenoweth, Jordan C. Braun, Steve C. Champlin, Jeff D. Prestridge

Symposium on Pennsylvanian Sands of Northeastern Oklahoma and Southeastern Kansas

Committees of Tulsa Geological Society, Shawnee Geological Society

Symposium on the Arkoma Basin: Foreword

Bill O. Andress

Synopses of Talking Picture Films

Earl A. Trager

Synthesis of Gem Minerals

Harold E. Enlows

The Tatums Pool

Glenn Grimes

Tax Treatment of Retained Overriding Royalty Interests

Leroy Gatlin

Tectonic and Environmental Factors in Sedimentation: Abstract

Dan E. Feray

Tectonic Divisions of North America

A. J. Eardley

The Tectonic Framework of the Rocky Mountains: Abstract

D. L. Blackstone Jr.

Terrestrial Dynamics

Bailey Willis

Tertiary Geology and Principal Oil Fields of Burma

H. R. Tainsh

Tertiary History of the Wyoming Basin (A Black-Board Lecture)

S. H. Knight

Theory of Transgressive & Regressive Reef (Bioherm) Development and Origin of Oil Within Them

Theo. A. Link

Three Critical Environments of Deposition and Their Paleogeographic Implications

John Lyon Rich

Time of Oil Accumulation

A. I. Levorsen

Tips and Advice on How a Geologist Should Testify Before the Corporation Commission: Abstract

W. E. Robertson

The Tobias Field, Rice County, Kansas

R. K. Waller, John Brewer

Trap Barriers—Hydrodynamic, Stratigraphic, Wettability: Abstract

Gilman A. Hill

Travelogue of the Caribbean Area Including Lake Maracaibo Oil Fields

John M. Hunt

Trends in International Petroleum

Allan Cree

Trenton Extent in the United States: A Regional Study

Paul L. Lyons

The Triassic and Jurassic Formations of the Colorado Area

A. N. Murray

A Trip to Nicaragua

Carroll H. Wegemann

The TXL Field, Ector County, Texas

C. D. Cantrell


W. P. Mason

Unconformity Analysis: Abstract

Philip A. Chenoweth

The Upper Koyukuk, Alaska

Robert D. Ohrenschall

Use of Combined Gravity and Magnetics as Oil Finding Tools: Abstract

Richard A. Geyer

Use of Computers by Geologists: Abstract

Daniel F. Merriam

Use of Dipmeter as an Aid in Integrating Subsurface, Structural, and Depositional Features: Abstract

J. H. Gilreath

The Use of Fossil Spores in the Resolution of Mississippian Stratigraphic Problems

L. R. Wilson

The Use of Insoluble Residue for Correlation in Oklahoma

H. A. Ireland

Use of Photogeology and Geomorphic Criteria to Locate Subsurface Structures: Abstract

Walter W. Doerningsfeld

The Utilization of Natural Gas for Chemical Products

Harold M. Smith

Utilizing Geological-Geophysical Cooperation for Successful Exploration: Abstract

Lawrence Y. Faust

Valuation in the Oil Fields

Paul Paine

Valuation of Oil Reserves

Harry F. Wright

The Velma Field, Stephens County, Oklahoma

Richard B. Rutledge

The Velma Oil Field, Stephens County, Oklahoma

Richard B. Rutledge

Viola Limestone Production in Southern Oklahoma

Everett Skarda

Viola Oil and Gas Fields of the Mid-Continent

Philip A. Chenoweth

A Visit to Scandinavia

C. G. Carlson

A Volcanic Cycle as Exhibited by Italian Volcanoes

Fred M. Bullard

The Wapanucka Formation

E. D. Luman

Warm Marine Carbonate Environments and Dolomitization

Rhodes W. Fairbridge

The West Duncan Field

D. M. Putman

The West Edmond Field

William H. Atkinson

Western Canada's Oil Lands

F. G. Bird

Western Oklahoma

Frank C. Greene, Charles Ryniker, Glenn S. Dille, Fanny C. Edson, Clyde M. Becker

The West Frederick Field, Tillman County, Oklahoma

Tom Herndon

The West Odell Field, Wilbarger County, Texas

John C. Freeman

What's Down There?

R. W. Wire

What Is Our Geologic Image?: Abstract

W. M. Haas

Whitecliff Dome Field, Osage County, Oklahoma

L. E. Kennedy, L. B. Peters Jr.

Whither the Ouachitas?: Abstract

Peter T. Flawn

Why Geologists Should Know About Mud Used in Rotary Drilling

George R. Gray

Why Geologists Should Understand Computers: Abstract

John P. Olson

Wider Well Spacing — Panacea or Delusion?

Stuart K. Clark

The Williston Basin: Structure and Stratigraphy in Relation to Recent Oil and Gas Discoveries

A. Rodger Denison

Wolfcamp Stratigraphy, Western Delaware Basin: Abstract

W. W. Tyrrell Jr.

Women in Exploration: Abstract

Dollie Radler Hall

Zenith Pool, Stafford County, Kansas: An Example of Stratigraphic Trap Accumulation

W. C. Imbt