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Tulsa Geological Society


Tulsa Geological Society Digest
Vol. 35 (1967), Pages 285-285

The Essence of the Seismic Previous HitReflectionNext Hit Method: Abstract

Robert Kendall1


The seismic Previous HitreflectionNext Hit method reduced to the simplest terms aims to obtain by means of observations at the surface of the earth the sonic log of the subsurface at the same location. This, in theory, can be accomplished by the generation, Previous HittransmissionNext Hit and recovery by Previous HitreflectionNext Hit of a delta function. Thus from observations at suitable locations one could develop in terms of the sonic log subsurface structure and stratigraphy to any desired degree of detail. Mother Earth does not permit so simple an investigation of her secrets and what is actually transmitted and received is far different and less definitive. The Previous HitreflectionTop process is discussed in some detail with observations regarding its potential and limitations.


Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 Shell Oil Company, New Orleans, Louisiana

January 16, 1967

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