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Tulsa Geological Society


Transactions of the 1995 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting, 1996
Pages 224-233

Log Analysis of Petrofacies and Flow-Units with Microcomputer Spreadsheet Software

John H. Doveton, Willard Guy, W. Lynn Watney, Geoffrey C. Bohling, Saif Ullah, Dana Adkins-Heljeson


The spreadsheet style of computer program is a powerful means to implement both traditional and innovative log analysis procedures. When run on a microcomputer, it is a cost-effective, practical tool in the real-time characterization of simple and complex reservoirs. Spreadsheet database and graphics features provide a medium for the interpretation and analysis of different reservoir pore types, producibility, permeability trends, mineral compositions, and even capillary pressure relationships. Multiple interpretations or best case/worst case extremes may also be run for model validation and sensitivity analysis. In addition, multiple wells can be handled collectively, to ensure areal continuity of analysis and to map petrophysical parameters across oil and gas fields.

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