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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Tulsa Geological Society

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3-D Seismic Exploration in the Ames Hole: Abstract

Kenneth R. Ainsworth

The American Whale Oil Industry: A Look Back to the Future of the American Petroleum Industry?

James L. Coleman Jr.

The Anadarko: Two Basins, Not One: Abstract

James L. Evans

Animated Axial Surface Mapping: The Multimedia Technology-Transfer Companion

Stephen C. Hook, John H. Shaw, John Suppe

Application of Petroleum Exploration/Development Methods to an Environmental Remediation Project, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma

John C. Osweiler, Daniel P. Hunt, David E. Mizell

Applications of Sequence Stratigraphy to Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Middle and Upper Pennsylvanian Siliciclastic Depositional Systems of North-Central Texas: Abstract

Arthur W. Cleaves

Biosteering — A Biostratigraphic Application to Horizontal Drilling in the Eldfisk Field, Norwegian North Sea

L. C. Yang-Logan, Rune Tveit, H. W. Bailey, L. T. Gallagher

A Case for International Exploration and Production Operations by Independent Operators: Abstract

W. C. Krueger

Compartmentation in the Anadarko Basin: Implications for Exploration and Production: Abstract

Z. Al-Shaieb

Cycle Hierarchy in Middle and Upper Pennsylvanian Strata of the Mid-Continent: A Review: Abstract

W. L. Watney, E. C. Rankey, J. A. French, J. C. Youle, J. H. Doveton, G. C. Bohling, W. J. Guy

Dissolution of Stone Corral Salt in the Hugoton Embayment

Raymond P. Sorenson

Does Sequence Stratigraphy Need Biostratigraphy?: Abstract

R. W. Scott

Effects of Depositional and Authigenic Clays on Porosity Development, Atoka Formation, White Oak Field, Arkoma Basin

C. Dianne Phillips, Doy L. Zachry

Electromagnetic Surveying as a Basic Tool in Defining Environmental Problems in the Oil Field Environment

Gary J. Newman

Evidence for Sea-Level Fluctuation and Stratigraphic Sequences in the Council Grove Group (Lower Permian), Hugoton Embayment, Southern Mid-Continent: Abstract

J. Puckette, D. R. Boardman II, Z. Al-Shaieb

Exploitation Using 3D Seismic in the Red Oak Field, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma

Patrick M. Rutty

Exploration Concepts in the New "Sub-Salt" Play, Off- and Onshore Gulf Coast Region

Johann-Christian Pratsch

Fluvial Architecture of Selected Middle Pennsylvanian Sandstones, Port of Catoosa, Rogers County, Oklahoma

Rd. A. Arya Aviantara, A. S. H. Panggabean

Frontier Exploration Basin Modeling Technology Tested in the Mature Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma, USA: Abstract

Indu D. Meshri, S. S. Foland, S. L. Bolton, J. M. Walker

Future World Oil Supply and Demand—The Impact on Domestic Exploration

Harrison L. Townes

Geological Description and Flow Characterization of a North Sea Chalk Containing Stylolites and a Gouge-Filled Fracture

D. P. Tobola, H. E. Farrell, B. A. Baldwin

Geologic Controls on Reservoir Complexity, Hugoton Giant Gas Field, Kansas

Terrilyn M. Olson, Jack A. Babcock, Paul D. Wagner

Geologic Provinces of Oklahoma

Robert A. Northcutt, Jock A. Campbell

Geometry of Thrusting in the Wilburton Gas Field and Surrounding Areas, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma: Implications for Gas Exploration in the Spiro Sandstone Reservoirs: Abstract

Ibrahim Cemen, Zuhair Al-Shaieb, Forrest Hess, Saleem Akthar, Rodney Feller

High-Impact Presentations Using Multimedia: The Technology-Transfer Connection

Stephen C. Hook

High Resolution Nannoplankton Biostratigraphy: Abstract

Charles R. Young

Holocene Siliciclastic-Carbonate Facies Mosaics, Northern Belize: Exploration Analog to Some Midcontinent Pennsylvanian (Morrowan) Reservoirs: Abstract

David B. Lowe, S. J. Mazzullo

Influence of Sea-Level Fluctuation on Reservoir Quality of the Upper Morrowan Sandstones, Northwestern Shelf of the Anadarko Basin: Abstract

Z. Al-Shaieb, J. Puckette, A. Abdalla

Insights into Permian Pedogenesis and Climate: Magnetic Stratigraphy of Four Stacked Paleosols, Lower Permian (Wolfcampian) Roca Shale, Central Kansas: Abstract

Eugene C. Rankey

Integrated Geological and Engineering Characterization of an Upper Permian, Carbonate Reservoir, South Cowden Unit, Ector County, Texas — A Work in Progress: Abstract

M. G. Gerard, J. V. Johnson, S. C. Snow, C. D. Caldwell

Integrated Reservoir Description and Flow Performance Evaluation: Glenn Pool Field — Self Unit Study

Asnul Bahar, Leslie Thompson, Mohan Kelkar

Jackfork Sandstones, Shallow Water Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentology, U.S. 259, La Flore County, Oklahoma: Abstract

Roderick W. Tillman

Log Analysis of Petrofacies and Flow-Units with Microcomputer Spreadsheet Software

John H. Doveton, Willard Guy, W. Lynn Watney, Geoffrey C. Bohling, Saif Ullah, Dana Adkins-Heljeson

Lost Potential from Business Applications of Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity

Carolyn Browne

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach for Reservoir Characterization in the Glenn Pool Field, Oklahoma: Abstract

Gokay Bozkurt, Liangmiao Ye, Asnul Bahar

Multidisciplinary Study to Optimize Reservoir Management of North Penwell (San Andres) Unit, Ector County, Texas

W. T. Siemers, D. R. Prezbindowski, V. L. Skinnider, L. C. Maple, M. G. Gerard, M. E. Nagaty, J. J. Howard

New Impact Craters Discovered Using Landsat Imagery: Abstract

P. Jan Cannon

New Oil and Gas Plays, Morocco and Tunisia, North Africa

Johann Christian Pratsch

New Stratigraphic Technologies in Exploration/Exploitation: Abstract

R. W. Scott, H. R. Lane

Oklahoma Geological Survey Circular 97, 1995: Surface Structures in Permian Strata of Southwestern Oklahoma As Indicators of Deep-Seated Structures

Kenneth S. Johnson

The Perils and Pitfalls of Business in Russia: Abstract

Richard B. Spears

Petroleum Geology of Carbonate Rocks

Saleh M. Billo

Prediction and Analysis of Gas Composition in the Arkoma Basin: Abstract

Mamoud Tabibian, Colin Barker

Preliminary Fluid Inclusion Evidence for the Mechanism of Dolomitization in the Lower Permian Chase Group, Hugoton Embayment, Southwest Kansas: Abstract

Bryan J. Bergmann, John A. Luczaj

Recognition and Regional Correlation of Impact-Related "Ames Crater" Arbuckle and Simpson Reservoir Lithofacies: Abstract

Michael D. Kuykendall

Recognition of Sequence Boundaries in Pennsylvanian Outcrops of the Midcontinent: Abstract

Timothy R. Carr

Regional Correlations and Reservoir Characterization Studies of the Morrow Group in the Anadarko Basin Area of Western Oklahoma

Craig M. Williams, Walter J. Hendrickson, Paul W. Smith

Regional Correlations and Reservoir Characterization Studies of the Pennsylvanian System in the Anadarko Basin Area of Western Oklahoma and the Panhandle of Texas

Walter J. Hendrickson, Paul W. Smith, Craig M. Williams

Regional Correlations and Reservoir Characterization Studies of the Springer Group in the Anadarko Basin Area of Western Oklahoma

Paul W. Smith, Walter J. Hendrickson, Craig M. Williams

Regional Mapping of Karst Terrains in Order to Avoid Potential Environmental Problems

Kenneth S. Johnson, James F. Quinlan

Reservoir Heterogeneity in an Estuarine Incised Valley-Fill Reservoir, Sun Ranch Field, Wyoming: Abstract

Roderick W. Tillman

Sequences in the Cherokee Group (Desmoinesian, Middle Pennsylvanian) of Southeastern Kansas

Anthony W. Walton

Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Facies in the Chase Group (Permian, Wolfcampian), South-Central Kansas: Abstract

S. J. Mazzullo, C. S. Teal, C. A. Burtnett

Shaly-Sand Log Analysis in an Environmental Application: Abstract

Glenn W. Garneau

Simpson-Arbuckle Contact Revisited in Northwest Oklahoma County, Oklahoma: Abstract

Michael D. Allison, R. W. (Bob) Allen

The Slick Hills of Oklahoma and Their Regional Setting: Abstract

R. Nowell Donovan

Spiculitic Chert Reservoir in Glick Field, South-Central Kansas

James P. Rogers, Mark W. Longman, R. Michael Lloyd

Statistical Analysis of Some Bottom-Hole Temperature (BHT) Correction Factors for the Cherokee Basin, Southeastern Kansas

Andrea Forster, Daniel F. Merriam, John C. Davis

A Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Analysis of a Lower Atoka Sandstone, Frontal Ouachita Thrustbelt, Western Arkansas

Debbie Vader Nally

Stratigraphic Architecture of the Tonganoxie Paleovalley Fill, of Northeastern Kansas: Abstract

Howard R. Feldman, Allen W. Archer, Martin R. Gibling, William P. Lanier

Trace Element Geochemistry: New Technology for Stratigraphic Correlations and Formation Evaluation: Abstract

Charles J. Lord

Use of Microresistivity Image Logs in Detailed Reservoir Architecture Reconstruction of Glenn Sandstone, Glenn Pool Field, Northeastern Oklahoma

Liangmiao Ye, Dennis R. Kerr

Use of Variograms to Quantify Distribution of Barriers to Flow in Incised Valley-Fill Newcastle Sandstone, Wyoming: Abstract

Ekrem Kasap, Roderick W. Tillman

Value Map Methodology for Appraising "Settled" Producing Oil Properties and Royalties

Sidney Moran

Will Environmentally Acceptable Mid-Continent Coal Reserves Be Adequate for Electric Power Generation in the 21st Century?: Abstract

Samuel A. Friedman