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Utah Geological Association


Guidebook to the Geology of the Uinta Basin, Eighth Annual Field Conference, 1957
Pages 136-143

Authigenic Minerals of the Green River Formation of the Uinta Basin, Utah

Charles Milton


Thirty-one authigenic minerals found in the Green River formation are briefly described, with special reference to those in Utah (the Uinta Basin) and brief reference to those found by Fahey in Wyoming. Some of the more notable minerals and rock structures are illustrated. New species recently discovered in Utah are reedmergnerite and garrelsite, with others as yet unnamed; burbankite and leucosphenite are known elsewhere only from the Bearpaw Mountains, Montana, and Narsarssuk, Greenland, respectively. Pyroxenes and amphiboles have been found for the first time as authigenic sedimentary minerals; the same is true for leucosphenite and burbankite, until now known only as pegmatite minerals.

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