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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association

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Introduction to the Geology and Ore Deposits of the East Tintic Mining District

John B. Bush

The Ashley Valley Oil Field

V. E. Peterson

Authigenic Minerals of the Green River Formation of the Uinta Basin, Utah

Charles Milton

The Bituminous Sandstones of the Asphalt Ridge Area, Northeastern Utah

Robert E. Covington

Brennan Bottom Oil Field Uintah County, Utah

John C. Osmond

Cambrian Stratigraphy of the South Flank of the Uinta Mountains

Norman C. Williams

The Chapita Wells Field Uintah County, Utah

Murray L. Miller

Correlation Chart - Uinta Basin Utah

Albert F. Sanborn, R. L. Darrow, R. L. Liscomb

Cretaceous Stratigraphy of the Uinta Basin

Paul T. Walton

Dinosaur National Monument

John M. Good

The Eocene Vertebrates of the Uinta Basin, Utah

J. Leroy Kay

Fossil Tracks of Eocene Vertebrates, Southwestern Uinta Basin, Utah

H. D. Curry

A General Discussion of the Geologic History of Northeastern Utah

D. A. Preston

General Geology of the East Tintic Mountains, Utah

Hal T. Morris

Geology of Gilsonite

Leland J. Davis

Geology of the Halloysite Deposit at the Dragon Mine

M. B. Kildale, R. C. Thomas

Geomorphology of the Uinta Basin

John Clark

Geosynclinal Nature of the Uinta Basin

Daniel J. Jones

The Gilsonite Refining Project of the American Gilsonite Company

John H. Henderson Jr.

Gilsonite—Its Discovery and the Early History of the Industry

Arthur L. Crawford

Green River and Lower Uinta Formations—Subsurface Stratigraphic Changes in Central and Eastern Uinta Basin, Utah

M. Dane Picard

Guidebook to the Geology of the Uinta Basin, Eighth Annual Field Conference; Frontmatter

Otto G. Seal

Guidebook to the Geology of Utah, Number 12: Geology of the East Tintic Mountains and Ore Deposits of the Tintic Mining Districts; Frontmatter

Douglas R. Cook

History of Drilling Operations in Utah’s Uinta Basin

George H. Hansen

Hydrothermal Alteration in the East Tintic Mining District

Frank H. Howd


Douglas R. Cook

Jurassic System of the Southern Flank of the Uinta Mountains

Wm. Lee Stokes

Ore Deposits of the Chief Mine

Max T. Evans

Ore Deposits of the Eureka Standard, Apex Standard, and Iron King Mines

John B. Bush

Ore Deposits of the Main Tintic Mining District

Douglas R. Cook

Ore Deposits of the North Tintic Mining District

A. E. Disbrow, H. T. Morris

Ore Deposits of the Tintic Standard, North Lily and Eureka Lilly Mines

Malcolm B. Kildale

Ozokerite at Soldier Summit, Utah

Joe Merrow

Penetration Chart of Oil and Gas Fields in Utah

John N. Dahm, Wm. R. Douglas Jr., C. E. White, K. F. Bruder

The Peters Point Gas Field

C. W. Hendel

Phosphate Deposits in the Uinta Mountains, Utah

T. M. Cheney

Precambrian Rocks of the Uinta Mountains

Wallace R. Hansen

The Processing and Economics of Oil Shale from the Green River Formation

Arthur Matzick

The Rangely-Salt Lake Crude Oil Pipe Line

John T. Brewster

The Red Wash-Walker Hollow Field–a Resume

M. Dane Picard

Regional Relations of Carboniferous Rocks of Northeastern Utah

Walter Sadlick

Road Logs

P. W. Gaines, D. A. Preston, O. G. Seal, Q. Hebrew, R. B. Minton, J. B. LaFevers, G. Herman, G. F. Harrison

Road Logs: Main and East Tintic Mining Districts Two-Day Field Conference, October 4th and 5th, 1957

Douglas R. Cook, Hal T. Morris

The Roosevelt, Duchesne, and County Fields, Uintah County, Utah

W. V. Naylor Jr.

Some Characteristics of the Manning Canyon Formation in Central Utah

Keith M. Hebertson

Stratigraphic Relations and Oil Shale of the Green River Formation in the Eastern Uinta Basin

W. B. Cashion

Structural Features of the Uinta Arch

Wallace R. Hansen

Summary of Exploration in the East Tintic Mining District

Frank H. Howd

The Tectonic History of the Uinta Basin

A. J. Crowley

Tertiary of the Uinta Basin

Ward Abbott

Triassic Stratigraphy in Parts of Utah and Colorado

Marjorie E. MacLachlan

Uinta Basin Archeology

James H. Gunnerson

The Uinta Basin — Past and Present

Billie Ruple Untermann

Ute Trail Field—Uintah County, Utah

W. A. Gillespie