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Wyoming Geological Association


Geology of Yellowstone Park Area; 33rd Annual Field Conference Guidebook, 1982
Pages 223-231

Basin Creek Uplift and Heart Lake Conglomerate, Southern Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

J. D. Love, W. R. Keefer


A major, but still largely buried structural feature, the Basin Creek uplift, and a previously undescribed sedimentary sequence, the Heart Lake Conglomerate (a new name in this report), provide new data for interpreting the geologic history of southern Yellowstone National Park. The uplift was initially folded at or near the close of Cretaceous time; in late Cenozoic time a major part of it, at least, was rapidly elevated. This later movement resulted in deposition of the Heart Lake Conglomerate, 70-330 feet thick, composed chiefly of Madison Limestone (Mississippian) fragments in a talc-and chlorite-rich matrix. The conglomerate may be of Pliocene or Pleistocene age.

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