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Wyoming Geological Association


Wyoming Gas Resources and Technology; 52nd Previous HitFieldNext Hit Conference Guidebook, 2001
Pages 191-191

ABSTRACT: Pushing Back the Frontier... Geologic Characterization of a Tight Gas Reservoir Near the Economic Limit of Production, West Flank Moxa Arch

Robert A. Basse1, Connie Knight2


The Frontier sandstone along the west flank of the Moxa Arch provides a timely Previous HitexampleNext Hit of the challenges involved in development drilling along the fluid edge of a tight gas reservoir. Regional geologic mapping, based on extensive well log control and limited core Previous HitdataNext Hit, defines depositional facies trends within a structural context. Borehole imagery is being used to augment the facies identification in a sequence-stratigraphic framework, and to delineate sandstone-body geometries and paleo-transport directions. Borehole image observations and engineering Previous HitdataNext Hit are also being used to identify fracture / in-situ stress interrelationships in order to optimize well stimulation practices. Understanding the geometry of structural/sedimentologic attributes helps to provide an explanation for well productivity and a basis for understanding economic limits to Previous HitfieldTop development.


Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 Questar E&P, Denver, CO

2 Baker Atlas, Denver, CO

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