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Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)


Earth Science Bulletin
Vol. 15 (1982), No. 1. (Annual), Pages 1-23

Depositional Environments of the Nugget Sandstone, Red Canyon Rim, Fremont County, Wyoming

Nancy M. Doelger, James R. Steidtmann


The Nugget Sandstone on the Red Canyon Rim is divisible into three units. The lowermost unit consists of flaser-bedded, very fine-grained, subarkosic, calcareous sandstone and sandy limestone. The two upper units consist of flaser-bedded and cross-bedded, fine-grained, subarkosic, typically non-calcareous sandstone. Cross-bedding is significantly more abundant and larger scale in the uppermost unit. Cross-bedding dip directions are also significantly different in the two upper units.

The two lower units are intertidal deposits. The uppermost unit is eolian and intertidal in origin.

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