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M25: Circum-Pacific Energy and Mineral Resources

Edited by Michel T. Halbouty, John C. Maher, and Harold M. Lian

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Importance of Circum-Pacific Energy and Mineral Resources to World: General
Rogers C. B. Morton

The Macroproblem of Modernization: General
Harlan Cleveland

Boundaries of Seabed Jurisdiction off Pacific Coast of Asia: General
Northcutt Ely, Robert F. Pietrowski Jr.

Mineral Trade in Circum-Pacific Region--Summary: General
Thomas A. Henrie

Economics of Energy and Mineral Resources--Summary: General
Arthur J. Zraly

Latin America's Outlook Toward Energy Resources--Summary: General
M. F. Baca

Marine Environmental in Australia: Two Studies--Summary: General
Robert J. Foster

Tectonic Framework of Pacific Region: General
J. D. Moody, R. W. Esser, D. A. Holmgren

Geologic Map of Pacific Mobile Belt and Pacific Ocean: General Principles and Compilation Methods--Summary: General
L. I. Krasny, P. L. Bezrukov

Geologic History and Paleozoogeography of Pacific Ocean--Summary: General
K. M. Khudoley, M. A. Rzhonsnitskaya, O. I. Nikiforova

Plate Tectonics and Mineral Resources of Circum-Pacific Region: General
Peter A. Rona, Lawrence D. Neuman

Geologic-Structural Synthesis of Pacific Area as Basis for Establishing Regularities of Distribution of Mineral Resources--Summary: General
K. Yu. M. Pushcharovsky, P. L. Bezrukov, Yu. K. Burlin, L. I. Krasny, B. A. Sokolov

Structural-Formation Analysis of Northwestern Part of Pacific Mobile Belt, USSR: General
V. V. Russ, D. A. Kirikov

Tectonics of Continental and Oceanic Structures of North Pacific Mobile Belt--Summary: General
B. Kh. Egiazarov, B. V. Ermakov, L. I. Anikeyeva, T. N. Kopylova, S. I. Andreyev, M. I. Itsiksen, V. I. Berger

Surveying Earth and Its Environment from Space: General
W. A. Fischer, Prayong Angsuwathana, W. D. Carter, Kazuo Hoshino, E. H. Lathram, N. R. Albert, Ernest I. Rich

Solar Desalination Experience of University of Arizona--Summary: General
Carl N. Hodges, Wayne L. Collins

Antarctica: an Unprospected, Unexploited Continent--Summary: General
F. Alton Wade

Status of Coal Exploration and Mine Development in Australia: Coal
E. N. Milligan

Coal Resources and Potential in Indonesia--Summary: Coal
Mangara Simanjuntack, Soelistiyo U. Wijaya

Coal Resources of Taiwan--Summary: Coal
Patzen Wu

Paleozoic and Mesozoic Coal in Republic of Korea: Coal
Bong Kyun Kim

Influence of Temperature on Coalification of Tertiary Coal in Japan--Summary: Coal
Toshio Shimoyama, Azuma Iljima

Coal Resources of Alaska--Summary: Coal
George Gryc, E. H. Cobb

Coal Resources of Canadian Cordillera--Summary: Coal
B. A. Latour

Geothermal Prospects Around the Pacific: Geothermal Energy
James Healy

Environmental Effects of Geothermal Energy Development--Summary: Geothermal Energy
Richard G. Bowen

Magma Tap: the Ultimate Geothermal Energy Program--Summary: Geothermal Energy
John L. Colp

Geothermal Energy in New Zealand--Summary: Geothermal Energy
James Healy, Russell James

Possible Energy Sources in Indonesian Volcanic Areas--Summary: Geothermal Energy
Djayadi Hadikusumo, L. Pardyanto, M. Alzwar

Geothermal Exploration and Development in the Philippines--Summary: Geothermal Energy
Arturo Alcaraz

Origin and Potential of Some Geothermal Areas in Taiwan--Summary: Geothermal Energy
Weng-Tse Cheng, Yung-Juh Wu

Geothermal Resources and Energy in Japan Estimated from Geophysical Data--Summary: Geothermal Energy
Masami Hayakawa, Kenzo Baba

Geological and Geochemical Characteristics of Geothermal Resources in Japan--Summary: Geothermal Energy
Hisayoshi Nakamura, Kiyoshi Sumi, Takejiro Ozawa

Potential for Geothermal-Energy Development in Alaska--Summary: Geothermal Energy
Thomas P. Miller, Ivan Barnes

Deep Research Drillhole at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii--Summary: Geothermal Energy
George V. Keller, John C. Murray, Charles J. Zablocki, Robert I. Tilling, Donald W. Peterson, Robert L. Christiansen

Geothermal Potential of Western United States--Summary: Geothermal Energy
John E. Kilkenny

Geothermal Potential of Mexico: Geothermal Energy
Alfredo Manon Mercado

Exploration for Geothermal Energy in Nicaragua--Summary: Geothermal Energy
John B. Thigpen

Geothermal Exploration in Northern Chile--Summary: Geothermal Energy
Alfredo Lahsen

Oil- and Gas-Bearing Basins of Circum-Pacific Belt--Summary: Hydrocarbons
Yu K. Burlin, Yu M. Pushcharovsky, B. A. Sokolov

Plate Tectonics in Petroleum Exploration of Convergent Continental Margins: Hydrocarbons
Thomas L. Thompson

Some Shallow Tectonic Consequences of Subduction and Their Meaning to the Hydrocarbon Explorationist: Hydrocarbons
Peter A. Montecchi

Overview of Exploration Geophysics: Recent Breakthroughs and Challenging New Problems: Hydrocarbons
B. S. Flowers

Kapuni and Maui Gas-Condensate Fields of New Zealand--Summary: Hydrocarbons
D. M. McBeath

Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Prospects, Onshore and Offshore New Zealand: Hydrocarbons
H. R. Katz

Phanerozoic History of Australia and Surrounding Oceanic Region--Summary: Hydrocarbons
Gordon Packham

Structural Style and Hydrocarbons of Bass, Gippsland, and Otway Basins--Summary: Hydrocarbons
E. A. Hodgson, W. F. Threlfall

Australian Northwest Continental Shelf--Results of Ten Years of Exploration: Hydrocarbons
G. A. Robertson, D. E. Powell, G. M. Edmond

Recent Knowledge of Hydrocarbon Potentials in Sedimentary Basins of Indonesia: Hydrocarbons
A. Pulunggono

Structural Evolution of Tertiary Basins of Southeast Asia--Summary: Hydrocarbons
R. W. Murphy

Petroleum Geology of Thailand (Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea)--Summary: Hydrocarbons
Charan Achalabhuti

Petroliferous Taiwan Basins in Framework of Western Pacific Ocean: Hydrocarbons
C. Y. Meng, J. T. Chou

Petroleum Potential of Korean Offshore: Hydrocarbons
Chong Su Kim

Marine Petroleum Exploration of Huksan Platform, Korea: Hydrocarbons
S. B. Frazier, S. O. Choi, B. K. Kim, D. Schwartz

Petroleum Fields of Japan with Volcanic-Rock Reservoirs--Summary: Hydrocarbons
T. Katahira, M. Ukai

Cenozoic and Mesozoic Petroleum Prospects, Aleutian-Bering Sea Region--Summary: Hydrocarbons
D. W. Scholl, M. S. Marlow, E. C. Buffington

Structural Evolution of Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic Basins in Western North America: Hydrocarbons
Eugene R. Orwig Jr.

Tectonic Framework of Petroliferous Rocks in Alaska: Hydrocarbons
Arthur Grantz, C. E. Kirschner

Sedimentation and Tectonics of Pacific Continental Margin of British Columbia--Summary: Hydrocarbons
D. L. Tiffin, B. E. B. Cameron

Oil Resources of the Pacific for Peace and Security--Summary: Hydrocarbons
J. P. Trunz

Hydrocarbon Potential of Offshore California--Summary: Hydrocarbons
Anthony E. L. Morris

Petroleum Potential of Continental Rise off Central California--Summary: Hydrocarbons
P. Wilde, W. R. Normark, T. E. Chase

Potential for Exploration and Development of Hydrocarbons in Atrato Valley and Pacific Coastal and Shelf Basins of Colombia: Hydrocarbons
Rafael Bueno S., Carlos Govea R.

Exploration and Development of Hydrocarbon Resources in Pacific Basins of Ecuador--Summary: Hydrocarbons
Alfonso Jarrin

Hydrocarbon Potential of Coastal Basins of Peru: Hydrocarbons
Russell B. Travis, Grover Gonzales, Alfredo Pardo

Hydrocarbons Potential of Amazon Basins of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru: Hydrocarbons
F. Zuniga y Rivero, Alfredo Pardo, Hugo Valdivia, Pedro Velarde

Hydrocarbon Potential of Bolivian Sedimentary Basins--Summary: Hydrocarbons
J. Oblitas, C. Salinas-E.

Hydrogeology of the Pacific--Summary: Hydrogeology
John F. Mink

Developing Dike-Complex and Basal-Lens Water Supplies on Basaltic Islands--Summary: Hydrogeology
D. Lum

Control of Earthquakes at Rangely, Colorado--Summary: Hydrogeology
J. D. Bredehoeft, C. B. Raleigh, J. H. Healy

Development of Australia's Groundwater Resources--Summary: Hydrogeology
N. O. Jones, F. A. Hatfield

Artificial Recharge of Groundwater in Burdekin Delta, Australia--Summary: Hydrogeology
N. O. Jones, R. E. Volker, S. E. James, K. K. Watson, C. Burden-Jones, W. T. Spragg, F. A. Hatfield

Saline Groundwater Inflows to Murray River in South Australia--Summary: Hydrogeology
W. R. P. Boucaut

Groundwater Potential of Limestone Terranes: Examples from Indonesia--Summary: Hydrogeology
M. M. Purbo-Hadiwidjojo, R. Soekardi

Groundwater Potential of Areas Underlain by Volcaniclastic Rocks: Examples from Indonesia--Summary: Hydrogeology
M. M. Purbo-Hadiwidjojo, R. Soekardi

Groundwater in Volcanic Areas in Japan--Summary: Hydrogeology
Soki Yamamoto

Land Subsidence in Japan Resulting from Fluid Extraction--Summary: Hydrogeology
Shigeru Aoki

Impact of Economic Development on Demands for Groundwater and Wastewater Disposal in Honolulu--Summary: Hydrogeology
George Yuen

Simulation Model of Honolulu Basal Aquifer--Summary: Hydrogeology
R. H. Dale

Effect of Subsurface Waste-Disposal Practice on Groundwater Resources in Hawaiian Islands: Hydrogeology
F. L. Peterson, K. J. Takasaki

Ferromanganese Nodules of the Pacific: Minerals
P. L. Bezrukov, N. S. Skornyakova

Manganese-Nodule Structures: Relation to Nodule Origin--Summary: Minerals
J. Andrews, S. Margolis

Exploitation of Manganese Nodules in South Pacific--Summary: Minerals
G. P. Glasby

Nickel- and Copper-Rich Nodules of Equatorial North Pacific--Summary: Minerals
D. R. Horn, B. M. Horn, M. N. Delach

Iron Ore, Coal, and Steel Production in New Zealand--Summary: Minerals
Thomas Marshall

Submarine Phosphorite Deposits of Chatham Rise Near New Zealand--Summary: Minerals
A. Wesley Karns

Nickel Resources of Australia--Summary: Minerals
R. Woodall

Australian Bauxite Deposits--Discovery and Development: Minerals
H. J. Evans

Iron-Ore Deposits of Western Australia--Geology and Development: Minerals
J. H. Lord, A. F. Trendall

Mining Heavy-Mineral Sand in Australia--Summary: Minerals
J. Pinter

Occurrence and Development of Sedimentary Manganese Ore, Groote Eylandt, Northern Australia: Minerals
W. M. Lonie, J. L. McIntosh

Stratiform and Strata-Bound Metal Concentrations in Australia--Summary: Minerals
Haddon F. King

Background to Present Mineral Search in British Solomon Islands and Fiji--Summary: Minerals
J. C. Grover

Fluorite Resources of Thailand--Summary: Minerals
Manas Veeraburus

Porphyry Copper Deposits of Southwest Pacific: Discovery and Development--Summary: Minerals
D. S. Carruthers

Geologic Environment and Economic Possibilities of Porphyry Copper Deposits in the Philippines--Summary: Minerals
Dominador H. Almogela

Geologic Controls of Mineral Deposits in Taiwan--Summary: Minerals
T. P. Yen

Mineral Resources of Korea: Minerals
Ok Joon Kim

Relation Between Tectonics and Metallogenesis in Peripheral-Sea-Island-Arc Complex, Japan--Summary: Minerals
Chikao Nishiwaki, Hokuichiro Omachi, Isamu Kobayashi

Geologic Aspects of Uranium Resources of Japan--Summary: Minerals
Teiji Kamiyama, Yoshihiko Shimazaki, Kyosuke Kubo

National Exploration Program for Base-Metal Deposits in Japan--Summary: Minerals
Yoshihiro Sekine

Metallogenic Systems of Pacifides--Summary: Minerals
M. I. Itsikson

Some Characteristics of Acid Volcanism of Southern Far East--Summary: Minerals
E. V. Bykovskaya, E. I. Blumstein

Geologic Framework of Metallic Mineral Deposits of Northeast USSR: Minerals
N. A. Shilo

Ring Megastructures of the Pacific--Summary: Minerals
V. V. Solovyev

Evolutionary Series of Antimony Deposits of Eastern USSR--Summary: Minerals
V. I. Berger

Meimechites of Kamchatka and Kimberlite Problems of Pacific Mobile Belt--Summary: Minerals
V. K. Rotman, B. A. Markovsky

Structural Classification of North Pacific Shelves--Summary: Minerals
G. S. Ganeshin, V. V. Solovyev, Yu. F. Chemekov

Outline of Kuril-Kamchatka Arc--Summary: Minerals
V. K. Rotman

Metal Provinces of Alaska--Summary: Minerals
Allen L. Clark, Henry C. Berg

Metallogenic Provinces of Northeast Pacific: Minerals
Richard H. Jahns

Environments of Canadian Cordillera Depositional Basins: Minerals
H. Gabrielse

Metallic Mineral Resources of Canadian Cordillera: Minerals
A. Sutherland Brown

Porphyry Copper Province of Northern Cordilleran Orogen--Summary: Minerals
V. F. Hollister

Metallogenetic Chart of Mexico--Summary: Minerals
Guillermo P. Salas

Principal Characteristics of Some Porphyry Copper Deposits in Sonora, Mexico--Summary: Minerals
Javier Lopez Avila

Uranium and Its Projected Use in Nuclear Generation of Electricity in Mexico--Summary: Minerals
L. Galvez, C. Velez

Mineral Resources of State of Sinaloa, Mexico--Summary: Minerals
D. A. Cordoba, M. Patino-a

Major Chemical Characteristics of Tertiary and Quaternary Volcanism of Baja California--Summary: Minerals
Alain Demant, Claude Robin, Claude Bobier, Diego A. Cordoba

Metallogenic Provinces of Southeastern Pacific Region: Minerals
George E. Ericksen

Metallogenesis in Southeast Pacific Ocean: Nazca Plate Project: Minerals
Cyrus W. Field, Jack R. Dymond, John B. Corliss, E. Julius Dasch, G. Ross Heath, Ronald G. Senechal, Herbert H. Veeh

Possibilities for Development of Mineral Resources of Colombia--Summary: Minerals
J. A. Cruz

Mineral Resources of Ecuador: Their Development and Prospects for New Finds--Summary: Minerals
Carlos F. Mosquera C.

Mineral Resources Potential of Peru--Summary: Minerals
O. Damiani, C. Canepa

Deposits of Bolivian Tin Belt--Summary: Minerals
S. Rivas

Metallogenic Belts and Tectonic Evolution of Chilean Circum-Pacific Continental Border--Summary: Minerals
Jose Frutos J., Jorge Oyarzun M.