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M46: Extensional Tectonics and Stratigraphy of the North Atlantic Margins

Edited by A. J. Tankard and H. R. Balkwill

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Publisher's Note

Extensional Tectonics and Stratigraphy of the North Atlantic Margins: Introduction: Chapter 1
A. J. Tankard, H. R. Balkwill

Extensional Tectonic Framework of the U.S. Central Atlantic Passive Margin: Chapter 2: Concepts
B. Wernicke, P. G. Tilke

Application of the Detachment Model to Reconstruction of Conjugate Passive Margins: Chapter 3: Concepts
M. A. Etheridge, P. A. Symonds, G. S. Lister

Base of the Crust: Seismological Expression, Geological Evolution, and Basin Controls: Chapter 4: Concepts
J. Hall

Contrasting Styles of Lithospheric Extension: Implications for Differences Between the Basin and Range Province and Rifted Continental Margins: Chapter 5: Concepts
Jean Braun, Christopher Beaumont

Structural Styles in Basin Formation: Chapter 6: Concepts
A. D. Gibbs

Physical Models of Structural Styles During Extension: Chapter 7: Concepts
K. R. McClay

Evolution of the North Atlantic--An Overview: Chapter 8: North Atlantic Perspectives
P. A. Ziegler

Correlation of Sedimentary Basins Across the North Atlantic as Obtained from Gravity and Magnetic Data, and Its Relation to the Early Evolution of the North Atlantic: Chapter 9: North Atlantic Perspectives
J. Verhoef, S. P. Srivastava

Initiation of the Iceland Plume and Opening of the North Atlantic: Chapter 10: North Atlantic Perspectives
R. S. White

Tectonic Setting of Triassic Half-Grabens in the Appalachians: Seismic Data Acquisition, Processing, and Results: Chapter 11: North American Margins
John K. Costain, Cahit Coruh

Mesozoic Extension and Styles of Basin Formation in Atlantic Canada: Chapter 12: North American Margins
A. J. Tankard, H. J. Welsink

Basin Architecture of the Newfoundland Continental Margin and Its Relationship to Ocean Crust Fabric During Extension: Chapter 13: North American Margins
H. J. Welsink, S. P. Srivastava, A. J. Tankard

Tectono-Stratigraphy of the Passive Margin Off Nova Scotia: Chapter 14: North American Margins
H. J. Welsink, J. D. Dwyer, R. J. Knight

Whale Basin, Offshore Newfoundland: Extension and Salt Diapirism: Chapter 15: North American Margins
H. R. Balkwill, F. D. Legall

Crustal Structure and Rift-Drift Evolution of the Newfoundland Basin: Chapter 16: North American Margins
Brian E. Tucholke, James A. Austin Jr., Elazar Uchupi

Structural Styles and Stratigraphy of the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Grand Banks of Newfoundland: Chapter 17: North American Margins
A. J. Tankard, H. J. Welsink, W. A. M. Jenkins

Vail's Coastal Onlap Curves and Their Correlation with Tectonic Events, Offshore Eastern Canada: Chapter 18: North American Margins
S. Cloetingh, A. J. Tankard, H. J. Welsink, W. A. M. Jenkins

Environment of Petroleum Source Rock Deposition in the Jeanne d'Arc Basin Off Newfoundland: Chapter 19: North American Margins
H. von der Dick

Simple-Shear and Pure-Shear Models of Extensional Sedimentary Basin Formation: Application to the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, Grand Banks of Newfoundland: Chapter 20: North American Margins
N. J. Kusznir, S. S. Egan

Tectonic and Depositional History of the Moroccan Continental Margin: Chapter 21: European-African Margins
M. A. W. Heyman

The Lusitanian Basin of West-Central Portugal: Mesozoic and Tertiary Tectonic, Stratigraphic, and Subsidence History: Chapter 22: European-African Margins
R. C. L. Wilson, R. N. Hiscott, M. G. Willis, F. M. Gradstein

Rifting Processes on the West Galicia Margin, Spain: Chapter 23: European-African Margins
G. Boillot, D. Mougenot, J. Girardeau, E. L. Winterer

Results from Multichannel Reflection Profiling of the Tagus Abyssal Plain (Portugal)--Comparison with the Canadian Margin: Chapter 24: European-African Margins
A. Mauffret, D. Mougenot, P. R. Miles, J. A. Malod

Strike-Slip Subsidence of the Basque-Cantabrian Basin of Northern Spain and Its Relationship to Aptian-Albian Opening of Bay of Biscay: Chapter 25: European-African Margins
Joaquin Garcia-Mondejar

Continental Extension in Southern Britain and Surrounding Areas and Its Relationship to the Opening of the North Atlantic Ocean: Chapter 26: European-African Margins
R. Andrew Chadwick, Roy A. Livermore, Ian E. Penn

Influences of Variscan Structures Off Southwest Britain on Subsequent Phases of Extension: Chapter 27: European-African Margins
G. A. Day, J. W. F. Edwards, R. R. Hillis

Mesozoic History of the Celtic Sea Basins: Chapter 28: European-African Margins
S. H. Petrie, J. R. Brown, P. J. Granger, J. P. B. Lovell

Structure and Stratigraphy of the Porcupine Basin: Relationships to Deep Crustal Structure and the Opening of the North Atlantic: Chapter 29: European-African Margins
Peter F. Croker, Simon L. Klemperer

Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Faeroe-Shetland Channel and Northern Rockall Trough: Chapter 30: European-African Margins
M. M. Earle, E. J. Jankowski, I. R. Vann

Evolution of North Sea Rift System: Chapter 31: North Sea and Barents Shelf
P. A. Ziegler , B. van Hoorn

A Model for Linked Basin Development Around the British Isles: Chapter 32: North Sea and Barents Shelf
A. D. Gibbs

Coaxial Stretching or Lithospheric Simple Shear in the North Sea? Evidence from Deep Seismic Profiling and Subsidence: Chapter 33: North Sea and Barents Shelf
Simon L. Klemperer, Nicky White

Tectonic Controls on Oil and Gas Occurrences in the North Sea Area: Chapter 34: North Sea and Barents Shelf
C. Cornford, J. Brooks

Intraplate Stresses and the Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of the Central North Sea: Chapter 35: North Sea and Barents Shelf
H. Kooi, S. Cloetingh

Influence of North Atlantic Tectonics on the Large-Scale Uplift of the Stappen High and Loppa High, Western Barents Shelf: Chapter 36: North Sea and Barents Shelf
R. J. Wood , S. P. Edrich, I. Hutchison

Forced Folding and Basement-Detached Normal Faulting in the Haltenbanken Area, Offshore Norway: Chapter 37: North Sea and Barents Shelf
Martha O. Withjack, Kristian E. Meisling, Lee R. Russell

Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil: Chapter 38: Analogs
W. U. Mohriak, M. R. Mello, G. D. Karner, J. F. Dewey, J. R. Maxwell

Mesozoic Extension and the Formation of Argentine Sedimentary Basins: Chapter 39: Analogs
M. A. Uliana, K. T. Biddle, J. Cerdan

Speculations on the Mesozoic-Cenozoic Tectonic History of the Western United States: Chapter 40: Analogs
P. Verrall