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M53: Geology and Geophysics of Continental Margins

Edited by Joel S. Watkins, Feng Zhiqiang, and Kenneth J. McMillen

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Dedication to Michel T. Halbouty

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Joel S. Watkins

Geological Characteristics and Petroleum Potential of Sedimentary Basins of the China Continental Shelf: Chapter 1: Chinese Margin
Wang Shanshu, Xie Taijun, Wang Shufen, Liu Libin

Geotectonic Framework of the East China Sea: Chapter 2: Chinese Margin
Yang Qi Lun

Structure and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Para-Passive Continental Margin of the Northern South China Sea: Chapter 3: Chinese Margin
Feng Zhiqiang, Miao Wancen, Zheng Weijun, Chen Shengyuan

Structural Evolution of the Western Pearl River Mouth Basin: Chapter 4: Chinese Margin
Peter B. Edwards

Tectonic History, Sedimentation, and Changes in Relative Sea Level: Chatham Rise, New Zealand: Chapter 5: Southwest Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean Margins
R. H. Herzer, R. A. Wood

The Influence of Subducting Plate Buoyancy on Subduction of the Hikurangi-Chatham Plateau beneath the North Island, New Zealand: Chapter 6: Southwest Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean Margins
B. W. Davy

Post-Eocene Development of the Taranaki Basin, New Zealand: Convergent Overprint of a Passive Margin: Chapter 7: Southwest Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean Margins
P. R. King, G. P. Thrasher

Hydrocarbon Potential and Gold Mineralization in the New Ireland Basin, Papua New Guinea: Chapter 8: Southwest Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean Margins
Michael S. Marlow, Neville F. Exon, Shawn V. Dadisman

Geology and Resource Potential of the Southern Tonga Platform: Chapter 9: Southeast Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean Margins
David W. Scholl, Richard H. Herzer

Structural Influences on Neogene Subsidence in the Central Sumatra Fore-Arc Basin: Chapter 10: Southwest Pacific and Eastern Indian Ocean Margins
Richard G. Matson , Gregory F. Moore

The Continental Margins of Somalia: Structural Evolution and Sequence Stratigraphy: Chapter 11: African and Mediterranean Margins
Alfonso Bosellini

The Mesozoic East African and Madagascan Conjugate Continental Margins: Stratigraphy and Tectonics: Chapter 12: African and Mediterranean Margins
Millard F. Coffin, Philip D. Rabinowitz

Basin Geometry and Architecture of a Tethyan Passive Margin, Southern Alps, Italy: Implications for Rifting Mechanisms: Chapter 13: African and Mediterranean Margins
Massimo Sarti, Alfonso Bosellini, Edward L. Winterer

Structural and Tectonic Evolution of Oceanic Crust within the Jurassic Quiet Zone, Offshore Morocco: Chapter 14: African and Mediterranean Margins
James S. Holik, Philip D. Rabinowitz

Tectonic and Eustatic Controls on Paleogene Sequence Stratigraphy: Beaufort Sea, Alaska and Canada: Chapter 15: Sea-Level and Seismic Stratigraphic Studies
Kenneth J. McMillen, Paul O'Sullivan

The Evolution of Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sedimentary Basins along the Japanese Convergent Margin: Chapter 16: Sea-Level and Seismic Stratigraphic Studies
Makoto Ito, Fujio Masuda

Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Relative Sea-Level Changes, Gulf Coastal Plain of Eastern and Central Alabama: Chapter 17: Sea-Level and Seismic Stratigraphic Studies
David T. King Jr., Michael C. Skotnicki

Late Neogene Louisiana Continental Margin Construction Timed by Sea-Level Fluctuations: Chapter 18: Sea-Level and Seismic Stratigraphic Studies
Arnold H. Bouma, Harry H. Roberts, James M. Coleman

Seismic Facies Interpretation of the Northern Green Canyon Area, Gulf of Mexico: Chapter 19: Sea-Level and Seismic Stratigraphic Studies
Robert G. Mann, William R. Bryant, Philip D. Rabinowitz

Origin and Evolution of Keathley Canyon, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: Chapter 20: Sea-Level and Seismic Stratigraphic Studies
Gwang H. Lee , Joel S. Watkins, William R. Bryant

An Analysis of the Implicit Assumptions of the Methodology of Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy: Chapter 21: Sea-Level and Seismic Stratigraphic Studies
Julian A. Thorne

Construction Kit for Demonstration of the Vail/Jervey Model: Appendix A
Julian A. Thorne

Ocean Drilling on Passive Continental Margins: Chapter 22: Recent Ocean Drilling Program Contributions
P. D. Rabinowitz, J. G. Baldauf, L. E. Garrison, A. W. Meyer