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M74: Petroleum Provinces of the Twenty-first Century

Edited by Marlan W. Downey, Jack C. Threet, and William A. Morgan


Hydrocarbon Exploration Opportunities in the 21st Century in The United Kingdom
J. R. V. Brooks

Chapter 1: Exploration Into the New Millennium
Michel T. Halbouty

Chapter 2: Twenty-First-Century Energy: Decline of Fossil Fuel, Increase of Renewable Nonpolluting Energy Sources
J. D. Edwards

Chapter 3: Discoveries of the 1990s: Were They Significant?
R. Esser

Chapter 4, Oil, Are We Running Out?
D. Deming

Chapter 5: Exploration, Tomorrow's Charge, Tomorrow's Challenge
P.D. Gaffney

Chapter 6: New Oil in Old Places, The Value of Mature-Field Redevelopment
R. M. Sneider and J. S. Sneider

Chapter 7: Natural-Gas Hydrates, Resource of the Twenty-First Century?
T. S. Collett

Chapter 8: Petroleum Resources of Canada in the Twenty-First Century
K. Skipper

Chapter 9: Alaska, A Twenty-First-Century Petroleum Province
K. J. Bird

Chapter 10: Hydrocarbon Exploration Opportunities of the Twenty-First Century in the United Kingdom
J. R. V. Brooks, S. J. Stoker, and T. D. J. Cameron

Chapter 11: Exploration Opportunities in the Greater Rocky Mountain Region, U.S.A.
F. F. Meissner and M. R. Thomasson

Chapter 12: Future Hydrocarbon Potential of Kazakhstan
I. Effimoff

Chapter 13: New frontiers for hydrocarbon production in the Timan-Pechora Basin, Russia
B. J. Fossum, W. J. Schmidt, D. A. Jenkins, V. I. Bogatsky, and B. I. Rappoport

Chapter 14: Future Petroleum Production from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
J. V. C. Howes

Chapter 15: Australian Petroleum Provinces of the Twenty-First Century
I. M. Longley, M. T. Bradshaw, and J. Hebberger

Chapter 16: Geologic Challenges of Exploration, Onshore China, with Special Focus on the Tarim and Junggar Basins
B. J. Katz

Chapter 17: The Gulf of Mexico Basin South of the Border: The Petroleum Province of the Twenty-First Century
A. E. Guzman and B. Marquez-Dominguez

Chapter 18: Future Petroliferous Provinces of Venezuela
F. E. Audemard and I. C. Serrano

Chapter 19: Present and Future Petroleum Provinces of Southern South America
C. M. Urien

Chapter 20: Foz do Amazonas Area, The Last Frontier for Elephant Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the South Atlantic Realm
M. R. Mello, R. Mosmann, S. R. P. Silva, R. R. Maciel, and F. P. Miranda

Chapter 21: Major Hydrocarbon Potential in Iran
P. L. Versfelt Jr.

Chapter 22: Libya, Petroleum Potential of the Underexplored Basin Centers--A Twenty-First-Century Challenge
D. C. Rusk

Chapter 23: The Petroleum Potential of Egypt
J. C. Dolson, M. V. Shann, S. Matbouly, C. Harwood, R. Rashed, and H. Hammouda

Chapter 24: Paleozoic Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Arabian Plate
G. Konert, A. M. Afifi, S. A. Al-Hajri, K. de Groot, A. A. Al Naim, and H. J. Droste

Chapter 25: Lower Congo Basin, Deep-Water Exploration Province, Offshore West Africa
J. L. Da Costa, T. W. Schirmer, and B. R. Laws

Chapter 26: Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Berkine Basin, Grand Erg Oriental, Algeria
M. D. Cochran and L. E. Petersen