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SG21: Oil and Gas Assessment: Methods and Applications

Edited by Dudley D. Rice

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Resource Appraisal Methods: Choice and Outcome
Betty M. Miller

Geologic Field Number and Size Assessment of Oil and Gas Plays
R. A. Baker, H. M. Gehman, W. R. James, D. A. White

Evaluation of Petroleum Resources from Pool Size Distributions
P. J. Lee, P. C. C. Wang

Finite Population Sampling Methods for Oil and Gas Resource Estimation
G. M. Kaufman

Comparison of Predrilling Predictions with Postdrilling Outcomes, Using Shell's Prospect Appraisal System
D. Sluijk, J. R. Parker

Stratigraphic Aspects of Petroleum Resource Assessment
Gregory Ulmishek

U.S. Geological Survey Quantitative Petroleum Resource Appraisal Methodologies
Robert A. Crovelli

Limitations of Geological Consensus Estimates of Undiscovered Petroleum Resources
L. F. Ivanhoe

Field Size Distribution Related to Basin Characteristics
H. D. Klemme

Examination of the Creaming Methods of Assessment Applied to the Gippsland Basin, Offshore Australia
D. J. Forman, A. L. Hinde

Oil and Gas Resources of the U.S. Arctic
E. R. Schroeder

A Play Approach to Hydrocarbon Resource Assessment and Evaluation
L. P. White

A Comparison of the Play Analysis Technique as Applied in Hydrocarbon Resource Assessments of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Kenneth J. Bird

Estimation of Potential Gas Resources--Methodology of the Potential Gas Committee
Harry C. Kent, J. C. Herrington

Conventional U.S. Oil and Gas Remaining to be Discovered: Estimates and Methodology Used by Shell Oil Company
R. A. Rozendal

Oil Discovery Index Rates and Projected Discoveries of the Free World
L. F. Ivanhoe

World Crude Oil Resources: U.S. Geological Survey Estimate and Procedures
Charles D. Masters

Some Practical Approaches to World Petroleum Resource Assessment
David H. Root, Emil D. Attanasi, Charles D. Masters

Are Our Oil and Gas Resource Assessments Realistic?
C. J. Lewis

The Assessment of Heavy Crude Oil and Bitumen Resources
Richard F. Meyer, Christopher J. Schenk

Assessment of Natural Gas from Coalbeds by Geologic Characterization and Production Evaluation
Raoul Choate, John P. McCord, Craig T. Rightmire

Annotated Bibliography of Methodology for Assessment of Undiscovered Oil and Gas Resources
Ronald R. Charpentier, Jannette S. Wesley