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SG59: Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Geological Media

Edited by M. Grobe, J.C. Pashin, and R.L. Dodge

About the Editors, Preface, Acknowledgements (PDF)

Ch.1 Geological Input to Selection and Evaluation of CO2 Geosequestration Sites
John G. Kaldi, Catherine M. Gibson-Poole, Tobias H. D. Payenberg

Ch.2 An Overview of CO2-ECBM and Sequestration in Coal Seams
Scott R. Reeves

Ch.3 CO2 Storage Options in Germany
Franz May, Stefan Knopf, Christian Muller, Peer Hoth

Ch.4 An Overview of CO2 Sequestration Potential in Colorado
Genevieve B. C. Young, Beth L. Widmann, James A. Cappa, Vanessa A. Lintz, David A. Bird

Ch.5 CO2 Sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential in Illinois Basin Oil Reservoirs
Rex Knepp, Scott Frailey, John Grube, Beverly Seyler, Damon Garner, Christopher Korose, Bryan Huff, James Damico, Sarah Rittenhouse

Ch.6 Estimates of CO2 Storage Capacity in Selected Oil Fields of the Northern Great Plains Region of North America
Steven A. Smith, James A. Sorensen, Edward N. Steadman, John A. Harju, David W. Fischer

Ch.7 Assessment of Regional Geological Carbon Sequestration Potential in Upper Silurian to Middle Devonian Strata of the Michigan Basin
David A. Barnes, William B. Harrison III, Amanda Wahr

Ch.8 Carbon Sequestration and Enhanced Recovery Potential of Mature Coalbed Methane Reservoirs in the Black Warrior Basin
Jack C. Pashin, Marcella R. McIntyre, Richard E. Carroll, Richard H. Groshong Jr., R. Marc Bustin

Ch.9 Assessment of CO2 Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Potential in Unminable Coal Seams of the Illinois Basin
Maria Mastalerz, John Rupp, Agnieszka Drobniak, Satya Harpalani, Andrew Anderson, Chris Korose, Scott Frailey, David Morse

Ch.10 Regional Assessment of Suitability of Organic-Rich Gas Shales for Carbon Sequestration: An Example from the Devonian Shales of the Illinois and Appalachian Basins, Kentucky
Brandon C. Nuttall, James A. Drahovzal, Cortland F. Eble, R. Marc Bustin

Ch.11 Establishing a Regional Geologic Framework for Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Planning: A Case Study
Erik R. Venteris, Ronald R. Riley, James McDonald, Lawrence H. Wickstrom, James A. Drahovzal, John A. Harper

Ch.12 Comprehensive Characterization of a Potential Site for CO2 Geological Storage in Central Alberta, Canada
Karsten Michael, Stefan Bachu, Beate E. Buschkuehle, Kristine Haug, Stephen Talman

Ch.13 Cambrian-Ordovician Knox Carbonate Section as Integrated Reservoirs and Seals for Carbon Sequestration in the Eastern Mid-continent United States
Stephen F. Greb, D. C. Harris, M. P. Solis, W. H. Anderson, J. A. Drahovzal, B. C. Nuttall R. A. Riley, W. Solano-Acosta, J. A. Rupp, Neeraj Gupta

Ch.14 Carbon Sequestration in the Mt. Simon Sandstone Saline Reservoir
H. E. Leetaru, S. Frailey, D. Morse, R. J. Finley, J. A. Rupp, J. A. Drahozval, J. H. McBride

Ch.15 Carbon Dioxide Storage Potential of the Broom Creek Formation in North Dakota: A Case Study in Site Characterization for Large-Scale Sequestration
James A. Sorensen, Steven A. Smith, Anastasia A. Dobroskok, Matthew L. Belobraydic, Wesley D. Peck, Justin J. Kringstad, Zheng-Wen Zeng

Ch.16 Using 3-D Seismic Volumetric Curvature Attributes to Identify Fracture Trends in a Depleted Mississippian Carbonate Reservoir: Implications for Assessing Candidates for CO2 Sequestration
Susan E. Nissen, Timothy R. Carr, Kurt J. Marfurt, E. Charlotte Sullivan

Ch.17 Leakage Pathways from Potential CO2 Storage Sites and Importance of Open Traps: Case of the Texas Gulf Coast
Jean-Philippe Nicot, Susan Hovorka

Ch.18 Evaluating Seal Capacity of Cap Rocks and Intraformational Barriers for CO2 Containment
Richard F. Daniel, John G. Kaldi

Ch.19 Understanding Stratigraphic Heterogeneity: A Methodology to Maximize the Efficiency of the Geological Storage of CO2
Catherine M. Gibson-Poole, Lotte Svendsen, Maxwell N. Watson, Richard F. Daniel, Jonathan Ennis-King, Andy J. Rigg

Ch.20 Subtle Discontinuity Detection and Mapping for Carbon Sequestration Assessment in the Illinois Basin
J. H. McBride, R. W. Keach II, H. E. Leetaru, W. J. Nelson

Ch.21 K12-B: Carbon Dioxide Injection in a Nearly Depleted Gas Field Offshore the Netherlands
Bert L. G. H. van der Meer, R. J. Arts, C. R. Geel, C. Hofstee, P. Winthaegen, J. Hartman, D. D'Hoore

Ch.22 Acoustic and Elastic Modeling of Seismic Time-Lapse Data from the Sleipner CO2 Storage Operation
R. J. Arts, M. Trani, R. A. Chadwick, O. Eiken, S. Dortland, L. G. H. van der Meer

Ch.23 Overview and Present Status of the CO2 Geosequestration in Coal Seams Project in Japan
Shinji Yamaguchi, Kotaro Ohga, Masaji Fujioka, Masao Nako, Shigeo Muto

Ch.24 Reservoir Engineering Aspects in Site Characterization, Short-Term Modeling, and Long-Term Fate of CO2 in Carbon Dioxide Geosequestration
Josh Qiang Xu, Geoff Weir, Lincoln Paterson, Sandeep Sharma

Ch.25 Optimizing Permanent CO2 Sequestration in Brine Aquifers: Example from the Upper Frio, Gulf of Mexico
Mark H. Holtz

Ch.26 Numerical Simulation of Temperature Changes Caused by CO2 Injection in Geological Reservoirs
A. Kopp, A. Ebigbo, A. Bielinski, H. Class, R. Helmig

Ch.27 CO2 Sequestration into Coalbeds: Insights from Laboratory Experiments and Numerical Modeling
Laxminarayana Chikatamarla, R. M. Bustin, Xiaojun Cui

Ch.28 Two-Dimensional Equation-of-State Modeling of Adsorption of Coalbed Methane Gases
Khaled A. M. Gasem, Zhejun Pan, Sayeed Mohammad, Robert L. Robinson Jr.

Ch.29 Geochemical Modeling of CO2 Injection into a Methane Gas Reservoir at the K12-B Field, North Sea
Pascal Audigane, Julie Lions, Irina Gaus, Christian Robelin, Pierre Durst, Bert Van der Meer, Kees Geel, Curtis M. Oldenburg, Tianfu Xu

Ch.30 Laboratory Study of Gas and Water Flow in the Nordland Shale, Sleipner, North Sea
J. F. Harrington, D. J. Noy, S. T. Horseman, D. J. Birchall, R. A. Chadwick

Ch.31 Mineral Trapping of CO2 in Operated Hydrogeothermal Reservoirs
Michael Kuhn, Christoph Clauser, Katrin Vosbeck, Helge Stanjek, Volker Meyn, Martin Back, Stefan Peiffer

Ch.32 CO2 Sequestration Potential in the Rose Run Formation at the Mountaineer Power Plant, New Haven, West Virginia
Diana H. Bacon, Mark D. White, Neeraj Gupta, Joel R. Sminchak, Mark E. Kelley

Ch.33 Simulation of Light Hydrocarbon Migration in a Stacked Petroleum Reservoir at Teapot Dome, Wyoming, with Pressurization During Carbon Dioxide Sequestration
Ronald W. Klusman

Ch.34 A Prototype Near-Field GIS Model to Characterize Acute Risks of Sequestered CO2 Release Through Orphan Wells
Kenneth T. Bogen, Frank J. Gouveia, Lee A. Neher, Steven G. Homann

Ch.35 A Review of Tracers in Monitoring CO2 Breakthrough: Properties, Uses, Case Studies, and Novel Tracers
Linda Stalker, Chris Boreham, Ernie Perkins

Ch.36 Measuring Electrical Resistivity Variations in a Sandstone Specimen Injected with Gas, Liquid, and Supercritical CO2
Kyosuke Onishi, Toshifumi Matsuoka, Yoshihiko Ishikawa, Ikuo Okamoto, Ziqiu Xue

Ch.37 Plumbing the Depths: Testing Natural Tracers of Subsurface CO2 Origin and Migration, Utah
Mark Wilkinson, Stuart M. V. Gilfillan, R. Stuart Haszeldine, Chris J. Ballentine

Ch.38 Indicative Microorganisms as a Tool for Testing the Underground Storage of Carbon Dioxide
Radoslaw Tarkowski, Wojciech Krolik, Barbara Uliasz-Misiak, Wieslaw Barabasz

Ch.39 Carbon Dioxide Storage in Abandoned Coal Mines
Andreas Busch, Bernhard M. Krooss, Thomas Kempka, Margret Waschbusch, Tomas Fernandez-Steeger, Ralph Schluter

Ch.40 Carbon Dioxide Utilization within Ash-Water Suspensions Deposited in Underground Coal Mines
Alicja Uliasz-Bochenczyk, Eugeniusz Mokrzycki, Maciej Mazurkiewicz, Zbigniew Piotrowski, Radoslaw Pomykala

Ch.41 Evaluation of the Technical and Economic Feasibility of CO2 Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery in Texas Low-Rank Coals
Duane A. McVay, Rasheed O. Bello, Walter B. Ayers Jr., Gonzalo A. Hernandez, Jay A. Rushing, Steve K. Ruhl, Mike F. Hoffmann, Rahila I. Ramazanova

Ch.42 Practical Synergies for Increasing Domestic Oil Production and Geological Sequestration of Anthropogenic CO2: An Example from the Michigan Basin
G. Michael Grammer, David A. Barnes, William B. Harrison III, Anthony E. Sandomierski, Robert G. Mannes

Ch.43 Unitization of Geologic Media for the Purpose of Monetizing Geologic Sequestration Credits
James A. Sorensen, Lisa S. Botnen, Edward N. Steadman, John A. Harju, Lynn D. Helms, David W. Fischer