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Central Basin of Appalachian Geosyncline

Robert C. Lafferty

Sediments of Fresh-Water Lakes

W. H. Twenhofel V. E. McKelvey

Laboratory and Field Observations of Effect of Acidizing Oil Reservoirs Composed of Sands

P. E. Fitzgerald , J. R. James , Ray L. Austin

Cross Section of Chester of Illinois Basin

P. L. Dana, E. H. Scobey

Geology of Freezeout Mountain-Bald Mountain Area, Carbon County, Wyoming

Milan D. Maravich

Hawkins Field, Wood County Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

H. J. McLellan

Applied Sedimentology: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Henry Carter Rea

Review of Developments in 1940, Gulf Coast of Upper Texas and Louisiana: ABSTRACT

O. L. Brace

Developments in Mississippi in 1940: ABSTRACT

Urban B. Hughes

Notes on Geology of Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Tom McGlothlin

Comparative Study of Origin and Distribution of Gulf Coast Tertiary Sediments: ABSTRACT

Carl B. Richardson

Subsurface Study of Jennings Dome, Acadia Parish, La: ABSTRACT

C. B. Roach

Davis Sand Lens, Hardin Field, Liberty County, Texas: ABSTRACT

S. Russell Casey, Ralph B. Cantrell

Oil and Gas Stratigraphic Reservoirs in University Oil Field, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Marine Sedimentation and Oil Accumulation on Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Dorothy A. Jung, Doris S. Malkin

Pickens Pool, Yazoo County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Clarence E. Brehm

Basal Vicksburg Sand of Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

A. N. Wilson

South Cotton Lake Field of Chambers County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Joseph M. Wilson

Developments in South Texas during 1940: ABSTRACT

L. B. Herring

Oligocene Stratigraphy of East White Point Field, San Patricio County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Phil F. Martyn, Charles H. Sample

Late Cenozoic Deposits of Texas Coastal Plain between Brazos River and Rio Grande: ABSTRACT

A. W. Weeks

Sedimentary Cycles in Eocene of Texas Gulf Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

H. B. Stenzel

Developments in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Taylor Cole, Robert I. Dickey, Edgar Kraus

Geology of Wasson Field, Gaines and Yoakum Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

W. T. Schneider

Stratigraphic Trap of Slaughter Field of West Texas: ABSTRACT

W. M. Osborn

Progress Report on Microscopic Examination of Permian Crude Oils: ABSTRACT

W. A. Waldschmidt

Subsurface Study of Ellenburger Formation in West Texas: ABSTRACT

Taylor Cole

Lateral Gradation in Seven Rivers Formation, Rocky Arroyo, Eddy County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Bates

Mississippian Formations of Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico: ABSTRACT

L. R. Laudon, Arthur Bowsher

Presidential address: Petroleum Geologists in the National Defense Program: ABSTRACT

L. C. Snider

Presidential address: The Future of Geophysics: ABSTRACT

W. T. Born

Presidential address: Micropaleontology, Past and Future: ABSTRACT

Carey Croneis

Petroleum and the War: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Wilson

The Fifth Dimension in the Oil Industry: ABSTRACT

J. Edgar Pew

Natural Gas with Regard to Its Place in National Defense: ABSTRACT

N. C. McGowen

The Petroleum Geologists and the S.E.C.: ABSTRACT

Sumner T. Pike

Role of Surface Geology in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Edgar W. Owen

Resume on Sedimentation in Gulf Coast Region of Texas and Louisiana: ABSTRACT

L. W. Storm

Why Crudes Differ in Value: ABSTRACT

H. D. Wilde

Foreign Developments during 1939 and 1940: ABSTRACT

Basil B. Zavoico

Laboratory and Field Observations of Effect of Acidizing Oil Reservoirs Composed of Sands: ABSTRACT

P. E. Fitzgerald, F. R. James, Ray L. Austin

Applications of Radioactivity Logging: ABSTRACT

William L. Rusell

Wildcat Drilling in 1940: ABSTRACT

F. H. Lahee

Radioactivity Well Logs, Their Use and Application in Fields of Petroleum Geology, Economic Geology, and Petroleum Engineering: ABSTRACT

J. C. Barcklow

Developments in Rocky Mountain Region in 1940: ABSTRACT

C. E. Dobbin

Paleozoic Correlations from Southern Rocky Mountain Front Range to Oklahoma-Texas Panhandles: ABSTRACT

Harry Oborne

Results of Petrographic Studies of Sandstone Cores from Rocky Mountain Structures: ABSTRACT

W. A. Waldschmidt

Microfaunas of Niobara and Benton in Foothills of Northern Colorado: ABSTRACT

W. C. Toepelman

New Developments in North and West Central Texas, 1940: ABSTRACT

H. F. Smiley

Walnut Bend Pool of Cooke County, Texas: ABSTRACT

W. J. Hilseweck

Midway-Wilcox Deltaic Mass: ABSTRACT

H. N. Fisk

Correlation of Wilcox Faunal Units of Louisiana: ABSTRACT

J. O. Barry

Correlation of Upper Midway Fauna of Louisiana: ABSTRACT

R. J. Le Blanc

Midway Stratigraphy of Sabine Uplift: ABSTRACT

Grover Murray, Jr.

Oil and Gas Development in Eastern Interior Basin in 1940: ABSTRACT

Alfred H. Bell

Geochemistry of Natural Gas in Appalachian Province: ABSTRACT

Paul H. Price, A. J. W. Headlee

Gay-Spencer-Richardson Oil and Gas Trend in West Virginia: ABSTRACT

E. T. Heck

Shoestring Sand Gas Fields of Michigan: ABSTRACT

Max W. Ball, T. J. Weaver, Douglas S. Ball

Subsurface Strata between Base of Osage Group and Top of Devonian Limestone in Illinois: ABSTRACT

L. E. Workman, I. T. Sehwade

Development in Southern Arkansas and Northern Louisiana during 1940: ABSTRACT

Joseph Purzer, Warren B. Weeks

Correlation of Subsurface Sections with Outcrops of Ellenburger Formation of Texas: ABSTRACT

Leo Hendricks

Geology of Bartelso Oil Field, Clinton County, Illinois: ABSTRACT

James L. Carlton

Introduction to Technique for Estimating Oil Reserves: ABSTRACT

Park J. Jones

Oil and Gas Developments in Michigan in 1940: ABSTRACT

R. P. Grant

Oil and Gas Possibilities in Northern Cumberland Plateau: ABSTRACT

Kendall E. Born

Developments in Appalachian Area during 1940: ABSTRACT

J. R. Lockett

Developments in East Texas during 1940: ABSTRACT

F. R. Denton, R. M. Trowbridge

Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1940: ABSTRACT

Edward A. Koester

Occurrence of Oil and Gas in Pennsylvanian Sands in North Central and Northeastern Oklahoma and Southeastern Kansas: ABSTRACT

Luther E. Kennedy

Occurrence of Oil and Gas in Pennsylvanian Sands in Central Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Edwin A. Dawson

Stream Channels Applied to Arbuckle of Central Kansas Uplift: ABSTRACT

J. A. Mull

Exploration Work in California during 1940: ABSTRACT

Eugene H. Vallat

Stevens Sand, Southern San Joaquin Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Rollin Eckis

Progress of Stratigraphic Studies in California: ABSTRACT

E. W. Galliher, E. R. Atwill

Del Valle Oil Field, Los Angeles County, California: ABSTRACT

R. W. Sherman

Pre-Miocene Stratigraphy of Bakersfield Area, California: ABSTRACT

Alex Clark

Recently Discovered Middle Miocene Production in Inglewood Oil Field: ABSTRACT

A. F. Woodward

Age of Shale in Amoura-Uscari Area, Costa Rica: ABSTRACT

William W. Porter, II, Paul P. Goudkoff

Geologic Phases of Recent Oil Development in Southeastern Nebraska: ABSTRACT

Eugene C. Reed

Effective Porosity of Gas Fields in Jackson County, Missouri: ABSTRACT

Glenn G. Bartle