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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Geology of Oil Basins of East Indian Archipelago

H. M. Schuppli

Evolution of Reef Corals in East Indies Since Miocene Time

J. H. F. Umbgrove

Formation of Hydrocarbons from Fatty Acids by Alpha-Particle Bombardment

C. W. Sheppard , W. L. Whitehead

Stratigraphy of Waller and Harris Counties, Texas

R. L. Beckelhymer

Mineralogy of Late Upper Cretaceous, Paleocene, and Eocene Sandstones of Los Banos District, West Border of San Joaquin Valley, California

S. N. Daviess

Submarine Slumping and Location of Oil Bodies

Rhodes W. Fairbridge

Conodonts as Paleozoic Guide Fossils

Samuel P. Ellison, Jr.

Outline for Regional Classification of Oil Possibilities: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Frank Reeves

Suggestion for Naming Multiple Sands: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Roy E. Dickerson , H. W. Straley, III

Devonian(?) Producing Zone, TXL Pool, Ector County, Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Max David

Natural Resources Section in Japan and Korea: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Thomas A. Hendricks

Results of California Exploration during the War Period: ABSTRACT

Frank S. Parker

Buena Vista Hills (27-B Pool): ABSTRACT

Evan Burtner

Geology of Tierra del Fuego, South America: ABSTRACT

Joseph Hollister

Stratigraphic Section East of Bogota, Colombia: ABSTRACT

Thomas Clements

The First Oligocene Mammalian Fauna from Northern South America: ABSTRACT

R. A. Stirton

Recent Investigations by the Geological Survey of Alaska Petroleum Possibilities: ABSTRACT

John C. Reed

Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic Strata of the Uinta Mountains, Utah: ABSTRACT

Horace D. Thomas, Max L. Krueger

Notes on the Geology of the Deep Coles Levee Well, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

N. L. Taliaferro, W. F. Barbat

Notes on Rocky Mountain Thrust Faults: ABSTRACT

Edward C. H. Lammers

Terrestrial Dynamics: ABSTRACT

Bailey Willis

Landslides-Ventura Avenue Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Claude Leach, Henry H. Neel