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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Indigenous Precambrian Petroleum?

Grover E. Murray

Heavy Minerals and Provenance of Sands in Flysch of Central and Southern French Alps

Daniel J. Stanley

Use of Vertical Profile in Environmental Reconstruction

G. S. Visher

Application of Geochemistry to Stratigraphic Problems in Lower Cretaceous of Western Canada

E. M. Cameron

Chemical Composition of Shales of Mannville Group (Lower Cretaceous) of Central Alberta, Canada

F. A. Campbell , G. D. Williams

Geology of Southern Meyaneh Basin in Azarbayjan, Iran

H. J. Ansari

Discoaster Extinction in Neritic Sediments, Northern Gulf of Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John L. Wray , C. Howard Ellis

Experience with Mechanized Well Data System: ABSTRACT

L. C. Bonham, B. D. Kline

Lithoporosity: Integrated Technique for Mapping Lithology, Environment, and Effective Porosity: ABSTRACT

Mark E. Hennes

Paleogeography Applied to Exploration: ABSTRACT

David W. Elias

Utilization of Geologic Data in Planning Seismic Program: ABSTRACT

Burl A. Tuller

Data Processing Techniques Applied to Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Georges Pardo

Value of Well Samples and Cores as Exploration Tool: ABSTRACT

J. Rulie Taylor

Symmetry, Stratigraphy, and Petrography of Cyclic Cretaceous Deposits of San Juan Basin: ABSTRACT

Floyd F. Sabins, Jr.

Petroleum Evolution: Progress and Problems: ABSTRACT

Donald R. Baker

Contrasting Tectonics of Crustal Blocks in Central and Northwestern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

J. D. Love, W. R. Keefer

Pre-Niobrara Unconformity and Its Relationship to Oil Accumulation--San Juan Basin: ABSTRACT

William C. Penttila

Structure of Precambrian Rocks of Medicine Bow Mountains and its Relationship to Post-Precambrian Structural Patterns: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Houston

Development of Laramide Structure in Laramie Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

D. L. Blackstone

Depositional Dynamics of Almond Formation, Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Alonzo D. Jacka

Pore Geometry as Related to Carbonate Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

John L. Stout

Sleepy Hollow Field of Red Willow County, Nebraska: ABSTRACT

Gary S. Sandlin

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of Latest Cretaceous Rocks, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

James A. Barlow, Jr., D. N. Miller, Jr., John D. Haun

Oil and Gas Occurrences in Disturbed Belt of Southern Alberta and Northern Montana: ABSTRACT

Edward L. Reid

Selected Devonian Possibilities in North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Sidney B. Anderson

Geology of Minnelusa Oil in Northeast Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert. Berg

Raven Creek Field, Campbell County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Charles E. Tranter

Resume of Minnelusa Geology and History of Minnelusa Play: ABSTRACT

W.G.A. Technical Studies Committee, Bernard E. Weichman

New Frontiers in Montana Exploration: ABSTRACT

George Darrow, Robert L. Marsh

Exploration Activity and Oil and Gas Development in Utah during 1962: ABSTRACT

Stanley D. Conrad

High-Lights of Exploration and Development in Colorado and Western Nebraska, 1962: ABSTRACT

John W. Rold