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A Test of New Global Tectonics: Comparisons of Northeast Pacific and California Structures

Mason L. Hill

New Hypothesis of Early Jurassic Paleogeography and Sediment Dispersal for Western United States

K. O. Stanley , W. M. Jordan , R. H. Dott, Jr.

Biostratigraphy of Upper Mississippian and Associated Carboniferous Rocks in South-Central Idaho

B. L. Mamet , Betty Skipp , W. J. Sando , W. J. Mapel

Bathymetry and Paleoecology of Ouachita Geosyncline of Southeastern Oklahoma as Determined from Trace Fossils

C. Kent Chamberlain

Geology of a Smackover Stratigraphic Trap

William F. Bishop

Illamurta Diapiric Complex and Its Position on an Important Central Australian Structural Zone

P. J. Cook

Pore-Space Reduction by Solution and Cementation

Gordon Rittenhouse

Mechanical Compaction of Sands Containing Different Percentages of Ductile Grains: a Theoretical Approach

Gordon Rittenhouse

Mesoscopic Structural Homogeneity of Maya Series and Macal Series, Mountain Pine Ridge, British Honduras: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Stephen E. Kesler , J. Howard Bateson , William L. Josey , George H. Cramer , Weldon A. Simmons

Silurian and Lower Devonian (Hunton) Oil- and Gas-Producing Formations: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Thomas W. Amsden , T. L. Rowland

Shallow Structures: Shelf Edge of Continental Margin Between Cape Hatteras and Cape Fear, North Carolina: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Orrin H. Pilkey , Ian G. Macintyre , Elazar Uchupi

Carboniferous Sediments from Sigsbee Knolls, Gulf of Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Willis E. Pequegnat , William R. Bryant , John E. Harris

AAPG Geological Highway Maps: DISCUSSION

Arthur S. Huey

AAPG Geological Highway Maps: REPLY

H. B. Renfro

Evidence for Thrust Faulting in Northern Olympic Peninsula, Washington: DISCUSSION

Robert D. Brown, Jr.

Evidence for Thrust Faulting in Northern Olympic Peninsula, Washington: REPLY

Robert G. McWilliams

Handbook of South Australian Geology: ERRATUM

L. W. Pavkin

Virgil and Wolfcamp Fluvial, Deltaic, and Inter-Deltaic Embayment Depositional Systems in North and West-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

L. F. Brown, Jr.

Genetic Units and Delta Prospecting: ABSTRACT

Daniel A. Busch

Evolution of Smackover Play, Texas to Florida: ABSTRACT

Stephen E. Collins

Tertiary Depositional Systems, Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

W. L. Fisher

Facies of Cisco-Equivalent Slope Deposition Systems and Their Role in Construction of Eastern Shelf: ABSTRACT

William E. Galloway

Economics: Without Which--What?: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Let's Get the Last Drop: ABSTRACT

W. S. Howard

Prospecting for Oil and Gas in Mature Area: ABSTRACT

A. V. Jones, Jr.

Genetic Classification of Porosity Formation and Destruction in Carbonate Rocks: ABSTRACT

Karl Klement

Resume of Significant Studies of Clastic Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Rufus J. Leblanc, Sr.

Alluvial Fans and Fan Deltas: Depositional Models for Some Terrigenous Clastic Wedges: ABSTRACT

J. H. McGowen

Facies Patterns in Marble Falls Group, Southeast Burnet County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Jerome N. Namy

Depositional Systems in Woodbine Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

William Oliver

Pennsylvanian Deltaic Stratigraphic Traps, West Tuscola Field, Taylor County, Texas: ABSTRACT

J. P. Shannon, Jr., A. R. Dahl

Depositional Models of Sandstones: ABSTRACT

John W. Shelton

Geologic Styling and Dipmeter: ABSTRACT

James D. Short

History and Anatomy of Arkansas River Sand Bar Near Tulsa, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Richard Steinmetz

Petrology of Pennsylvanian Carbonate Bank and Associated Environments, Azalea Field, Midland County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Carroll M. Thomas