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Stratigraphy of Atlantic Coastal Margin of United States North of Cape Hatteras--Brief Survey

W. J. Perry, Jr. , J. P. Minard , E. G. A. Weed , E. I. Robbins , E. C. Rhodehamel

Holocene Shoestring Sand on Inner Continental Shelf off Long Island, New York

John E. Sanders , Naresh Kumar

Geophysical Studies of Basement Geology of Southern Peninsula of Michigan

William J. Hinze , Richard L. Kellogg , Norbert W. O'Hara

Piper Oil Field, North Sea: Fault-Block Structure with Upper Jurassic Beach/Bar Reservoir Sands

J. J. Williams , D. C. Conner , K. E. Peterson

Paleohydrology of Ancient Dolomites: Geochemical Evidence

L. S. Land , M. R. I. Salem , D. W. Morrow

Tectonic Origin of Preconsolidation Deformation in Upper Pennsylvanian Rocks Near Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Bailey Rascoe, Jr.

Formation of Southwest Pacific Island Arc-Trench and Mountain Systems: Plate or Global-Vertical Tectonics?

Wolfgang Krebs

Geochemical Relations of Fluids in Oil Fields of Gulf of Suez, Egypt: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Mohamed Hossny Elzarka

El Agreb--El Gassi Oil Fields, Central Algerian Sahara: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Odeh Ali

Geophysical Study of Antilles Outer Ridge, Puerto Rico Trench and Northeast Margin of Caribbean Sea: DISCUSSION

Howard A. Meyerhoff

Late Cretaceous Nappes in Oman Mountains and Their Geologic Evolution: DISCUSSION

Michael Welland

Late Cretaceous Nappes in Oman Mountains and Their Geologic Evolution: REPLY

K. W. Glennie

Sub-Trenton Structure of Ohio, with Views on Isopach Maps and Stratigraphic Sections as Basis for Structural Myths in Ohio, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan: DISCUSSION

John T. Sanford

Hydrothermal-Sedimentary Dolomite: the Missing Link?: DISCUSSION

German Muller

Hydrothermal-Sedimentary Dolomite: the Missing Link?: REPLY

Miloje Ilich