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Laurentian Fan: Morphology, Sediments, Processes, and Growth Pattern

Dorrik A. V. Stow

Subsidence and Sedimentation on Jurassic Passive Continental Margin, Southern Alps, Italy

Edward L. Winterer , Alfonso Bosellini

Use of Seismic Data for Statistical Estimation of Outcome Probabilities of Complexly Faulted Structures in Tabasco Basin, Mexico

Juan M. Berlanga , John W. Harbaugh

Stevens and Earlier Miocene Turbidite Sandstones, Southern San Joaquin Valley, California

Gregory W. Webb

Cenozoic Tectonics of Central Hispaniola and Adjacent Caribbean Sea

John W. Ladd , Tai-Chang Shih , C. James Tsai

Geophysical Investigation of Crystalline Basement Between Dead Sea Rift and Mediterranean Sea

A. Ginzburg , Y. Folkman

Carbon and Hydrogen Stable Isotope Variations in Kerogen During Laboratory-Simulated Thermal Maturation

K. E. Peters , B. G. Rohrback , I. R. Kaplan

Structural Geometry of Meade Thrust Plate in Northern Blackfoot Mountains, Southeastern Idaho

Richard W. Allmendinger

Trenton Formation (Middle Ordovician) of Northwestern Ohio: Possible Target for Petroleum Mining

Ronald D. Stieglitz

Static Versus Dynamic Interpretation in Petroleum Geology

Kinji Magara

Middle East: Stratigraphic Evolution and Oil Habitat: DISCUSSION

M. W. Ibrahim

Middle East: Stratigraphic Evolution and Oil Habitat: Reply

R. J. Murris

Possible Mechanism for Lithium Accumulation in Miocene Popotosa Formation, South-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Sigrid Asher-Bolinder

Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Paleontology, Lower Tres Hermanos Sandstone, Sevilleta Grant near La Joya, Socorro County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Bruce Baker, Donald L. Wolberg

Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Paleontology, Sevilleta Grant near La Joya, Socorro County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Bruce Baker, Donald L. Wolberg, Stephen C. Hook

Geomagnetic Polarity Stratigraphy of Type Tesuque Formation, Santa Fe Group, in Espanola Valley, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Steven F. Barghoorn

Effect of Oil Prices and "Windfall Profit" Taxes on Life or Death of an Oil Field--a Case History: ABSTRACT

Bruce A. Black

Geochronologic Studies near WIPP Site, Southeastern New Mexico: Summary and Interpretation: ABSTRACT

Douglas G. Brookins

Tertiary Mineralization in Part of Grants Mineral Belt, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Douglas G. Brookins, R. S. Della Valle

Uranium in Permian Cutler Formation, Lisbon Valley, San Juan County, Utah: ABSTRACT

John A. Campbell

Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Thousand Pockets Tongue of Page Sandstone and Crystal Creek Member of Carmel Formation (Middle Jurassic), Southwestern Utah: ABSTRACT

Mario V. Caputo

Facies Control of Upper Cretaceous Cleary and Gibson Coal Members near Gallup, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Victor V. Cavaroc, Jr., Romeo M. Flores

Unconformity-Related Uranium Deposits in Upper Cretaceous Sandstones, Datil Mountains Area, West-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Richard M. Chamberlin

Disequilibrium and Possible Origin of Uranium Deposit in Cretaceous Lower Dakota Scour Channel, Church Rock District, McKinley County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Douglas W. Combs

Tartaric Acid Leaching of Selected Ore Samples, Grants Mineral Belt, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Richard S. Della Valle, D. G. Brookins, C. I. Mora

Effects of Mining and Reclamation on Hydrologic Parameters: ABSTRACT

Brant A. Dennis, T. E. Kelly

Geologic Controls of Uranium Mineralization in Tallahassee Creek Uranium District, Fremont County, Colorado: ABSTRACT

K. A. Dickinson

Palynological Evidence for Miocene Age of Abiquiu Tuff, North-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Harvey R. Duchene, Donald W. Englehardt, Lee A. Woodward

Preliminary Pore Structure Analysis of Tight Sandstones Using Computer-Processed Photomicrographs: ABSTRACT

Leonard E. Duda, Janet K. Pitman

Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado: ABSTRACT

James E. Fassett

Upper Cretaceous Tocito Sandstone Lentil of Mancos Shale, San Juan Basin, New Mexico--Is There Any Oil Left?: ABSTRACT

James E. Fassett

Facies Distribution and Reservoir Quality of Biogenic Gas Reservoirs of Northern Great Plains--Example From Eagle-Telegraph Creek (Upper Cretaceous) Interval: ABSTRACT

D. L. Gautier, D. D. Rice

Progress in Modeling Natural Fracture Distributions: ABSTRACT

John F. Gibbons

Perspectives of Energy Development in New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Philip R. Grant, Jr.

Origin of Intraformational Folds in Jurassic Todilto Limestone, Ambrosia Lake Uranium Mining District, McKinley County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Morris W. Green

Mollusca from Upper Cretaceous Fruitland and Kirtland Formations, Western San Juan Basin, New Mexico: Review: ABSTRACT

Joseph H. Hartman

Overview of Geology as Related to Environmental Concerns in New Mexico: ABSTRACT

John W. Hawley

Geologic and Hydrologic Criteria for Disposal of Hazardous Wastes in New Mexico: ABSTRACT

John W. Hawley

Gallup Sandstone: Complex of Wave-Dominated Deltaic and Low-Sinuosity Braided Fluvial Deposits, Gallup Sag, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

John C. Hohman, Romeo M. Flores

Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy in Hunter Wash Area, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Adrian Hunt, Donald L. Wolberg, Julie Menack

Stratigraphy and Paleontology of Bisti Badlands, San Juan County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Peter J. Hutchinson

Geology of Espinaso Formation (Oligocene), North-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

P. F. Kautz, R. V. Ingersoll

Effects of Physical and Chemical Diagenesis on Low-Porosity, Low-Permeability Sandstones, Mesaverde Group, Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

C. W. Keighin

Hydrology of Strippable Coal Deposits, San Juan Basin: ABSTRACT

T. E. Kelly

Response of Rio Grande River to Dam Construction: ABSTRACT

Peter F. Lagasse

Environment of Deposition and Uranium Host Rock Potential of Jurassic Morrison Formation, Northeastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Lessard

Preliminary Basin Analysis of El Rito Formation (Eocene), North-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Mark J. Logsdon

Historical Geology as Framework for Synthesis and Management of Data from Environmental Impact Studies in New Mexico: ABSTRACT

David Love, Donald L. Wolberg

Recognition, Age, and Extent of Galisteo Formation, North-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Spencer G. Lucas

Evaluation of Geothermal Potential of Truth or Consequences Area, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Maureen Mahoney, Stephen G. Wells, George R. Jiracek

Los Pinos Formation (Oligocene-Miocene), North-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Kim Manley

Estimates of Gas Content in Coal and Carbonaceous Rocks from Deep Drilling in Pacific Creek Area, Northeastern Green River Basin, Sweetwater County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Dennis J. Markochick, Ben E. Law

Environment Favorable for Deposition of Uranium, Jefferson River Basin, Southwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

Linda K. McClain, Geoffrey W. Mathews

Model for Origin and Distribution of Low-Temperature Geothermal Resources in Rio Grande Rift, Southern Rocky Mountain Complex: ABSTRACT

Paul Morgan, Vicki Harder, Paul Daggett, Chandler A. Swanberg

Petrology of Pennsylvanian Tensleep Sandstone, Lost Soldier Field, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

D. C. Mou, R. L. Brenner

Distribution of Uranium as Function of Sediment Particle Size: ABSTRACT

Clayton E. Olsen, D. G. Brookins

Model for Uranium, Humate, and Silica Fixation in Lacustrine Carbonaceous Sediments at Anderson Mine, Western Arizona: ABSTRACT

James K. Otton

Evaluation of Geothermal Potential, Albuquerque Area, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Mark D. Parker, George R. Jiracek

Stratigraphic Relations of Type Section of Lower Triassic Dinwoody Formation in Wyoming to Exposures in Idaho Overthrust Belt and Northwest Utah: ABSTRACT

Rachel K. Paull

Newly Discovered Inlier of Ordovician Phi Kappa Formation, South-Central Idaho: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Paull, Rachel K. Paull

Exploration Guides for Uranium in Volcanic Environments: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Pilcher

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Trapping Mechanisms of Upper Jurassic Entrada Sandstone, Northwestern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Ronald S. Reese

Distribution and Stratigraphic Correlation of Burro Canyon(?) Formation, Chama and Northern San Juan Basins, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Jennie L. Ridgley

Stratigraphy and Paleobotany of Lower Kirtland (Upper Cretaceous) Leaf Locality near Bisti, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Coleman Robison, Donald L. Wolberg, Adrian Hunt

Migration Study Using Horizontal Core from Beneath Solid Radioactive Waste-Disposal Pit at Los Alamos, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Margaret Ann Rogers

Vertebrate Paleontology of Lower Tertiary Baca Formation of Western New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Judith A. Schiebout, A. Kay Schrodt

Provenance and Depositional Environments of Eocene-Oligocene Baca Formation, Catron County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

A. Kay Schrodt, Judith A. Schiebout

Permeability of Westwater Canyon Member of Jurassic Morrison Formation, Southern San Juan Basin: ABSTRACT

John W. Shomaker

Paleotectonics and Hydrocarbon Accumulation of Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Paul B. Slack

Overpressured, Low-Permeability Gas Reservoirs in Green River, Washakie, and Great Divide Basins, Southwestern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Spencer, Ben E. Law

Some Chemical Characteristics of Uranium-Vanadium Deposits in Ambrosia Lake Area, Northwest New Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. S. Spirakis, C. H. Pierson, H. C. Granger

Permian White Rim Sandstone Member of Cutler Formation: Coastal Dune Field, Utah: ABSTRACT

Brenda A. Steele-Mallory

Unsaturated Flow Conditions Beneath Lined Tailings Disposal Ponds: ABSTRACT

Daniel B. Stephens, Joel Siegel

Preliminary Report on Age of Uraniun-Ore Deposition and Host-Rock Formation at Lilljuthatten, Sweden: ABSTRACT

J. S. Stuckless, C. E. Hedge, I. T. Nkomo, B. Troeng

Low-Temperature Geothermal Development and Monitoring at Gila Hot Springs, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. K. Summers

Mammalian Biochronology of Late Cenozoic Basins of New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Richard H. Tedford

NOAA/DOE State Geothermal Mapping Program: ABSTRACT

Albert E. Theberge

Dolostone Reservoirs in Horquilla Formation (Pennsylvanian-Permian), Big Hatchet Peak Section, Hidalgo County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Sam Thompson, III, Alonzo D. Jacka

Application of Lacustrine-Humate Model to New Mexico Grants Mineral Belt and Relation Between Ore Types and Hydrologic History of San Juan Basin: ABSTRACT

C. E. Turner-Peterson

Petrology and Potential Sources of Uranium in Tertiary Rocks, Logan County, Northeastern Colorado: ABSTRACT

John Charles Webb

Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Tectonic History of Ridgway Area, Northern San Juan Mountains, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Paul C. Weimer

Geomorphic Applications to Landscape Stability and Surface Coal Mining Reclamation, Northwestern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Stephen G. Wells, Rose Devon

Constraints on Origin of Granitic Uranium-Source Rock, Granite Mountains, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

D. B. Wenner, J. S. Stuckless, K. K. Chang

Potential for Ground-Water Pollution in New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Lee Wilson

Paleontology of "Fossil Forest," Interesting Late Cretaceous Fossil Assemblage, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Wolberg, J. Keith Rigby, Jr.

Geology and Stratigraphy of Late Cretaceous "Fossil Forest" near Split Lip Flats, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Wolberg, Adrian Hunt, J. Keith Rigby, Jr., Julie Menack

Overthrust and Disturbed Belt of West-Central Montana--Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

Lee A. Woodward

Mobility of Uraniun and Other Elements During Alteration of Air-Fall Ash to Montmorillonite: Case Study: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Zielinski