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Burial Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution, Upper Jurassic Smackover, Arkansas and Louisiana

Clyde H. Moore, Yehezkeel Druckman

Mass-Transport Processes on Amazon Cone: Western Equatorial Atlantic

John E. Damuth , Robert W. Emebley

Two Oil Types on North Slope of Alaska--Implications for Exploration

Leslie B. Magoon , George E. Claypool

Depositional Systems and Their Relation to Gas Accumulation in Sacramento Valley, California

Roberto Garcia

Structural Evolution of Sanandaj-Sirjan Ranges Near Esfahan, Iran

J. Edward Tillman , Abbas Poosti , Steve Rossello , Anne Eckert (5)

Geochemistry of Artificially Heated Humic and Sapropelic Sediments--I: Protokerogen

K. E. Peters , B. G. Rohrback , I. R. Kaplan

Offshore Bar Deposits of Semilla Sandstone Member of Mancos Shale (Upper Cretaceous), San Juan Basin, New Mexico

Neal A. La Fon

Overthrust Belt of Southwestern New Mexico: Comparison with Wyoming-Utah Overthrust Belt

Lee A. Woodward , Harvey R. Duchene

Paleotectonics and Hydrocarbon Accumulation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Paul B. Slack

Drilling Mud Contamination of Samples in X-Ray Diffraction and Atomic Absorption Analyses: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Henning Dypvik

Precambrian from Basement Well in Mingo County, West Virginia: GEOLOGIC NOTES

M. T. Heald

Geophysical Studies of Chihuahua City Region, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Carlos Aiken, David Garvey, Mauricio de la Fuente

Geophysical Studies of Evaporites in Northern Delaware Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

L. J. Barrows

Geology of Sierra del Gallego Area: Comparison with Pena Blanca Uranium District, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Neil T. Bockoven

Distribution of Uranium in Middle Tertiary Volcanic Rocks, Mogollon-Datil Volcanic Field, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Theodore J. Bornhorst, Wolfgang E. Elston, Richard S. Della Valle

Model for Formation of Uranium/Lithophile Element Deposits in Fluorine-Enriched Volcanic Rocks: ABSTRACT

Donald M. Burt, Michael F. Sheridan

Geology of Rancho el Papalote Area, Chihuahua, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Richard C. Capps

Gamma Ray Spectrographic Study of Stream Sediment Samples, Pena Blanca, Chihuahua: ABSTRACT

Kenneth Carraway, Philip Goodell

Geology of Lakeview Uranium District, Oregon: ABSTRACT

S. B. Castor, M. R. Berry

Geology of Shely Cauldron, Pinto Canyon Area, Presidio County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Richard Cofer

Leonardian Radiolarians from Delaware Basin: ABSTRACT

William C. Cornell, Ronald D. Simpson

Volcanogenic Uranium Deposits Associated with Mount Belknap Volcanics, Marysvale Volcanic Field, West-Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Charles G. Cunningham, Thomas A. Steven, James D. Rasmussen

Uranium in Volcanic and Volcaniclastic Rocks: Discussion of Examples from Canada, Australia, and Italy: ABSTRACT

Laurence Curtis

Peralkaline Ash-Flow Tuffs in Santa Clara Canyon, North of Chihuahua City, Mexico, Possible Source Rocks for Uranium: ABSTRACT

Richard D. Dayvault

Icelandite and Aenigmatite-Bearing Pantellerite from McDermitt Caldera Complex, Nevada-Oregon, and Their Petrogenetic Significance: ABSTRACT

John W. Drexler, Andy B. Wallace, Donald C. Noble

Geochemistry of Hydrocarbon Source Rocks, Palo Duro Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

Shirley P. Dutton

Plate Tectonics of Permian Basin: ABSTRACT

Jack G. Elam

Tertiary Volcanic Centers as Constraints on Oil and Gas Potential of Basin and Range Province: New Mexico Segment of Pedregosa Basin: ABSTRACT

Wolfgang E. Elston, Edward E. Erb

Depositional Environments, History, and Biostratigraphy of Upper Albian Rocks, Trans-Pecos Texas: ABSTRACT

James H. Fallon

Genetic Stratigraphy of Uranium Host Facies, Tordilla Sandstone Member, Upper Jackson Group, Panna Maria, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Finley, William E. Galloway

Uranium in Volcanic Rocks: Progress: ABSTRACT

John W. Gabelman

Oncolites in Cretaceous Yucca Formation, Presidio County, Texas: ABSTRACT

G. G. Gibson, D. R. Reck

Geology of Sierra Pena Blanca Region, Chihuahua, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Philip Goodell, Kenneth Carraway

Magnetotelluric Exploration--Update: ABSTRACT

David Halpin

Facies Patterns and Depositional Models of Permian Sabkha Complex--Red Cave Formation, Texas Panhandle: ABSTRACT

C. Robertson Handford

Geothermal Research and Exploration in New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Kay S. Hatton

Uranium in Diagenesis of Pruett, Duff, and Tascotal Formations, Trans-Pecos, Texas: ABSTRACT

Christopher D. Henry, Timothy W. Duex

Tectonics of Western Permian Basin: ABSTRACT

John M. Hills

Geothermal Anomalies in Western Trans-Pecos Texas: ABSTRACT

Jerry M. Hoffer, Robert F. Roy, Bruce Taylor

Deposition and Diagenesis of Horquilla Carbonates, Big Hatchet Peak Section, Pedregosa Basin: ABSTRACT

Alonzo D. Jacka, Sam Thompson, III

Cyclic Hydrologic and Diagenetic Events in San Andres Formation: Geologic Implications: ABSTRACT

Alonzo D. Jacka, William E. Barone, Nancy J. Muir

Application of Basin Analysis to Exploration Strategy Determination: ABSTRACT

David A. Jones, Jack H. Kelsey

Integrated Geophysical and Geologic Study of Deep Structure and Tectonics of Permian Basin: ABSTRACT

G. R. Keller, J. M. Hills, Rabah Djeddi

Evidence for Deltaic Environment of Deposition for Aguja Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Southwest Texas: ABSTRACT

William E. Knebusch

Volcanogenic Uranium Deposits and Associated Gold-Bearing Mineralization in U.S.S.R.: ABSTRACT

Jan Krason

Shallow-Seated Dissolution of Bedded Evaporites in Northern Delaware Basin: ABSTRACT

Steven J. Lambert

Magnetostratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous Deposits in Southwestern Arkansas and Northeastern Texas: ABSTRACT

J. C. Liddicoat, J. E. Hazel, E. M. Brouwers

Chemical Changes Associated with Propylitic Alteration of Two Ash-Flow Tuffs, Datil-Mogollon Volcanic Field, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. I. Lindley, P. C. Ragland, C. E. Chapin

Volcanism and Uranium Mineralization at Spor Mountain, Utah: ABSTRACT

David A. Lindsey

Eocene Erosional "Surface" and Its Relation to Onset of Basin-Range Faulting: ABSTRACT

Earl M. P. Lovejoy

Geology and Volcanic Rocks Calera-Del Nido Block, Chihuahua, Mexico: Uranium Potential of Region: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Mauger

Volcanic Rocks of Sierra Pastorias Caldera Area, Chihuahua, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Peter K. Megaw

Washington Ranch Morrow Field: Case History in Frontier Exploration: ABSTRACT

Forrest Miller

Carbonate Facies of Sierra Gomez, Chihuahua, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Stephen Mitchell, D. V. Lemone, N. E. Pingitore

Geology of Sierra Gomez, Chihuahua, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Stephen Mitchell, Philip C. Goodell

Trace-Element Content of Northern Great Plains Subbituminous Coal and Gulf Coast Lignite, 1979: ABSTRACT

Charles L. Oman, Frederick O. Simon, D. Blake

San Andres Formation, East-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. D. Pitt

Geologic Processes in Evaporites in Northern Delaware Basin: ABSTRACT

Dennis W. Powers

Early Cretaceous Stratigraphic Sequence in Chihuahua Trough, Presidio County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Donald Reck

Geology of Aurora Uranium Prospect, Malheur County, Oregon: ABSTRACT

Michael W. Roper, Andy B. Wallace

Petrochemical Characteristics of Volcanic Rocks Associated with Uranium Deposits in McDermitt Caldera, Nevada-Oregon: ABSTRACT

James J. Rytuba

Peterson and South Peterson Multipay Fields, Roosevelt County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Gary L. Sandlin, Frank L. Schatz

Tom-Tom and Tomahawk San Andres Oil Fields, Chaves and Roosevelt Counties, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

George L. Scott

Magnetotelluric Petroleum Exploration--Technology Update and Case Histories: ABSTRACT

Yorham Shoham

Uranium in Challis Volcanic Field, Idaho: ABSTRACT

Peter L. Siems

Brachiopod Biostratigraphy of Hueco Group (Wolfcamp), Franklin Mountains, Texas and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

R. Simpson, D. Lemone

Petrology and Geochemistry of Peralkaline Volcanics of Sierra Campana, Chihuahua, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Richard K. Spruill

Limestones of Pena Blanca Uranium District, Chihuahua, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Bruce R. Stege, N. E. Pingitore, P. C. Goodell

Oil and Gas Exploration Wells in Pedregosa Basin: ABSTRACT

Sam Thompson III, Jorge C. Tovar R., J. N. Conley

Geophysical and Geologic Analyses of Cenozoic Basins in Trans-Pecos Texas and Southern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. H. Veldhuis, G. R. Keller

Geology and Uranium Deposits Along Northeastern Margin of McDermitt Caldera Complex, Southern Malheur County, Oregon: ABSTRACT

Andy B. Wallace, Michael W. Roper

Postemplacement Uranium Mobility in Oligocene Ash Flow Tuff and Rhyolite Lavas from Hidalgo County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Anthony W. Walton, Timothy L. Salter, Dale Zetterlund

Carbonate Stratigraphy of U-Bar Formation (Aptian-Albian) of Southeastern Big Hatchet Mountains, Hidalgo County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

James R. Weise, David V. Lemone

Structure of Thrust Belt in Southwestern New Mexico: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

Lee A. Woodward

Experimental Leaching of Volcanic Glass: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Zielinski