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Gravity Slide Thrusting and Folded Faults in Western Arbuckle Mountains and Vicinity, Southern Oklahoma

Eric H. Phillips

Bimodal Porosity in Oolitic Reservoir--Effect on Productivity and Log Response, Rodessa Limestone (Lower Cretaceous), East Texas Basin

B. D. Keith , Edward D. Pittman

Quaternary Development of Channels, Levees, and Lobes on Middle Laurentian Fan

William R. Normark , David J. W. Piper , Dorrik A. V. Stow

Temperature, Subsidence, and Hydrocarbon Maturation in Extensional Basins: A Finite Element Model

J.-CL. De Bremaecker

Stratigraphic Relationships and Geologic History Depicted by Computer Mapping

Thomas A. Jones, Carlton R. Johnson

Nature of Source Material for Hydrocarbons in Cooper Basin, Australia: GEOLOGIC NOTE

Michelle Smyth

Fibrous Calcite Veins, Overpressures, and Primary Oil Migration: GEOLOGIC NOTE

Robert Stoneley

Photoacoustic Microscopy of Coal Macerals: ABSTRACT

Tasdiq Ahmed, Abhijit Biswas, Kenneth L. Telschow, Kenneth W. Johnson, John C. Crelling, James Meyer

Origin of Coal Seam Structures, Sullivan County, Indiana: ABSTRACT

Scot C. Adams, Gunnar Kullerud

Tracing the Sole of a Thrust Through Thick and Thin of Salina Group (Upper Silurian): Decollement Tectonics of Southern Tier, New York: ABSTRACT

Katherine J. Beinkafner

Economics of Coal Industry East of Mississippi River: ABSTRACT

Subhash B. Bhagwat

Gravity Investigation of a Niagaran Reef: ABSTRACT

Willian O. Bolla, James A. Noel

Laser-Induced Coal Fluorescence Microscopy: ABSTRACT

W. L. Borst, H. Hamid, G. Sullivan, J. C. Crelling

Geology of Coal Resources in Eastern Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Russell A. Brant, Wayne T. Frankie

Stratigraphy and Sedimentation of Mississippian Ste. Genevieve-Cedar Bluff Interval, Southwestern Indiana: ABSTRACT

David Breedon, John B. Droste, Haydn H. Murray

Small-Scale Basin-Slope Carbonate Cycles in Trenton Limestones (Middle Ordovician), Southern Ontario: ABSTRACT

M. E. Brookfield

Facies and Depositional Environments of Energy Shale Member (Carbondale Formation, Pennsylvanian), Southwestern Jefferson County, Illinois: ABSTRACT

Mitchell K. Burk, John Utgaard

Inorganic Geochemistry of Illinois Basin Coals: ABSTRACT

Chen-Lin Chou

Geology of Principal Australia Coals and Coal Basins: A Review: ABSTRACT

Aureal T. Cross

Illinois Mined-Out Coal Areas--Map and Data System: ABSTRACT

Stephen K. Danner

Sauk Sedimentation Patterns in Indiana and Adjacent States: ABSTRACT

J. B. Droste, J. B. Patton

Thickness and Quality of Springfield Coal Member, Gibson County, Indiana, as a Function of Differential Compaction of Precursor Sediments: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Eggert

U.S. Geological Survey Investigations of Mississippi Embayment Area: ABSTRACT

Ernest E. Glick

Petrography and Thickness Variations of Brereton Limestone Member (Carbondale Formation, Middle Pennsylvanian)--An Important Roof-Rock in Part of Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

Michael J. Guzan, John Utgaard

Petrology, Paleoecology, and Depositional Environments of a Micritic Limestone in Cave Hill Member of Kinkaid Formation (Mississippian, Chesterian), Southern Illinois: ABSTRACT

Lisa B. Hakkio

Early Paleozoic Sedimentation in Reelfoot Rift: ABSTRACT

David W. Houseknecht, Paul H. Weaverling

Association of Coal Metamorphism and Hydrothermal Mineralization in Rough Creek Fault Zone and Fluorspar District, Western Kentucky: ABSTRACT

James C. Hower, Faith L. Fiene, Eric J. Trinkle

Stratigraphic Correlations of Seelyville, De Koven, and Davis Coals (Desmoinesian) of Illinois Basin Coalfield: ABSTRACT

Russell J. Jacobson

New Burnside "Anticline"--Part of Fluorspar Area Fault Complex?: ABSTRACT

Russell J. Jacobson, C. Brian Trask

Aux Vases-Renault-Yankeetown Depositional Sequence in Comparison to Other Chesterian Depositional Sequences: ABSTRACT

James R. Jennings, George H. Fraunfelter

Geologic Structures and Horizontal Stresses--Their Impact on Petroleum and Coal Production in Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

John B. Lizak

Structural Geology of Shawneetown Fault Zone, Southeastern Illinois: ABSTRACT

Donald K. Lumm, W. John Nelson

Geology and Petrology of Tertiary Lignites Adjacent to Beartooth Mountain Front, Montana-Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Antonette K. Markowski, Russell R. Dutcher

Petroleum Geology of Macoupin County, Illinois: ABSTRACT

Halsey W. Miller

Analysis of Effects of Foam Stimulation Treatment on Upper Freeport Coal Seam in Indiana County, Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Gary W. Murrie, John T. Popp, Dave Oyler, Dennis J. Shay

New Madrid Seismic Zone: A Test Case for Naturally Induced Seismicity: ABSTRACT

Susan J. Nava

Tectonic History of Southeastern Illinois: ABSTRACT

W. John Nelson, Donald K. Lumm

Coal Mine Ground Control--The Effect of Geology: ABSTRACT

David A. Newman

Biofacies and Habitats of Brereton Limestone Member (Carbondale Formation, Middle Pennsylvanian), Southwestern Illinois: ABSTRACT

Dennis B. O'Connell, John Utgaard

Morphotectonic Features Interpreted from Remote Sensing, Erie County, Northwest Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Samuel T. Pees, John C. Palmquist

Patch Reef Modeling--A Comparison of Devonian and Recent Examples: ABSTRACT

William F. Precht

History of Displacement Along Ste. Genevieve Fault Zone, Southwestern Illinois: ABSTRACT

Howard R. Schwalb

Structural History of Southern Illinois and Upper Mississippi Embayment: ABSTRACT

Howard R. Schwalb

Stratigraphic Traps and Deposition of Aux Vases and Uppermost Ste. Genevieve Formations (Mississippian), Southern Illinois: ABSTRACT

Beverly J. Seyler

Comparison of Organic-Rich Shales of Pennsylvanian Age in Indiana with New Albany Shale: ABSTRACT

N. R. Shaffer, R. K. Leininger, M. V. Ennis

Geothermal Gradients in Mississippi Embayment: ABSTRACT

William P. Staub, Ned L. Treat

Field Investigations in Arkansas Valley Seismic Swarm Area: ABSTRACT

S. R. Steele

Structural Relationships Between Cottage Grove and Shawneetown Fault Systems, Southeastern Illinois, as Inferred from Gravity Data: ABSTRACT

Kevin L. Strunk, Lawrence L. Malinconico, Jr., W. John Nelson, Donald K. Lumm

Correlation of Fractural Reservoir Productivity with Fracture Intersection Quadrants: ABSTRACT

Paul B. Trost

Tectonic History of Mississippi Embayment and Surrounding Areas: ABSTRACT

George W. Viele, William A. Thomas

Drowned Barrier Bar and Tidal Inlet Sequences in Buckner-Sesser-Valier Fields, Franklin County, Illinois: ABSTRACT

Victor R. Young

Burial Diagenesis and Reservoir Development in North Haynesville (Smackover) Field, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Wayne M. Ahr, Ben Hull

Smackover Platform Sand Bodies: A Bahamas Model: ABSTRACT

Lawrence R. Baria

Depositional History and Petroleum Potential of Middle and Upper Ordovician of Alabama Appalachians: ABSTRACT

D. Joe Benson, Robert M. Mink

Biostratigraphy of Tallahatta Formation (Eocene) in Eastern Gulf Coastal Plain and Revised Age for Claiborne Stage: ABSTRACT

Laurel M. Bybell, Thomas G. Gibson

Reworked Hantkenina Specimens at Little Stave Creek, Alabama: ABSTRACT

Laurel M. Bybell, Richard Z. Poore

Smackover-Norphlet Stratigraphy, South Wiggins Arch, Mississippi and Alabama: ABSTRACT

John W. Cagle, M. Ali Khan

Re-evaluation of Lower Tuscaloosa and Dantzler Formations (middle Cretaceous) with Emphasis on Depositional Environments and Time-Stratigraphic Relationships: ABSTRACT

Hayden R. Chasteen

Carboniferous Terrigenous Clastic Facies, Hydrocarbon Producing Zones, and Sandstone Provenance, Northern Shelf of Black Warrior Basin: ABSTRACT

Arthur W. Cleaves

Vicksburg Group Carbonates--A Look at Gulf Coast Paleogene Carbonate Banks: ABSTRACT

James L. Coleman, Jr.

Depositional Framework and Reservoir Potential of an Upper Cotton Valley (Knowles Limestone) Patch Reef, Milam County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Allen K. Cregg, Wayne M. Ahr

Delineation of Delta Types: Norias Delta System, Frio Formation, South Texas: ABSTRACT

Edward A. Duncan

Geology of Sweet Lake Geopressured-Geothermal Prospect, Cameron Parish, Louisiana--Drilling and Testing Results: ABSTRACT

C. O. Durham, Jr., Karen Hoffman, R. W. Rodgers

Growth Faults and Salt Tectonics in Houston Diapir Province--Relative Timing and Exploration Significance: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Ewing

Cretaceous and Tertiary Samples Dredged from Florida Escarpment, Eastern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

R. P. Freeman-Lynde

Exploration and Development of Lobate Back-Barrier Facies Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Gregory W. Geehan, Thomas P. Grimes, Donald C. Swanson

Multiple Zone Coal Degasification Potential in Warrior Coal Field of Alabama: ABSTRACT

Stanley L. Graves, Abner F. Patton, Wendell M. Beavers

Suggested Nomenclature Change and New Reference Locality for DeQueen Formation, Pike County, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Thomas L. Ham, Randal J. Landry

Fluvial Depositional Systems of Carrizo-Upper Wilcox in South Texas: ABSTRACT

H. Scott Hamlin

Use of Hydraulic Head and Hydraulic Gradient to Characterize Geopressured Sediments and Direction of Fluid Migration in Louisiana Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey S. Hanor, Janet E. Bailey

Controls on Hydrocarbon Production in Bryan's Mill Area, Cass and Bowie Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Gill Harwood, Chris Fontana

Development of Tidal Inlet on Mississippi River Deltaic Plain: ABSTRACT

Perry C. Howard

Interpretive Mineralogy: Examples from Miocene Coastal Plain Sediments: ABSTRACT

W. C. Isphording

Textures of Chert and Novaculite: An Exploration Guide: ABSTRACT

Walter D. Keller, Charles G. Stone, Alice L. Hoersch

Diagenetic Changes to Microfossils: Experimental Study: ABSTRACT

Mervin Kontrovitz, Rene A. De Hon

Characteristics of Peat Deposits in Mississippi River Delta Plain: ABSTRACT

Elisabeth C. Kosters, Alan Bailey

Deep Wilcox Structure and Stratigraphy in Fandango Field Area, Zapata County, Texas: ABSTRACT

David M. Levin

Tidal Inlet Variability in Mississippi River Delta Plain: ABSTRACT

Douglas Levin, Dag Nummedal, Shea Penland

Harmony Field, Clarke County, Mississippi: A True Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Lieber, Marshall C. Carothers

Marginal Marine Evaporites, Lower Cretaceous of Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Brian E. Lock, Bruce K. Darling, Ilene D. Rex

Depositional Setting and Characterization of Deep-Basin Oak Hill Lignite Deposit (Middle Paleocene) of Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

Ernest A. Mancini

Recognition of Sandstone Depositional Environment: A Grain-Shape Approach, With Example from North Padre Island: ABSTRACT

Jim Mazzullo, Donald Sims

Hydropressure Tongues Within Regionally Geopressured Lower Tuscaloosa Sandstone, Tuscaloosa Trend, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Richard P. McCulloh, Mark D. Purcell

Unusual Calcite Cementing of Quartz Grains on Chandeleur Island Beach, Offshore Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Regional Patterns of Diagenesis, Porosity Evolution, and Hydrocarbon Production, Upper Smackover of Gulf Rim: ABSTRACT

Clyde H. Moore

Cotton Valley Depositional Systems of Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Tim Moore

Tectonic Implications of Paleozoic and Mesozoic Igneous Rocks in Subsurface of Peninsular Florida: ABSTRACT

Paul A. Mueller, Jon W. Porch

Local Sea Level Change and Future of Louisiana Coast: ABSTRACT

Dag Nummedal

Seismic Stratigraphy of Barrier-Island Arc Retreat Paths in Mississippi River Delta: ABSTRACT

Shea Penland, John R. Suter

Miocene Production in Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

Sam L. Pfiester

Statistical Determination of Mean Strike and Dip: Example from Basal Tuscaloosa, Eastern Alabama: ABSTRACT

F. A. Pontigo, Jr., W. C. Parker, W. F. Tanner

Metallic Sulfide Deposits in Gulf Coast Salt Dome Cap Rocks: ABSTRACT

Peter E. Price, J. Richard Kyle

Characteristics of a Deep-Sea Channel on Middle Mississippi Fan as Revealed by a High-Resolution Survey: ABSTRACT

David B. Prior, Charles E. Adams, James M. Coleman

Depositional Sequences in Pensacola Clay of Southwest Alabama and Their Significance in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Dorothy Raymond

Landform Dynamics of Bayou Lafourche Barrier Shoreline: ABSTRACT

William Ritchie, Shea Penland, Ron Boyd

Recurrent Species Associations and Species Diversity of Cytheracean Ostracodes in Upper Austin and Lower Taylor Groups (Campanian, Upper Cretaceous), Travis County, Texas: ABSTRACT

James E. Ross, Rosalie F. Maddocks

Petrologic Variation in Pliocene to Quaternary Gravels of Southeastern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Robert P. Self

Paleogene Calcareous Nannoplankton Biostratigraphy: Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee: ABSTRACT

William G. Siesser

Basement Model for Panhandle of Florida: ABSTRACT

Douglas L. Smith

Red Bluff, Marion County, Mississippi: A Citronelle Braided-Stream Deposit: ABSTRACT

Mark L. Smith, Maurice A. Meylan

Sedimentary Regimes of Upper Midway and Lower Wilcox Lignite in Alabama: ABSTRACT

W. Everett Smith

Diagenetic History of Cotton Valley Limestone at Teague Townsite Field, Freestone County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Carl Kristian Steffensen, Wayne M. Ahr

Regional Variability of Washover Deposits on South Texas Coast: ABSTRACT

John R. Suter, Amy K. Maynard

Coal Stratigraphy of Deeper Part of Black Warrior Basin in Alabama: ABSTRACT

William A. Thomas, Stephen H. Womack

Problematical Petrophysical Characteristics of Smackover at Bayou Middle Fork Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

James R. Turner

Early Mesozoic Tectonics of Northern Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

C. Dewitt Van Siclen

Exploration and Development--Gulf Coast Mesozoic, 1982 and 1983: ABSTRACT

John W. Vineyard

Gravity Analysis of West-Central Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Forrest Wilson, James A. Noel

Differentiating Sediments from Different Sources in Gulf Basin by Grain-Shape Analysis: Example from Late Pleistocene-Holocene Sediments of Northwestern Gulf of Mexico Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

K. D. Withers, Jim Mazzullo

Distribution and Provenance of Trace Elements in Gulf of Mexico Sediments: ABSTRACT

B. Kevin Wood, John H. Trefry

Structural Control of Sedimentation and Distribution of Uranium Deposits in Westwater Canyon Member of Morrison Formation, Northwestern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Allan R. Kirk, S. M. Condon

Stratigraphic Evolution of Blake Outer Ridge: ERRATUM

R. G. Markl, G. M. Bryan