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Smectite Dehydration--Its Relation to Structural Development and Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin

Clemont H. Bruce

Mechanisms of Sandstone Deposition in a Late Proterozoic Submarine Canyon, Adelaide Geosyncline, South Australia

C. C. Von Der Borch, A. E. Grady

Three-Dimensional Trend Mapping Using Gamma-Ray Well Logs: Simpson Group, South-Central Kansas

J. H. Doveton , Zhu Ke-an , J. C. Davis

Flexure of Lithosphere Beneath Apennine and Carpathian Foredeep Basins: Evidence for an Insufficient Topographic Load

L. Royden , G. D. Karner

Geothermal Gradients, Hydrodynamics, and Hydrocarbon Occurrences, Alberta, Canada

Brian Hitchon

An Automatic Point-Counting Method for Mineralogical Assessment

Mary Margaret Minnis

Regional Variations of Porosity and Cement: St. Peter and Mount Simon Sandstones in Illinois Basin

John Daniel Hoholick , Thomas Metarko , Paul Edwin Potter

Marine and Nonmarine Salts of Western Interior, United States

Cheryl K. Wilgus , William T. Holser

Synthetic Passive Margin Stratigraphy

D. L. Turcotte , P. M. Kenyon

Origin and Geometry of Red River Dolomite Reservoirs, Western Williston Basin: DISCUSSION

Alan C. Kendall

Origin and Geometry of Red River Dolomite Reservoirs, Western Williston Basin: REPLY

Mark W. Longman , Thomas G. Fertal , James S. Glennie

Sedimentary Evolution of Passive Margins of Mesozoic Tethys: ABSTRACT

Daniel Bernoulli

Science, Policy, and Research: ABSTRACT

H. Bondi

Geologic Controls on Occurrence and Composition of Tertiary Heavy Oils, Northern North Sea: ABSTRACT

J. Brooks, C. Cornford, A. D. Gibbs, J. Nicholson

Structure and Evolution of Some Continental Rifts--Consequences for Their Thermomechanical Behavior: ABSTRACT

P. Y. Chenet, L. Montadert, I. Moretti

Heavy and Tar Sand Oil Deposits of Europe: ABSTRACT

C. Cornelius

Thermomechanical Properties and Evolution of Small Pull-Apart Basins: ABSTRACT

J. F. Dewey, G. D. Karner, W. C. Pitman, III

Geochemical Relationship Between Petroleum and Coal: ABSTRACT

Bernard Michel Durand

Hydrocarbon Habitat of East Shetland Basin and North Viking Graben of Northern North Sea: ABSTRACT

J. C. Goff

The Mediterranean Sea: Its Origin and Evolution: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty, Farouk El-Baz

Microcline Thermochronology: An Approach to Determining Temperature History of Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

T. Mark Harrison

Some Comments on Two-Layer Extensional Models for Evolution of Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

Steven J. Hellinger, John G. Sclater

Tectosat Study of Northwest European Margin from Satellite Imagery and Structural Data: ABSTRACT

W. Kampschuur

Source Rocks in Vienna Basin and Their Importance for Hydrocarbon Exploration Along Northern Edge of the Alps: ABSTRACT

H. W. Ladwein

Generation and Migration of Hydrocarbons on Southern Norwegian Shelf: ABSTRACT

Ray Leonard

Subsidence, Heat Flow, and Mechanisms of Extension Within Crust: ABSTRACT

X. Le Pichon, F. Alvarez, J. Virieux, E. Faugere

Effects of Deep-Seated Igneous Intrusions in Northwest Germany on Generation of Hydrocarbons in Lower Jurassic Source Strata: ABSTRACT

D. Leythaeuser, F. J. Altebaumer, R. G. Schaefer, M. Radke, A. S. Mackenzie

Overthrust Problem--As Exemplified in Western Canada: ABSTRACT

John A. Masters

Sedimentary Basins and Crustal and Upper Mantle Reflectors North, West, and South of Britain: ABSTRACT

D. H. Matthews

Deep Seismic Sounding in Europe: ABSTRACT

Stephan Mueller

Rank of British Coalfields in Relation to Geothermal History and Geologic Structure: ABSTRACT

D. G. Murchison, A. C. Raymond, A. H. V. Smith

Thermal Gradients in Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

E. R. Oxburgh

Geodynamics of French Oil Basins: ABSTRACT

Alain Perrodon, Robert Curnelle

Italian Oil and Gas Resources--Present Situation and Future Development: ABSTRACT

Marco Pieri, Luigi Mattavelli

Orogenic Clastic Wedges of the Alps and Apennines: ABSTRACT

Franco Ricci Lucchi, Gian Gabriele Ori

Tectonic Evolution of the Apennines: ABSTRACT

Dietrich Roeder

Welded Slump-Graded Sand Couplets: Evidence for Slide-Generated Turbidity Currents (Gres D'Annot Submarine Fans, Maritime Alps): ABSTRACT

Daniel Jean Stanley

Quantitative Determination of Geologic and Thermal Evolution of Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

M. Arif YUkler, Dietrich H. Welte

High-Resolution Studies of Amazon Fan Distributary Channels and Growth Pattern Using GLORIA, SEA BEAM, and Seismic Reflection Data: ABSTRACT

Roger D. Flood, John E. Damuth