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Secondary porosity formed by deep meteoric leaching: Botucatu eolianite, southern South America

A. B. Frana, L. M. Arajo, J. B. Maynard, P. E. Potter

Kinematic evolution and fracture prediction of the Valle Morado structure inferred from 3-D seismic data, Salta province, northwest Argentina

Jos L. Masaferro, Mayte Bulnes, Josep Poblet, Neil Casson

Anatomy and kinematics of oblique continental rifting revealed: A three-dimensional case study of the southeast Upper Rhine graben (Germany)

Jan H. Behrmann, Oliver Hermann, Mathias Horstmann, David C. Tanner, Guillaume Bertrand

Release faults, associated structures, and their control on petroleum trends in the Recncavo rift, northeast Brazil

Nivaldo Destro, Peter Szatmari, Fernando F. Alkmim, Luciano P. Magnavita

Architecture of an active mud-rich turbidite system: The Zaire Fan (Congo–Angola margin southeast Atlantic): Results from ZaAngo 1 and 2 cruises

L. Droz, T. Marsset, H. Ondras, M. Lopez, B. Savoye, F.-L. Spy-Anderson

Sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy of fan-delta and river-delta deposystems, Pennsylvanian Minturn Formation, Colorado

Richard G. Hoy, Kenneth D. Ridgway

Migration effects on the composition of hydrocarbon accumulations in the OML 67–70 areas of the Niger Delta

Tim Matava, Melodye A. Rooney, H. Moses Chung, Basil C. Nwankwo, George I. Unomah

Three-dimensional inverse modeling of the refractive heat-flow anomaly associated with salt diapirism

Seiichi Nagihara

A fuzzy logic approach for the estimation of facies from wire-line logs

M. M. Saggaf, Ed L. Nebrija

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