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AAPG-SPE-SEG Hedberg research conference on The Geologic Occurrence and Hydraulic Significance of Fractures in Reservoirs”

Peter Hennings

Mechanical and fracture stratigraphy

Stephen E. Laubach, Jon E. Olson, Michael R. Gross

Complex fracture development related to stratigraphic architecture: Challenges for structural deformation prediction, Tensleep Sandstone at the Alcova anticline, Wyoming

Christopher K. Zahm, Peter H. Hennings

Impact of interlayer slip on fracture prediction from geomechanical models of fault-related folds

Kevin J. Smart, David A. Ferrill, Alan P. Morris

Mechanical stratigraphy and faulting in Cretaceous carbonates

Alan P. Morris, David A. Ferrill, Ronald N. McGinnis

Crossing conjugate normal faults in field exposures and seismic data

David A. Ferrill, Alan P. Morris, Ronald N. McGinnis

Paleostress analysis from image logs using pinnate joints as slip indicators

Alfred Lacazette

Fracture characterization at multiple scales using borehole images, sonic logs, and walkaround vertical seismic profile

Romain Prioul, Jeroen Jocker

Two-dimensional simulation of controls of fracture parameters on fracture connectivity

Kajari Ghosh, Shankar Mitra

Natural fracture characterization in tight gas sandstones: Integrating mechanics and diagenesis

Jon E. Olson, Stephen E. Laubach, Robert H. Lander

Geomechanical wellbore imaging: Implications for reservoir fracture permeability

Colleen Barton, Daniel Moos, Kazuhiko Tezuka

Predicting the regional distribution of fracture networks using the distinct element numerical method

Bronwyn A. Camac, Suzanne P. Hunt

Multivariate fracture intensity prediction: Application to Oil Mountain anticline, Wyoming

Jason A. McLennan, Patricia F. Allwardt, Peter H. Hennings, Helen E. Farrell

Quantifying and predicting naturally fractured reservoir behavior with continuous fracture models

Creties Jenkins, Ahmed Ouenes, Abdel Zellou, Jeff Wingard

Assisted history matching for the characterization of fractured reservoirs

Arnaud G. Lange

Upscaling two-phase flow in naturally fractured reservoirs

Stephan K. Matthai, Hamidreza M. Nick

Comparison of deterministic with stochastic fracture models in water-flooding numerical simulations

Mandefro W. Belayneh, Stephan K. Matthai, Martin J. Blunt, Stephen F. Rogers

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