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Geologic and resource assessment of the Upper Devonian Grosmont and upper Ireton Formations, central Grosmont shelf complex, Alberta, Canada

Stacy C. Atchley, Scott C. James, Hunter Harlow, Caitlin Leslie, Jiajun Jiang, Gabriella Carrelli, Warren Bindon, Jessica Beal

Petrography, fluid-inclusion, isotope, and trace-element constraints on the origin of quartz cementation and feldspar dissolution and the associated fluid evolution in arkosic sandstones

Guanghui Yuan, Yingchang Cao, Jon Gluyas, Xu Cao, Wenbo Zhang

Facies and stratigraphic architecture of the Upper Devonian–Lower Mississippian Sappington Formation, southwestern Montana: A potential outcrop analog for the Bakken Formation

Anna S. Phelps, Michael H. Hofmann, Bruce S. Hart

Hydrocarbon generation capability of Sinian–Lower Cambrian shale, mudstone, and carbonate rocks in the Sichuan Basin, southwestern China: Implications for contributions to the giant Sinian Dengying natural gas accumulation

Chunhua Shi, Jian Cao, Xiucheng Tan, Bing Luo, Wei Zeng, Haitao Hong, Xin Huang, Yong Wang

Sequential vertical gas charge into multilayered sequences controlled by central conduits

M. Foschi, J. A. Cartwright, C. W. MacMinn

Facies and architecture of river-dominated to tide-influenced mouth bars in the lower Lajas Formation (Jurassic), Argentina

Colleen Kurcinka, Robert W. Dalrymple, Marcello Gugliotta

Petroleum-generation timing and source in the northern Longmen Shan thrust belt, Southwest China: Implications for multiple oil-generation episodes and sources

Xiang Ge, Chuanbo Shen, David Selby, Jie Wang, Liangbang Ma, Xiaoyan Ruan, Shouzhi Hu, Lianfu Mei

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