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Geoheritage and advanced training for the oil industry: The Lusitanian Basin case study (Portugal)

Rui Pena dos Reis, Maria Helena Henriques

Neoproterozoic–Cambrian petroleum system evolution of the Micang Shan uplift, northern Sichuan Basin, China: Insights from pyrobitumen rhenium–osmium geochronology and apatite fission-track analysis

Xiang Ge, Chuanbo Shen, David Selby, Guozhi Wang, Zhao Yang, Yongjun Gong, Suofei Xiong

The Three Forks playa lake depositional model: Implications for characterization and development of an unconventional carbonate play

Beatriz Garcia-Fresca, Daniel Pinkston, Robert G. Loucks, Richard LeFever

Multiple-phase tectonic superposition and reworking in the Junggar Basin of northwestern China—Implications for deep-seated petroleum exploration

Yanjun Wang, Dong Jia, Jianguo Pan, Dongtao Wei, Yong Tang, Guodong Wang, Cairu Wei, Delong Ma

Western Caribbean intraplate deformation: Defining a continuous and active microplate boundary along the San Andres rift and Hess Escarpment fault zone, Colombian Caribbean Sea

Luis Carlos Carvajal-Arenas, Paul Mann

Organic matter, mineral composition, pore size, and gas sorption capacity of lacustrine mudstones: Implications for the shale oil and gas exploration in the Dongying depression, eastern China

Zhonghong Chen, Wenbo Jiang, Linye Zhang, Ming Zha

Basin-scale, high-resolution three-dimensional facies modeling of tectonically confined turbidites: An example from the Firenzuola system (Marnoso-arenacea Formation, northern Apennines, Italy)

Alessio Tagliaferri, Roberto Tinterri, Marco Pontiggia, Andrea Da Pra, Giancarlo Davoli, Enrico Bonamini

Rhenium–osmium geochronology and oil–source correlation of the Duvernay petroleum system, Western Canada sedimentary basin: Implications for the application of the rhenium–osmium geochronometer to petroleum systems

Junjie Liu, David Selby, Mark Obermajer, Andy Mort

A comparative study of reservoir modeling techniques and their impact on predicted performance of fluvial-dominated deltaic reservoirs: Discussion

Shengli Li, Ye Zhang, Y. Zee Ma, Christopher Dorion, Colin Daly, Tuanfeng Zhang

A comparative study of reservoir modeling techniques and their impact on predicted performance of fluvial-dominated deltaic reservoirs: Reply

Peter E. K. Deveugle, Matthew D. Jackson, Gary J. Hampson

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