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Shortwave infrared (1.0–2.5 μm) hyperspectral imaging of the Athabasca West Grand Rapids Formation oil sands

Michelle Speta, Benoit Rivard, Jilu Feng

Quantifying sediment supply to continental margins: Application to the Paleogene Wilcox Group, Gulf of Mexico

Jinyu Zhang, Jacob Covault, Michael Pyrcz, Glenn Sharman, Cristian Carvajal, Kristy Milliken

Sediment gravity-flow deposits and three-dimensional stratigraphic architectures of the linked Cutoff, upper Bone Spring, and upper Avalon system, Delaware Basin

Gregory S. Hurd, Charles Kerans, Edmund L. Frost, J. Antonio Simo, Xavier Janson

Sequence paleogeography and coal accumulation of the Early–Middle Jurassic in central Qilian Mountain belt (Muli Basin), Qinghai Province, northwestern China

Xiaoxu Shang, Longyi Shao, Wenlong Zhang, Jinggao Lv, Weichao Wang, Yonghong Li, Man Huang, Jing Lu, Huaijun Wen

Geochemical, petrographic, and uranium–lead geochronological evidence for multisourced polycyclic provenance of deep-water strata in a hybrid tectonic setting: The upper Miocene upper Mount Messenger Formation, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand

Jonathan R. Rotzien, Greg H. Browne, Peter R. King

Precambrian basement reservoirs: Case study from the northern Bongor Basin, the Republic of Chad

Lirong Dou, Jingchun Wang, Renchong Wang, Xiaodong Wei, Chandramani Shrivastava

Effects of internal gradients on pore-size distribution in shale

Christian Obasi, Jack Pashin

Depositional history of the western Nile Delta, Egypt: Late Rupelian to Pleistocene

A. Kellner, G. J. Brink, H. El Khawaga

Determination of static and dynamic characteristics of microscopic pore-throat structure in a tight oil-bearing sandstone formation

Guangfeng Liu, Yaoxing Bai, Daihong Gu, Yang Lu, Daoyong Yang

Determining the porosity exponent m and lithology factor a for sandstones and their control by overburden pressure: A case study from the Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Mohamed S. El Sharawy, Bassem S. Nabawy

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