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Multimineral diagenetic forward modeling for reservoir quality prediction in complex siliciclastic reservoirs

William L. Esch

Characteristics of micropores, pore throats, and movable fluids in the tight sandstone oil reservoirs of the Yanchang Formation in the southwestern Ordos Basin, China

Fujie Jiang, Chunlin Zhang, Ke Wang, Zhengfu Zhao, Kesu Zhong

A review of producing fields inferred to have upslope stratigraphically trapped turbidite reservoirs: Trapping styles (pure and combined), pinch-out formation, and depositional setting

Lawrence A. Amy

Mineralogical composition and total organic carbon quantification using x-ray fluorescence data from the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Group in southern Texas

Ahmed Alnahwi, Robert G. Loucks

The architecture of organic matter and its pores in highly mature gas shales of the lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in the upper Yangtze platform, south China

Wenming Ji, Fang Hao, Hans-Martin Schulz, Yan Song, Jinqiang Tian

Static connectivity of stacked deep-water channel elements constrained by high-resolution digital outcrop models

Allie Jackson, Lisa Stright, Stephen M. Hubbard, Brian W. Romans

Effects of natural gas acidic components on local porosity generation in a carbonate reservoir: Insights from reactive transport modeling

Guanru Zhang, Peng Lu, Pan Luo, Eric Sonnenthal, Yi Huang, Chen Zhu

Identification of genetically distinct petroleum tribes in the Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia

William Thompson-Butler, Kenneth E. Peters, Leslie B. Magoon, Allegra Hosford Scheirer, J. Michael Moldowan, Vladimir Orlando Blanco, Roman Eugenio Gonzalez, Stephan A. Graham, John E. Zumberge, David A. Wavrek

Carbonate cementation patterns, potential mass transfer, and implications for reservoir heterogeneity in Eocene tight-oil sandstones, Dongying depression, Bohai Bay Basin, China: Evidence from petrology, geochemistry, and numerical modeling

Benben Ma, Yingchang Cao, Kenneth A. Eriksson, Yanzhong Wang

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