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Hydrocarbon accumulation processes and mechanisms in Lower Jurassic tight sandstone reservoirs in the Kuqa subbasin, Tarim Basin, northwest China: A case study of the Dibei tight gas field

Xiongqi Pang, Junwen Peng, Zhenxue Jiang, Haijun Yang, Pengwei Wang, Fujie Jiang, Ke Wang

Compositional variation in modern estuarine sands: Predicting major controls on sandstone reservoir quality

Joshua Griffiths, Richard H. Worden, Luke J. Wooldridge, James E. P. Utley, Robert A. Duller

Geochemical factors controlling the phase behavior of Eagle Ford Shale petroleum fluids

Sascha Kuske, Brian Horsfield, Jason Jweda, Gerald E. Michael, Yishu Song

Oil families and inferred source rocks of the Woodford–Mississippian tight oil play in northcentral Oklahoma

Ting Wang, R. Paul Philp

The geometry of fluvial channel bodies: Empirical characterization and implications for object-based models of the subsurface

Luca Colombera, Nigel P. Mountney, Giacomo Medici, L. Jared West

Paleothermometry and distribution of calcite beef in the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Ralf J. Weger, Sean T. Murray, Donald F. McNeill, Peter K. Swart, Gregor P. Eberli, Leticia Rodriguez Blanco, Max Tenaglia, Laura E. Rueda

Mini thief zones: Subcentimeter sedimentary features enhance fracture connectivity in shales

Alistair T. McCay, Zoe K. Shipton, Rebecca J. Lunn, Julia F. Gale

Geochemistry and possible origin of crude oils from Bashituo oil field, Tarim Basin

Daofu Song, Meijun Li, Shengbao Shi, Zuozhen Han, Bingkun Meng

Unsupervised seismic facies classification applied to a presalt carbonate reservoir, Santos Basin, offshore Brazil

Danilo Jotta Ariza Ferreira, Wagner Moreira Lupinacci, Igor de Andrade Neves, João Paulo Rodrigues Zambrini, André Luiz Ferrari, Luiz Antonio Pierantoni Gamboa, Maria Olho Azul

Late Paleozoic subsidence and burial history of the Fort Worth basin: Discussion

J. A. Breyer, D. M. Jarvie

Late Paleozoic subsidence and burial history of the Fort Worth basin: Reply

Ohood B. Alsalem, Majie Fan, Xiangyang Xie

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