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A quick analytical approach to estimate both free versus sorbed hydrocarbon contents in liquid-rich source rocks

Maria-Fernanda Romero-Sarmiento

Factors controlling source and reservoir characteristics in the Niobrara shale oil system, Denver Basin

Yuanjia Han, Brian Horsfield, Nicolaj Mahlstedt, Richard Wirth, David J. Curry, Heather LaReau

Depositional environments in an arid, closed basin and their implications for oil and gas exploration: The lower Permian Fengcheng Formation in the Junggar Basin, China

Kuanhong Yu, Yingchang Cao, Longwei Qiu, Peipei Sun

Nuclear magnetic resonance characterization of porosity-preserving microcrystalline quartz coatings in Fontainebleau sandstones

Marta Henriques Jácomo, Ricardo Ivan Ferreira Trindade, Marsha French, Éverton Lucas-Oliveira, Elton Tadeu Montrazi, Tito José Bonagamba

Small-scale petroliferous basins in China: Characteristics and hydrocarbon occurrence

Chi-yang Liu, Lei Huang, Hong-ge Zhao, Jian-qiang Wang, Long Zhang, Yu Deng, Jun-feng Zhao, Dong-dong Zhang, Chang-yu Fan

Structural style and evolution of the Nordkapp Basin, Norwegian Barents Sea

Luis Alberto Rojo, Nestor Cardozo, Alejandro Escalona, Hemin Koyi

Sedimentology of a “nonactualistic” Middle Ordovician tidal-influenced reservoir in the Murzuq Basin (Libya)

Marc Gil-Ortiz, Neil David McDougall, Patricia Cabello, Mariano Marzo, Emilio Ramos

Hydrocarbon migration in the multiple-sourced petroleum system in the northwestern Junggar Basin (northwestern China): Constraint from geochemical and phase fractionation analysis

Aiguo Wang, Zhenliang Wang, Long Li, Changyu Fan, Kuaile Zhang, Baoli Xiang, Ni Zhou, Yi Wang

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