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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Alaska Geological Society

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AAPG Distinguished Lecture: Sedimentary Response to Fault Evolution in Rift Basins: Insights from the Gulf of Suez, Greece, and the North Sea - Abstract

Rob Gawthorpe

Bristol Bay, frontier basin, Alaska Peninsula: Hydrocarbon Resources, Petroleum Reservoir Characterization, and Source Potential - Abstract

Rocky R. Reifenstuhl, Emily S. Finzel

Cold Climate Fluvial Processes: An Integrated Study of the Colville River, Alaska - Abstract

Erin E. Hess, Anupma Prakash, Paul J. McCarthy

Coseismic Water Level Changes Due to November 2002 Denali Earthquake - Abstract

Samik Sil, Jeffrey T. Freymueller, Sigrun Hreinsdottir

Evolution and Timing of Fractures and Related Map-scale Structures of the Central Brooks Range Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Northern Alaska - Abstract

Alec S. Duncan, Catherine L. Hanks, Wesley K. Wallace, Paul O'Sullivan

Fracture evolution in a Fold-and-Thrust Belt and the Associated Deformed Foreland Basin: An Example from the Northeastern Brooks Range and Colville Basin, Alaska - Abstract

Andrea L. Strauch, Catherine L. Hanks, Wesley K. Wallace, Paul B. O'Sullivan, Thomas M. Parris

From Rocks Underfoot to Map in Hand: The DGGS Mapping Process in Alaska's Mineral-Rich Lands - Abstract

David Szumigala

Frontmatter: Alaska Geological Society 2005 Geology Symposium, April 29, 2005

Paul J. McCarthy, Michael T. Whalen, Sarah J. Fowell

Gold- and Copper-bearing Quartz Veins Associated with Regional Devonian Extensional Deformation in Rocks on Prince of Wales Island, Southeastern Alaska - Abstract

Susan M. Karl, Paul W. Layer, Robert A. Ayuso, Peter J. Haeussler, Catherine L. Zumsteg, N. B. Shew, John F. Slack, Peter E. Bittenbender

Inferences from Martian Craters Formed by Low-angle Impacts - Abstract

Robert R. Herrick

Integrated Analysis of Permafrost Features, Gas Seeps, Gas Hydrate and Geologic Structures in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska - Abstract

Kristin Dean, Anupma Prakash, Catherine Hanks, Timothy Collett

Introducing the New and Improved Capabilities of the UAF XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) Laboratory - Abstract

Ken Severin

Marine Placer Platinum Prospects Near Goodnews Bay, Alaska: GIS Database Design and Preliminary Analysis - Abstract

Thomas Oommen, Anupma Prakash, Debasmita Misra, Rudiger Gens, Sukumar Bandopadhyay, Sathy Naidu, John J Kelley

New Fossil with DNA Suggests Brown Bears Were in the Mid-Continent of North America before the Last Glacial Maximum - Abstract

Paul Matheus

Oral Session Abstracts: Numerical Modeling of the Global Tsunami: Indonesian Tsunami of 26 December 2004 - Abstract

Zygmunt Kowalik, William Knight, Tom Logan, Paul Whitmore

Paleopedology, Palynology, and Paleoenvironmnetal Interpretation of Two Alluvial Paleosols, Cretaceous Dunvegan Formation, Alberta Canada - Abstract

Jacob Mongrain, Paul McCarthy, Sarah J. Fowell

Petrographic Study of 50 Potential Tight Gas Reservoir Samples, Tertiary, Cook Inlet, Alaska - Abstract

Rocky R. Reifenstuhl, James J. Hickey, Michael D. Wilson

Phosphorites and Carboniferous Carbonate Platform Drowning, Lisburne Group, Central Brooks Range, Alaska - Abstract

Michael T. Whalen, Julie Dumoulin, Jeff J. Lukasik, Michelle M. Mcgee, Jesse G. White, Tonje D. Toendel

Poster Session Abstracts: Taxonomic Diagnosis of the Hadrosaur from the Liscomb Bone Bed, Prince Creek Formation, North Slope, Alaska - Abstract

Erik Brandlen

Preliminary Investigation of the Carboniferous Lisburne Group, Nanushuk River Region, Central Brooks Range - Abstract

Jesse Garnett White

Reconstructing the Evolution of the Brooks Range Orogenic Wedge: Preliminary Structural and Stratigraphic Evidence from the Siksikpuk River Area, Northern Alaska - Abstract

Marwan Wartes, Robert Swenson

Reservoir Characterization of the Bear Lake and Milky River Formations, Bristol Bay Basin, Alaska Peninsula - Abstract

Emily S. Finzel, Kenneth D. Ridgway, Paul Decker, Rocky Reifenstuhl

Sedimentary Basins of Alaska: General Geology and Hydrocarbon Systems - Abstract

Robert Swenson

Shallow Coalbed Gas Assessment at Fort Yukon, Alaska - Abstract

Charles E. Barker, Arthur C. Clark, James G. Clough, Elizabeth Maclean, David O. Ogbe, Karen H. Clautice, Edwin P. Weeks, Robert F. Fisk

What Made Denali so Tall? Structural Geology of the High Peaks of the Alaska Range - Abstract

Peter J. Haeussler

Yukon Flats Basin, Alaska: Reservoir Characterization Study - Abstract

Rocky Reifenstuhl