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Bi-Hemispherical Distribution of Jurassic Ostracoda: Palaeogeographical Implications

Robin Whatley, Sara Ballent

Biogeography of Permian Corals and the Determination of Longitude in Tectonic Reconstructions of the Paleopacific Region

Paul Belasky

Carboniferous to Jurassic Bauxite Deposits as Paleoclimatic and Paleogeographic Indicators

George Bardossy

Conodonts from the Lower Griesbachian Otoceras Latilobatum Bed of Selong, Tibet and the Position of the Permian—Triassic Boundary

M. J. Orchard, W. W. Nassichuk, Lin Rui

Criteria for Interpreting Paleoclimate from Red Beds - A Tool for Pangean Reconstructions

Russell F. Dubiel, Joseph P. Smoot

Devonian and Carboniferous Passive-Margin Carbonate Platform of Southern Kazakhstan: Summary of Depositional and Stratigraphic Models to Assist in the Exploration and Production of Coeval Giant Carbonate Platform Oil and Gas Fields in the North Caspian Basin, Western Kazakhstan

Harry E. Cook, Viacheslav G. Zhemchuzhnikov, Vasili M. Buvtyshkin, Ludmilla Ya. Golub, Yuri A. Gatovsky, Andrey Ye. Zorin

Distribution of Jurassic Reef Types: A Mirror of Structural and Environmental Changes During Breakup of Pangea

Reinhold R. Leinfelder

The Earliest Triassic as an Anoxic Event, and Its Relationship to the End-Palaeozoic Mass Extinction

A. Hallam

Enhanced Accumulation of Continental Organic Matter in Coastal Sediments of Northern Gondwana During the Late Triassic: Evidence from the Wombat Plateau and the Carnarvon Basin, Northwest Australia, and the Himalayas

Philip A. Meyers, Elizabeth A. Kowalski

Evaluation of the Kinderhookian-Osagean (Lower Mississippian) Boundary in the Cordillera, Western United States

Xiaobing Chen, Aram N. Derewetzky, Gary D. Webster


A. F. Embry, B. Beauchamp, D. J. Glass

The Formation and Development of a Late Paleozoic Sedimentary Basin on the Passive Margin of the Siberian Paleocontinent

A. K. Khudoley, G. A. Guriev

Fusulinaceans at the Middle/Upper Pennsylvanian (Desmoinesian/Missourian) Boundary in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Rui Lin, W. W. Nassichuk

Geological Characteristics of the Parvadeh Region of the Tabas Coal-Bearing Basin, Central Iran

H. Shariat Nia

Ichnofossil Tiering in Triassic Alluvial Paleosols: Implications for Pangean Continental Rocks and Paleoclimate

Stephen T. Hasiotis, Russell F. Dubiel

The Impact of Glacioclimatic Change on Pennsylvanian Cyclostratigraphy

Gerilyn S. Soreghan

The Influence of Sea Level Changes and Possible Pycnocline Shifts on Benthic Communities in the Finis Shale (Virgilian) Near Jacksboro, North-Central Texas

Vadec Lobza, Jurgen Schieber, Merlynd Nestell

Initial and Secondary Pangean Basalts

John H. Puffer

The Jurassic of the Arabian Gulf Basin: Facies, Depositional Setting and Hydrocarbon Habitat

A. S. Alsharhan, K. Magara

Kapp Starostin Formation in Spitsbergen: A Sedimentary and Faunal Record of Late Permian Palaeoenvironments in an Arctic Region

Yoichi Ezaki, Toshio Kawamura, Koji Nakamura

Kimmeridgian-Tithonian (Late Jurassic) Dinosaur and Ammonoid Paleoecology From a Paleoclimate Simulation

George T. Moore, Charles A. Ross

Late Carboniferous and Early Permian Petroleum Geology, Central Saudi Arabia

J. G. McGillivray

Late Carboniferous Calcrete Development in the Canadian Arctic: Evidence for a Semi-Arid Climate in Northwestern Pangea

Pierre Theriault, Andre Desrochers

Late Devonian Glacially-Influenced Marine Sedimentation in Western Gondwana: The Cumana Formation, Altiplano, Bolivia

Enrique Diaz Martinez, Peter E. Isaacson

Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Palaeogeography of Eastern Pangea and Tethys

Ian Metcalfe

Late Paleozoic Syn- and Post-Rift Sequences on Grinnell Peninsula, Canadian Arctic (Sverdrup Basin): Evidence for Basin Margin Tectonic Disturbances Associated with Sequence Boundaries

Benoit Beauchamp, Pierre Theriault

A Late Pennsylvanian Encruster: Terminal Paleozoic Calcified Demosponge?

Ann Molineux

The Lower Permian Fusulinacean Sphaeroschwagerina in the Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Rui Lin, W. W. Nassichuk, R. Thorsteinsson

The Lower Permian Mount Bayley Formation, Canadian Arctic: An Example of a Deep Subaqueous Evaporite

Carol A. Wallace, Ronald J. Spencer, Charles M. Henderson, Benoit Beauchamp

Marine, Organic-Rich, Dark-Shale Deposition on North American Parts of Pangea, Carboniferous to Jurassic: Effects of Supercontinent Organization

Frank R. Ettensohn

Microbialite-Sponge-Bryozoan-Coral Framestones in Lower Carboniferous (Late Visean) Buildups of Northern England (UK)

D. J. C. Mundy

The Mid-Early Permian Regression and Transgression of the Tethys

Ernst Ja. Leven

Middle Jurassic Stratigraphy, Sedimentation and Paleogeography in the Southwestern United States

Orin J. Anderson, Spencer G. Lucas

The Mode and Nature of Continental Rifting Along the Northwestern Periphery of Gondwanaland During the Break-Up of Pangea

Yildirim Dilek

Multistage Dolomitization of the Mississippian Turner Valley Formation, Quirk Creek Field, Alberta: Chemical and Petrologic Evidence

Ihsan S. Al-Aasm, Fenghu Lu

New Constraints on the Nature of the Early Mississippian Antler Sedimentary Basin in Idaho

Eric Wilson, John Mcafee Preacher, Paul Karl Link

New Data on the Problem of the Permian-Triassic Boundary in the Far East

Yuri D. Zakharov, Alexander V. Oleinikov

Non-Waulsortian Mississippian Bioherms: A Comparative Analysis

G. E. Webb

The Organic Geochemistry of the Jurassic Petroleum System in Eastern Saudi Arabia

G. A. Cole, W. J. Carrigan, E. L. Colling, H. I. Halpern, M. R. Al-Khadhrawi, P. J. Jones

Orogenic Style and the Configuration of Supercontinents

R. Damian Nance, J. Brendan Murphy

Palaeoclimates of Pangea – Geological Evidence

Jane E. Francis

Paleoflow Patterns and Macroscopic Sedimentary Features in the Late Devonian Chattanooga Shale of Tennessee: Differences Between the Western and Eastern Appalachian Basin

Jorgen Schieber

Paleogeographic Evolution of Mesozoic Pre-Rift Sequences in Coastal and Interior Basins of Northeastern Brazil

Antonio Jorge Vasconcellos Garcia, Almiro Wilbert

Palynoflora and Kerogen Constituents of an Upper Permian Gondwana Deposit, Northern Malawi; Implications for Paleoclimate and Source-Rock Potential

Keddy Yemane

Pangea: Global Environments and Resources

A. F. Embry, B. Beauchamp, D. J. Glass

Pangean Phosphorites - Ordinary Phosphorite Genesis in an Extraordinary World?

Jorg Trappe

Pennsylvanian Glacioeustasy Recorded in a Carbonate Ramp Succession, Ancestral Rocky Mountains, New Mexico

Thomas L. Wiberg, Gary A. Smith

The Permian Ambition Formation of Northwestern Stikinia, British Columbia

M. H. Gunning, E. W. Bamber, D. A. Brown, L. Rui, B. L. Mamet, M. J. Orchard

Permian Climates of the Southern Margins of Pangea: Evidence from Fossil Wood in Antarctica

Jane E. Francis, K. J. Woolfe, M. J. Arnott, P. J. Barrett

Permian Sequence Stratigraphy and Fossil Zonation

Charles A. Ross, June R. P. Ross

Phanerozoic Paleogeographic and Paleoclimatic Modeling Maps

J. Golonka, M. I. Ross, C. R. Scotese

Phosphoria Formation (Permian) and Its Resource Significance in the Western Interior, U.S.A.

Edwin K. Maughan

Reflection of Deep vs Shallow Water Deposition by Small Scale Sedimentary Features and Microfabrics of the Chattanooga Shale in Tennessee

Jurgen Schieber

Sedimentary Evidence of the Permian/Triassic Global Crisis Induced by the Siberian Hotspot

P. J. Conaghan, S. E. Shaw, J. J. Veevers

Sedimentology, Tectonic Control and Evolution of a Lower Mississippian Carbonate RAMP with Offshore Bank, Central Wyoming to Eastern Idaho and Northeastern Utah, U.S.A.

Xiaobing Chen, Gary D. Webster

Sequence Stratigraphic Correlation of Upper Triassic Marine and Nonmarine Strata, Western United States and Europe

Spencer G. Lucas, Phillip Huber

Structural Relationship of the Northern Urals and Adjacent Basins

Konstantin O. Sobornov

Superanoxia Across the Permo-Triassic Boundary: Record in Accreted Deep-Sea Pelagic Chert in Japan

Yukio Isozaki

Thinolite-Type Pseudomorphs After Ikaite: Indicators of Cold Water on the Subequatorial Western Margin of Lower Carboniferous North America

Richard T. Brandley, Federico F. Krause

A Time Scale for Project Pangea

Charles A. Ross, Aymon Baud, Manfred Menning

The Triassic-Jurassic Boundary in the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada

Ashton F. Embry, Lena B. Suneby

Triassic Conodonts as Ecological and Eustatic Sensors

F. Hirsch

Triassic Tetrapod Extinctions and the Compiled Correlation Effect

Spencer G. Lucas

Two Phases of the End-Permian Mass Extinction

Jin Yugan, Zhang Jing, Shang Qinghua

The Upper Carboniferous-Permian Oslo Rift; Basin Fill in Relation to Tectonic Development

Snorre Olaussen, Bjorn T. Larsen, Ron Steel

What is Pangaea?

J. M. Dickins