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Dallas Geological Society

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A. D. Miall

Adjustment of Fluvial Systems to Climate and Source Terrain in Tropical and Subtropical Environments

Victor R. Baker

Alluvial and Destructive Beach Facies From the Archaean Moodies Group, Barberton Mountain Land, South Africa and Swaziland

K. A. Eriksson

Alluvial Fan Sequence and Megasequence Models: With Examples From Westphalian D — Stephanian B Coalfields, Northern Spain

Alan P. Heward

Alluvial Sand Deposition in a Rapidly Subsiding Basin (Devonian, Norway)

Ron Steel, Sjur M. Aasheim

An Analysis of Two Tectonically Controlled Integrated Drainage Nets of Mid-Carboniferous Age in Southern West Virginia

Guy Padgett, Robert Ehrlich

Anatomy of an Arkansas River Sand Bar: Abstract

Richard Steinmetz

Bank Deposition in Suspended-Load Streams

Graham Taylor, K. D. Woodyer

Bed-Form Distribution and Internal Stratification of Coarse-Grained Point Bars, Upper Congaree River, S.C.

Raymond A. Levey

Bed Forms and Stratification Types of Modern Gravel Meander Lobes, Nueces River, Texas: Abstract

Thomas C. Gustavson

Bedforms From Abandoned Fluvial Channels, Carboniferous, Maritime Provinces: Abstract

Peter J. Mccabe

Bedforms in the Pitt River, British Columbia

Gail M. Ashley

Changing Channel Morphology and Magnitude in the Scalby Formation (M. Jurassic) of Yorkshire, England

M. Nami, M. R. Leeder

A Classification of Alluvial Channel Systems

Brian R. Rust

Coarse-Grained Point Bar Structure in a Molasse-Type Fluvial System, Eocene Castisent Sandstone Formation, South Pyrenean Basin.

W. Nijman, C. Puigdefabregas

Comparison of Laboratory and Natural Meandering: Abstract

Gary Parker

Cyclicity, Tectonics and Coal: Some Aspects of Fluvial Sedimentology in the Brazeau-Paskapoo Formations, Coal Valley Area, Alberta, Canada

J. Ross McLean, Tomasz Jerzykiewicz

Density Sorting of Sand-Size Spheres During Traction Transport: An Experimental Study: Abstract

James R. Steidtmann

Depositional Models for Braided Alluvium

Brian R. Rust

Deposits of Fine Grained Meandering Rivers, With Large Discharge Variations, in the Carboniferous of the Maritime Provinces, Canada: Abstract

Peter J. Mccabe

Development of a Facies Model for Sandy Braided River Sedimentation: Comparison of the South Saskatchewan River and the Battery Point Formation

Douglas J. Cant

Distinction of Aggradational and Degradational Fluvial Regimes in Valley-Fill Alluvium, Tapia Canyon, New Mexico

Russell G. Shepherd

Distinctive Features of Some Ancient River Systems

P. F. Friend

Downstream Grain-Size Changes in Albertan Rivers: Abstract

John Shaw, R. Kellerhals

Epsilon Cross-Strata in the Athabasca Oil Sands: Abstract

Grant D. Mossop

The Evolution of Fluvial Style, With Special Reference to the Central Appalachian Paleozoic

Edward Cotter

Evolution of Source-Distal to Source-Proximal Fluvial Regimes in the Himalayan Molasse: Abstract

Gary D. Johnson

Experimental Studies of Fluvial Placers: Abstract

S. A. Schumm

A Flume Study of Fluvial Gravel Fabric: Abstract

Emlyn H. Koster

Fluvial Deposits of the Ecca and Beaufort Groups in the Eastern Karoo Basin, Southern Africa

David K. Hobday

Fluvial Facies of the Plio-Pleistocene Koobi Fora Formation, Karari Ridge, East Lake Turkana, Kenya

Carl F. Vondra, Daniel R. Burggraf Jr.

Fluvial Models in Coal and Hydrocarbon Exploration: Abstract

John C. Horne, Ram S. Saxena

Fluvial Sedimentology

Andrew D. Miall

Fluvial Sedimentology: An Historical Review

Andrew D. Miall

Fluvial Systems of the Precambrian Belt Supergroup, Montana and Idaho, U.S.A.

Don Winston

Fluvial Transport and Downstream Sediment Modifications in an Active Volcanic Region

David K. Davies, Richard K. Vessell, Robert C. Miles, Michael G. Foley, Samuel B. Bonis

Fluviatile Deposits of the Athabasca Formation of Northern Saskatchewan: Abstract

Paul Ramaekers


D. F. Stott

The Formulation of Fluvial Facies Models: Possible “End Members” and the Spectrum of Types Between End Members: Abstract

Roger G. Walker

Genesis of Fluvial Bedforms: Abstract

Roscoe G. Jackson II

The Guadalupe River and Delta of Texas — A Modern Analogue for Some Ancient Fluvial-Deltaic Systems

Robert A. Morton, Alan C. Donaldson

Hydrology and Current Orientation Analysis of a Braided-To-Meandering Transition: The Red River in Oklahoma and Texas, U.S.A.

Daniel E. Schwartz

Keynote Address: Achievements and Prospects in Fluvial Sedimentology: Abstract

J. R. L. Allen

L. Van Bendegom: A Neglected Innovator in Meander Studies

J. R. L. Allen

Lithofacies Types and Vertical Profile Models in Braided River Deposits: A Summary

Andrew D. Miall

Meandering Stream Deposits From the Tertiary of the Southern Pyrenees

Cayo Puigdefabregas, Arthur Van Vliet

Palaeohydraulic Interpretation Using Mathematical Models of Contemporary Flow and Sedimentation in Meandering Channels

John S. Bridge

Palaeohydrological Reconstructions From a Holocene Valley Fill

Michael Church

Particle Size Sorting in Subglacial Eskers: Abstract

Houston C. Saunderson


Andrew D. Miall

Preliminary Evaluation of Lithofacies Models for Meandering Alluvial Streams

Roscoe G. Jackson II

Preservation Potential and Bedding Features in Variable Discharge Streams: Abstract

Robert H. Blodgett, K. O. Stanley

Proglacial Braided Outwash: A Model for Humid Alluvial-Fan Deposits

Jon C. Boothroyd, D. Nummedal

Proterozoic Stream Deposits: Some Problems of Recognition and Interpretation of Ancient Sandy Fluvial Systems

Darrel G. F. Long

A Quantitative Stratigraphic Model for Alluvium, with Special Reference to Channel Deposit Density and Interconnectedness

M. R. Leeder

Reconstructing Paleochannel Morphologic and Flow Characteristics: Methodology, Limitations, and Assessment

Frank G. Ethridge, Stanley A. Schumm

Scale Modeling of Bed Forms: Abstract

John B. Southard, Lawrence A. Boguchwal

Sedimentary Patterns of Uranium Mineralisation in the Beaufort Group of the Southern Karoo (Gondwana) Basin, South Africa

Brian R. Turner

A Sedimentological Synthesis of Placer Gold, Uranium and Pyrite Concentrations in Proterozoic Witwatersrand Sediments

W. E. L. Minter

Sedimentology of a Paleovalley Fill: Pennsylvanian Kyrock Sandstone in Central Kentucky, U.S.A.: Abstract

Wayne A. Pryor

Sedimentology of Some South Carolina Tidal-Creek Point Bars, and a Comparison With Their Fluvial Counterparts

John H. Barwis

Sediment Transport Models

H. W. Shen

Some Comments on Terminology for Bars in Shallow Rivers

Norman D. Smith

Transverse Ribs: Their Characteristics, Origin and Paleohydraulic Significance

Emlyn H. Koster

Upper Devonian of South-East Ireland— Anatomy of a Constricted Alluvial Fan: Abstract

P. R. R. Gardiner

Vertical Accretion During High-Gradient Progradation of Fluvial Systems: Abstract

G. H. Eisbacher

Vertical Sequence and Sand Body Shape in Alluvial Sequences

J. D. Collinson