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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Four Corners Geological Society

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The Abajo Mountains: An Example of the Laccolithic Groups on the Colorado Plateau

Irving J. Witkind

The Alluvial Geology of Upper Grand Gulch, Utah; Its Relationship to Anasazi Inhabitation of the Cedar Mesa Area

Larry D. Agenbroad

Archaeology and Alluvium in the Grand Gulch-Cedar Mesa Area, Southeastern Utah

William D. Lipe, R. G. Matson

Cane Creek Mine Solution Mining Project Moab Potash Operations, Texasgulf Inc.

Margie Phillips

Canyonlands Country, A Guidebook of the Four Corners Geological Society, Eighth Field Conference Frontmatter, Table of Contents, and Road Logs

James E. Fassett, Sherman A. Wengerd

Charlie Steen—Prospector

Marion Stocking

Chert Pebble Unconformity at the Top of the Navajo Sandstone In Southeastern Utah

George N. Pipiringos, Robert B. O’Sullivan

The Chinle (Upper Triassic) Flora of Southeastern Utah

Sidney R. Ash

Cretaceous Rocks in the Henry Mountains Region, Utah and Their Relation to Neighboring Regions

Fred Peterson, Robert T. Ryder

Development of the Colorado River System in Northwestern Colorado During the Late Cenozoic

Edwin E. Larson, William C. Bradley, Minoru Ozima

First Photographs of the Canyon Lands

Eugene M. Shoemaker, Hal G. Stephens

History and Geography of Canyonlands National Park

S. W. Lohman

The History of Part of the Colorado River and Its Tributaries: An Experimental Study

Thomas W. Gardner

Jurassic Rocks of East-Central Utah

Lawrence C. Craig, Daniel R. Shawe

Lake Pagahrit, Southeastern Utah: A Preliminary Research Report

William D. Lipe, William J. Breed, James West, George Batchelder

Lexicon of Stratigraphic Names Used in the Paradox Basin-San Rafael-Henry Mountains Area, Utah

C. M. Molenaar

Lisbon Field, Utah

George A. Bradley

The Malacology of the Kane Springs Column and the Paleoecology of Cedar Mesa, Southeastern Utah

Philip H. Salkin

Origin and Classification of Natural Arches in Southern Utah

R. W. Blair Jr., J. N. Mann, Cynthia McFee, G. A. Rothwell, L. M. Thenhaus, P. C. Thenhaus, Carl Wyant

Origin of Graben in the Needles District, Canyonlands National Park, Utah

George E. McGill, Albert W. Stromquist

The Permian System of Canyonlands Country

D. L. Baars

Petroleum Geology of East-Central Utah and Suggested Approaches to Exploration

Charles W. Spencer

Revised Constitution and Bylaws of the Four Corners Geological Society

Marvin L. Matheny

The San Rafael Oil Fields; Where the Oil Runs Out of the Rocks

B. J. Silliman

Some Notes on Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy of the Paradox Basin

C. M. Molenaar

Stratigraphy and Tectogenesis of the Paradox Basin

Ernest Szabo, Sherman A. Wengerd

Tectogenesis of the Central Colorado Plateau Aulacogen

Frank D. Gorham Jr.

Triassic Rocks of the Moab-White Canyon Area, Southeastern Utah

Robert B. O’Sullivan, Marjorie E. MacLachlan

An Unusual Northeast-Trending Fracture Zone and Its Relations to Basement Wrench Faulting in Northern Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado

R. J. Hite

Upheaval Dome, a Possible Salt Dome in the Paradox Basin, Utah

Richard B. Mattox

Uranium Deposits of the Canyonlands Area

William L. Chenoweth

“Where the Canon Narrowed”

P. K. Hurlbut