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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Four Corners Geological Society

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San Juan Basin Gas Field and Reservoirs: Field Trip #2 Guidebook, 2010

Natural Fracture Systems in the Southern Rockies, 1999

Geology of Cataract Canyon and Vicinity, Tenth Field Conference, 1987

Paleotectonics - San Juan Mountains, Dolores Formation - Paleosols and Depositional Systems, Jurassic Depositional Systems - San Juan Basin, Quaternary Deposits and Soils - Durango Area [Field Trip Guidebook], 1984

Oil and Gas Fields of the Four Corners Area, Volume III, 1983

Permianland - A Field Symposium, Ninth Field Conference, 1979

Oil and Gas Fields of the Four Corners Area, Volumes I-II, 1978

Canyonlands Country, Eighth Field Conference, 1975

Cretaceous and Tertiary Rocks of the Southern Colorado Plateau, 1973

Geology of the Canyons of the San Juan River, Seventh Field Conference, 1973

Geology of Canyonlands and Cataract Canyon, Sixth Field Conference, Cataract Canyon River Expedition, 1971

Geology and Natural History of the Grand Canyon Region, Fifth Field Conference, Powell Centennial River Expedition, 1969

Four Corners Geological Society, Field Trip Road Log, Northeastern Paradox Basin Salt Anticline Area, 1967

Durango-Silverton Guidebook, Fourteenth Annual Regional Convention Rocky Mountain Section, AAPG, 1964

Shelf Carbonates of the Paradox Basin, Fourth Field Conference, 1963

Geology of the Paradox Basin Fold and Fault Belt, Third Field Conference, 1960

Isopachous Relations and Probable Warping During Late Pennsylvanian Time in the Aneth Area, San Juan County, Utah, 1959

Geology of Southwestern San Juan Basin, Second Field Conference, 1957

Geology of Parts of Paradox, Black Mesa and San Juan Basins, Four Corners Field Conference, 1955

Geological Symposium of the Four Corners Region, 1952