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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Four Corners Geological Society

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Ascent of Shiprock

W. A. Read

The Bisti Area, San Juan County, New Mexico

Frank J. Devlin, Jack Q. Tomkins

Catalog of Stratigraphic Names of the Southwest San Juan Basin and Adjacent Areas

James A. Momper, Willis W. Tyrrell Jr.

Cretaceous Oil and Gas Horizons of the San Juan Basin, Colorado and New Mexico

Val R. Reese

The Dakota Sandstone and Mancos Shale in the Gallup Area

C. H. Dane, G. O. Bachman

dine Means “The People”

Enos J. Strawn

Exploration Highlights in the Four Corners Area

R. M. Byington

Facies Development of the Gallup Formation

Harrell Budd

The Gallegos-Gallup Field, San Juan County, New Mexico

Marvin L. Matheny, David M. Thomas Jr.

The Gallup Sandstone, Its Age and Stratigraphic Relationships South and East of the Type Locality

C. H. Dane, G. O. Bachman, J. B. Reeside Jr.

The Gallup Sandstone as Exposed in the Western Part of the San Juan Basin

E. C. Beaumont

Gas Proration – San Juan Basin

Emery C. Arnold

Geology of Southwestern San Juan Basin: Second Field Conference

Curtis J. Little, John J. Gill

Geology of the Zuni Mountains, Valencia and McKinley Counties, New Mexico

Clay T. Smith

The Hospah Oil Field, McKinley County, New Mexico

Vernon L. King, Sherman A. Wengerd

Land and Leasing in South and West San Juan Basin

A. L. Duff, J. V. Fritts

Medio Field, Sandoval County, New Mexico

R. E. Ostrander

Nacimiento Mountains-History and Relation to the San Juan Basin

John W. Parker

Oil and Gas Potentialities of Northern Arizona

Silas C. Brown, Robert E. Lauth

Pre-Morrison Stratigraphy of the Southern and Western San Juan Basin

James A. Momper

Relation of Coastal and Submarine Topography to Cretaceous Stratigraphy

Caswell Silver

The Relation of the Ambrosia Lake Uranium Deposits to a Pre-Existing Oil Pool

Henry S. Birdseye

Reservoir Characteristics of Cretaceous Sands of the San Juan Basin

Wilbur E. Reneau Jr., James D. Harris Jr.

Stratigraphy of West-Central New Mexico

Roy W. Foster

Tectonics of the San Juan Basin and Surrounding Areas

Vincent C. Kelley

Verde-Gallup Pool, San Juan County, New Mexico

William R. Speer