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Abstract: Deposition and Diagenesis of a Pettet Reservoir at Lisbon Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

James P. Ford, Wayne M. Ahr

Abstract: Facies Relationships and Depositional Environments of Lower Tuscaloosa Formation Reservoir Sandstones in the McComb and Little Creek Field Areas, Southwest Mississippi

William S. Hamilton , Christopher P. Cameron

Abstract: Productive Lower Wilcox Distributary Channel Sands of the Hallettsville Embayment, Lavaca County, Texas

Stewart Chuber , Harvey H. Howell

Abstract: Seasonal Variations in the Morphology and Sedimentology of a Point Bar on the Brazos River of Central Texas

W. M. Connolly, M. Denham, M. Peterson, C. Ritter, J. Mazzullo

Abstract: Seismic "No-Data Zone", Offshore Mississippi Delta: Depositional Controls on Geothecnical Properties, Velocity Structure, and Seismic Attenuation

Jeffrey A. May, Charles A. Meeder, Anthony R. Tinkle, Kenneth R. Wener

Abstract: Seismic Stratigraphic Framework of the Louisiana Continental Margin: Clues to Hydrocarbon Sourcing

Menno G. Dinkelman

Abundance Variations of Benthic Foraminifera in Upper Oligocene and Miocene Strata of South Louisiana

Lori Lewis Nunn , Barun K. Sen Gupta

Apalachicola Bay: Dynamic Sedimentation in a Gulf Coast Estuary

Wayne C. Isphording

Application of Isotope Chronostratigraphy in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Douglas F. Williams, Dwight Trainor

Calcareous Nannofossils, State of the Art, Gulf of Mexico: a Review for Oil Prospectors

W. H. Akers

Changes in Floral Composition with Depositional Environment in Texas Jackson Group Lignites

Judith A. Gennett , Anne Raymond , William C. Parker

Characteristics of Organic-Rich Deposits of Coastal Hancock County, Mississippi

Gregory N. Bonn , Franz Froelicher

Chronostratigrahy of the Continental Slope -- An Historic Overview

Doris M. Curtis

Clay Mineralogy of Cubits Gap Crevasse-Splay, Mississippi Delta

Michael J. DiMarco, Ray E. Ferrell, Jr. , Robert S. Tye

Computer-Aided Exploration--A Case History

Leo A. Herrmann

Congenetic Relations of Atlantic Ocean and American Mediterranean

DeWitt C. Van Siclen

Controls on the Deposition of Mixed Carbonate and Siliciclastic Sediments on the Eastern Shelf of the Midland Basin, Pennsylvanian of Texas

Thomas E. Yancey

Depositional and Diagenetic History of the Hosston Formation (Travis Peak), Neuvo Leon Group, Trawick Field, Nacogdoches County, Texas

Scott B. Blount , Austin A. Sartin , Ernest B. Ledger

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of the Oligocene Vicksburg Formation in Lyda and North Rincon Fields, Starr County, Texas

John Humphrey

Depositional Environments and Gravel Distribution in the Plio-Pleistocene Citronelle Formation of Southeastern Louisiana

Robert P. Self

Deposition of a Jurassic Ooid Sand Shoal--Smackover "A" Zone of Buckner Formation, Corney Bayou Field, Union Parish, Louisiana

Ellen N. Tye , Clyde H. Moore

Diagenesis of the Jurassic Smackover Formation, Jay Field, Florida

Jacqueline M. Lloyd , Paul C. Ragland , Joan M. Ragland , William C. Parker

Diagenetic Study of the Upper Member of the Smackover Formation (Upper Jurassic), Columbia County, Arkansas

Kalbacher, Karl F. , Austin A. Sartin

Distal Shelf and Upper Slope Sediments Deposited During Rising Sea Level, North-Central Gulf of Mexico

Harry H. Roberts, Indra B. Singh, James M. Coleman

Dolomitization in the Smackover Formation, Escambia County, Alabama

A. H. Saller , B. R. Moore

The Effects of Paleotopography and Substrate Lithology on the Origin of Waulsortian Reefs: South-Central Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

Peter G. George , Wayne M. Ahr

Energy Programs-A Contribution to Salt Dome Knowledge

Joseph Didier Martinez

The Environmental Safety of Underground Infection of Oilfield Brines in Louisiana

Conger, Robert M.

An Evaluation of the Subsurface Catahoula Formation in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Paul E. Albertson, Danny W. Harrelson, Stephen L. Lee

Exploration Models for Submarine Slope Sandstones

Roger M. Slatt

Exploration Petrology of the Sunoco Felda Trend of South Florida

Hugh Mitchell-Tapping

Foramineferal Characteristics of Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic Bathyal Lithotopes

C. Wylie Poag

Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of the Wilcox Group (Paleocene-Eocene) in Central and Southern Louisiana

Lori Lewis Nunn

The Framework of Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration, Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope

Jeffrey A. Nunn , Roger Sassen

Geologic Development and Characteristics of the Continental Margins, Gulf of Mexico

James M. Coleman , David B. Prior , Harry H. Roberts

Geologic Study and Engineering Review of the Jurassic Smackover Formation of Thomasville Field, Rankin County, Mississippi

Roger D. Shew , Mark M. Garner

Growth Faults and Fault-Related Structures of Prograding Terrigenous Clastic Continental Margins

William E. Galloway

Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Development Systems

Mr. James R. Kahn, Jr. , Mr. John M. Bednar

Hydrocarbon Exploration Evaluation of the Pulley Ridge Area, Offshore South Florida Basin

Barry M. Faulkner , Albert V. Applegate

Integrated Geological, Geophysical, and Geochemical Interpretation of Upper Jurassic Petroleum Trends in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Ernest A. Mancini , Robert M. Mink , Bennett L. Bearden

Intraslope Basin Deposits and Potential Relation to the Continental Shelf, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Arnold H. Bouma , James M. Coleman

Lower Tuscaloosa Fluvial Channel Styles at Liberty Field, Amite County, Mississippi

Richard J. Stancliffe , Emmett R. Adams

Model for Fine-Scale Movements Associated with Climate and Sea Level Changes along Louisiana Shelfbreak Growth Faults

Allen Lowrie

Oligocene Vicksburg Sandstones of the Tijerina-Canales-Blucher Field: A South Texas Geologic Jambalaya

Dennis A. Taylor , Zuhair Al-Shaieb

Origin of Gaseous Hydrocarbons in the Sparta Aquifer in Brazos and Burleson Counties, Texas

Ethan L. Grossman, Robert W. Hahn, Steven J. Fritz

Paleozoic Framework of the Gulf of Mexico

M. L. Feldman

Petrography and Diagenesis of Lower Cretaceous Travis Peak (Hosston) Formation, East Texas

Shirley P. Dutton

Petrography of the Volcaniclastic Woodbine Formation, Southwest Arkansas

J. K. Belk , E. B. Ledger , M. C. Crocker

The Production Trends of the Gulf of Mexico: Exploration and Development

J. Rogers Pearcy , Pulak K. Ray

Quaternary Geology of Avery Island, Louisiana

Whitney J. Autin , Richard P. McCulloh , A. Todd Davison

Regional Stratigraphy, Environments of Deposition, and Tectonic Framework of Mississippian Clastic Rocks Between the Tuscumbia and Bangor Limestones in the Black Warrior Basin of Alabama and Mississippi

David R. Higginbotham

Regional Variations in Physical and Chemical Properties of South Louisiana Oil Field Brines

Jeffrey S. Hanor , Janet E. Bailey , Madeline C. Rogers , L. Riley Milner

Replacement Geometry and Fabrics of the Smackover (Jurassic) Dolomite, Southern Alabama

Mary L. Barrett

A Revision of the Miocene Lithostratigraphic Nomenclature, Southwestern Florida

Thomas M. Scott

Sand-Shale Identification by Computer

William Frank

Sedimentary Facies and Sea-Level Cycles of the Upper Cretaceous Mooreville Chalk, Central Alabama

David T. King, Jr., Jerry A. Wylie

Shale-Filled Channel System in the Wilcox Group (Paleocene-Eocene), North-Central South Louisiana

Richard P. McCulloh , Lori G. Eversull

Slumped, Delta-Front Reservoir Sandstone in the Eocene Yegua Formation, East Sour Lake Field, Southeast Texas

Robert R. Berg

Styles of Interdistributary Basin Sedimentation: Mississippi Delta Plain, Louisiana

Robert S. Tye , Elisabeth C. Kosters

Subsurface Structure and Hydrocarbon Occurrence, Heidelberg-Sand Hill Graben System, Southeast Mississippi

J. Keith Bowman , Maurice A. Meylan

Subsurface Temperature Investigations Using Seismic and Bore Hole Temperature Data, Vermilion and Lafourche Parishes, Louisiana

A. H. M. Shah Alam, Rex H. Pilger, Jr.