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"Deweyville" Terraces and Depostits of the Texas Gulf Coastal Plain

Michael D. Blum , Robert A. Morton , James M. Durbin

Abstract: 3-D Basin Analysis Reveals Early Gulf of Mexico Origin

Jack G. Elam , Stewart Chuber

Abstract: 3-D Seismic Reveals Potential New Play in Shallow Water

Marc A. Lawrence , Louise S. Durham , Hugh T. Logue

Abstract: Carbonate Dolomitization in Geochemistry

Saleh M. Billo

Abstract: Deep Water Deposits of the Tanqua and Laingsburg Subbasins, Southwest Karoo Basin, South Africa: Analog for the Gulf of Mexico

Erik D. Scott

Abstract: Environmental Implications of a Gas Well Blowout in Northwest Louisiana - A Case Study

Michael S. Kline, David T. McKenzie, William H. Schramm

Abstract: Geologic Framework, Processes and Rates of Subsidence in the Mississippi River Delta Plain

Shea P. Penland , Jeffress Williams , Harry H. Roberts , Alan Bailey , Gerald J. Kuecher , Joseph N. Suhayda , Karen E. Ramsey

Abstract: Petrography and Geochemistry of Barite Chimneys Associated with Hydrocarbon Vents on the Gulf of Mexico Slope

Baoshun Fu

Abstract: Plio-Pleistocene Lowstand Systems Tract, Central Offshore Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico

Fangjian Xue, Joel S. Watkins

Abstract: Salt-Floored Basins: A New Basin Sub-Class Along Passive Margins, A Description of the Lousiana Offshore

Allen Lowrie , Rhett Hamiter , Michael A. Fogarty , Karen Hoffman , Kenneth Peterson (5), Ian Lerche (5)

Abstract: Site Characterization and Application of Horizontal Wells for Ground Water Remediation at The Dow Chemical Company, Louisiana Division in Plaquemine, Louisiana

Ivy B Dupree, Eric W. Meyer

Abstract: Spindletop to Deep Water

James M. Coleman

Abstract: Sudden Change: Climate and Sea Level

William F. Tanner

Abstract: Synthesis of Dolomite and Related Mineral Assemblages at Ambient Temperatures and Pressures

Herschell J. McCunn

Abstract: The Eastern Chenier Plain: An Update on Downdrift Coastal Progradation Associated with the Building of a New Holocene Delta Lobe in the Mississippi Delta Complex

Harry H. Roberts, Oscar K. Huh

Abstract: The Use of Probiological Remediation Technology to Remediate Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil: A Collection of Laboratory and Field Results

Ted I. Brewster, John J. Kramberger

Abstract: Use of Probiological Remediation Technology to Remediate Crude Oil Tank Bottom Materials

Ted I. Brewster, John J. Kramberger

Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover Changes on the Mississippi Coast: 1950s-1992

Stephen M. Oivanki , Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt , Barbara Yassin

Application of Sequence Stratigraphy to the Prioritization of Incremental Growth Opportunities in Mature Reservoirs: An Example from Frio Fluvial-Deltaic Sandstones, T-C-B Field, South Texas

Paul R. Knox, Lee E. McRae

Aquifer Mineralogy and Natural Radionuclides in Groundwater - The Lower Paleozoic of Central Texas

Yongje Kim , Thomas T. Tieh , Ernest B. Ledger

Architectural Characteristics of Fine-Grained Submarine Fans: A Model Applicable to the Gulf of Mexico

Arnold H. Bouma (1,3), Henry DeV. Wickens , James M. Coleman

Austin Chalk (!) Petroleum System Upper Cretaceous, Southeastern Texas: A Case Study

William C. Dawson , Barry Katz , Vaughn D. Robison

Cenozoic Depositional History of the Eastern Offshore Mississippi Delta Region

Don Sunwoo , Joel S. Watkins , Jih-Ping Shyu

Challenges in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico: An Overview

David T. Lawrence

Channel Complex Architecture of Fine-Grained Submarine Fans at the Base-of-Slope

Arnold H. Bouma , Gwang H. Lee , Oscar van Antwerpen , Timothy W. Cook

Chronostratigraphic Hydrocarbon Plays and Depositional Styles in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Steven Seni , Jeff Brooke , David Marin , Eric Kazanis

Compositional Variations and Tectono-Sedimentary Conditions of the Atokan Deltaic Sediments, Arkansas

Tanwi Gangopadhyay , Ezat Heydari

Cores from the Miocene Castor Creek Member of the Fleming Formation, Fort Polk Louisiana: Relationship to the Outcropping Miocene Terrestrial Vertebrate Fossil-Bearing Beds

Megan H. Jones , Judith A. Schiebout , Julitta T. Kirkova

Cyclostratigraphic and Ichnofacies Analysis of the Upper Albian Salmon Peak Formation, Maverick

Laura C. Zahm , Charles Kerans , James L. Wilson

Deep-Water Northern Gulf of Mexico Hydrocarbon Plays

Robert H. Peterson, David W. Cooke

Depositional Environments, Diagenesis, and Porosity of Upper Cretaceous Volcanic-Rich Tokio Sandstone Reservoirs, Haynesville Field, Claiborne Parish Louisiana

William J. Clark

Depositional Environments and Accumulation of Organic Matter in the Smackover Formation North-Central Gulf of Mexico

Ezat Heydari , William J. Wade , Laurie C. Anderson

Depositional Interpretation of Limestone Insoluble Residues from Modern and Ancient Carbonate Rocks, Caribbean and Southern United States

Wayne C. Isphording , Maria E. Bundy , Sheri M. George , R. Bradford Jackson

Depositional Styles from Miocene Through Pleistocene in the North-Central Gulf of Mexico: An Historical Reconstruction

Jesse L. Hunt, Jr., Grant Burgess

Depositional Trends in Siliciclastic Transgressive Systems Tract, Middle Eocene, Texas

Thomas E. Yancey

Deposition and Remaining Productive Capabilities of the Upper Cretaceous Eutaw Sands of East-Central Mississippi

Bobby R. Greer

Digenesis of Deeply Buried Eagle Mills Sandstones: Implications for Paleo-Fluid Migration and Porosity Development

William C. Dawson

Dinosaurian Stratigraphy and Modes of Occurrence in the Alabama-Georgia Gulf Coastal Plain

David T. King, Jr.

Dissolution Diagenesis of Agglutinated Foraminifers: Experimental Study

Mervin Kontrovitz, Jerry Marie Slack

Distribution of Illite and Mixed-Layered Illite in the Smackover Formation of the Manila Embayment of Southwest Alabama (Wilcox, Clarke and Monroe Counties)

John P. Amy , Darrel W. Schmitz , Lawrence R. Baria

The Double Nature of the Updip Hackberry Unconformity (Middle Frio) of Southwest Louisiana

Joel K. Jordan

Engineering and Geological Constaints of Intraslope Basins and Submarine Canyons of the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico

William R. Bryant , Jia Yuh Liu , Joe Ponthier

Episodic Atmospheric Forcing and Bayside Foreshore Erosion: Santa Rosa Island, Florida

Charles K. Armbruster, Gregory W. Stone, J. P. Xu

Evidence and Effects of Wrench Faulting, North Central Gulf Coast Region

R. K. Zimmerman

Evidence of Late Pliocene-Early Pleistocene Environmental Change and Possible Coastal Upwelling Based on Marine Ostracodes from the Moin Formation, Costa Rica

Pamela F. Borne

Evolution of the Foraminiferal Genus Lepidocyclina in the Middle Eocene and Its Implication for Gulf Coast Stratigraphy

Edward Robinson , Mark M. Jiang

The Evolving Exploration of the Subsalt Play in the Offshore Gulf of Mexico

Dwight "Clint" Moore , Robert O. Brooks

Fault-Controlled Freshwater Lenses within the Saline Aquifer of Coastal Brevard and Indian River Counties, Florida

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Fault and Fracture Control of Fluid and Diagenesis Around the Iberia Salt Dome, Iberia Parish, Louisiana

W. Lee Esch , Jeffrey S. Hanor

Ferry Lake, Rodessa, and Punta Gorda Anhydrite Bed Correlation, Lower Cretaceous, Offshore Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Andrew J. Petty

Fisk's NE- and NW-Striking "Faults" and the Potential for Joint Control of Stream Courses in Louisiana

Richard P. McCulloh

Geological and Geochemical Evidence for Vertical Migration of Upper Cretaceous Sourced Oils into Tertiary Reservoirs: Winn and Grant Parishes, Louisiana

John B. Echols, Ronald K. Zimmerman, Donald A. Goddard

The Geological Evolution and Petroleum Potential of the Deep Water Perdido Fold Belt, Alaminos Canyon, Northwestern Deep Gulf of Mexico.

Bruce D. Trudgill, J. Carl Fiduk, Mark G. Rowan, Paul Weimer, Peter E. Gale, Bryant E. Korn, Ronald L. Phair, William T. Gafford, James B. Dischinger, Geneva R. Roberts, Lyle F. Henage

Geologic Mapping of South-Central Mississippi: A Model for the Distribution of Neogene and Quaternary Sediments

Maurice A. Meylan , Zebao Li

Geologic Study of Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) Buda Limestone in Northeast Texas with Analysis of some Regional Implications A@Donald F. Reaser (1), William C. Dawson (2)

Donald F. Reaser , William C. Dawson

Geophysical Techniques for Evaluating the Internal Structure of Cheniers, Southwestern Louisiana

Robbie R. Zenero , David L. Seng , Mark R. Byrnes , Randolph A. McBride

High-Frequency Glacioeustatic Cyclicity of the Miocene in Central Texas and Western Louisiana and its Applications in Hydrocarbon Exploration

Qiucheng Ye , William E. Galloway , Robley K. Matthews

High Resolution Surficial Geology of the Louisiana Middle-to-Upper Continental Slope

Harry H. Roberts

Historical Shoreline Dynamics Along the Chenier Plain of Southwestern Louisiana

Mark R. Byrnes, Randolph A. McBride, Qiang Tao, Lisa Duvic

Holocene Benthic Foraminiferal Diversity and Abundance Variations in Lower Bathyal and Abyssal Environments, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico

Megan H. Jones, Barun K. Sen Gupta

A Hydrogeological Study of the Chicot Aquifer in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana

Christopher B. Williams, Timothy W. Duex

The Impact of Hurricane Andrew: Changes in the Texture and Chemistry of Barataria Estuary Bottom Sediments

George C. Flowers , Lynn V. Koplitz , Gary L. McPherson

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings: Horizontal Drilling, South Florence Field, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Jeffrey A. Spencer, Travis H. Gillham, Allen T. Kutch, Art D. Lombard

The Lafayette Bol Mex Basin: Recent Exploration and Drilling Activity

Frank W. Harrison, Jr.

A Megascale Systems Approach for Shoreline Change Analysis and Coastal Management Along the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Randolph A. McBride, Mark R. Byrnes

Mineral Buffering of Contaminated Ground Water Compositions at a Hazardous Waste Site in Southwestern Louisiana

Jeffrey S. Hanor , Kathleen M. McManus (1,2), Vishnu Ranganathan (1,3), Shaobing Su (1,4)

Modern Analytical Techniques for Fault Surface Seal Analysis: A Gulf Coast Case History

Mary J. Broussard , Brian E. Lock

Mud Volcanoes in the Gulf of Mexico: A Mechanism for Mixing Sediments of Different Ages in Slope Environments

Barry Kohl , Harry H. Roberts

Paleoenvironmental and Taphonomic Evidence of Diverse Bioclast Sources and their Implications for the Depositional Settings of Southwestern Louisiana Cheniers

Laurie C. Anderson , Mark R. Byrnes , Randolph A. McBride

Paleoenvironment of a Diverse Marine Vertebrate Fauna from the Yazoo Clay (Late Eocene) at Copenhagen, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana

Sylvester Q. Breard , Gary L. Stringer

Paleoenvironments and Sequences of Subsurface Paleocene Wilcox in Sabine Parish, Louisiana

Lloyd N. Glawe

Pore Water Salinity as a Tool for Evaluating Reservoir Continuity and Fluid Migration Pathways in the Wilcox Group of Central Louisiana

Masaaki Funayama (1,2), Jeffrey S. Hanor

Primary, Non-Milankovitch Marl-Limestone Parasequences, Upper Cretaceous, Alabama

David T. King, Jr.

Quaternary Geology of Weeks and Cote Blanche Islands Salt Domes

Whitney J. Autin , Richard P. McCulloh

Regional Distribution of Permeability in the Edwards Aquifer

Susan D. Hovorka, Robert E. Mace, Edward W. Collins

Regional Lithostratigraphy and Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of the Arcola Limestone Member, Mooreville Chalk, of Eastern Mississippi and Alabama

Charles C. Smith

Rejuvenation and Subsidence of Salt Diapirs by Regional Extension

Hongxing Ge (1,2), Martin P. A. Jackson , Bruno C. Vendeville

Remediation Alternatives for Low-Level Herbicide Contaminated Groundwater

Robert Mark Conger

Rock Magnetic Determination of Angular Deviation in Grain Alignment Between Channel and Levee Sandstones Within a Submarine Fan Channel-Levee Complex, Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas

Debnath Basu

Sediment Texture and Composition Changes Along the Southwest Louisiana Coast: Implications for Sediment Supply

Matthew J. Taylor , Mark R. Byrnes , Randolph A. McBride

Sequence Stratigraphy and Tectonic Setting of Plio-Pleistocene Sediments, Northeastern Green Canyon and Eastern Ewing Bank Areas, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Fadjar M. Budhijanto, Paul Weimer

Sequence Stratigraphy of Pleistocene Sediments, Northwestern Green Canyon, Gulf of Mexico

Alonso F. Navarro, Paul Weimer

Shelf-Slope Break Sedimentation and Erosion during Deposition of the Claiborne Group in Colorado and Wharton Counties, Texas

Robert A. Hull

Significant Reserve Additions from Oligocene Frio Formation Hackberry Sands Utilizing 3-D Seismic Data, Upper Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast

Robert L. Zamboras

Source and Plume Investigation of Chlorinated Compounds in Groundwater at a Chemical Plant

Drukell B. Trahan

Strategies for Optimizing Incremental Recovery from Mature Reservoirs in Oligocene Frio Fluvial-Deltaic Sandstones, Rincon Field, South Texas

Lee E. McRae (1), Mark H. Holtz

Structural Framework of the Edwards Aquifer, Balcones Fault Zone, Central Texas

Edward W. Collins

Surficial Sediments and Morphology of the Southwestern Alabama/Western Florida Panhandle Coast and Shelf

Randolph A. McBride, Mark R. Byrnes

Tectonic History of the Ouachita Interior Zone: New Observations from the Sierra Del Carmen, Northern Coahuila, Mexico

Danielle L. Carpenter

Thermohaline Pore Water Trends of Southeastern Louisiana: Geologic Applications and Controls on Fluid Movement

Donald J. Marlin , William H. Schramm

Three-Dimensional Seismic Modeling and Seismic Facies Imaging

Hongliu Zeng , Noel Tyler , Milo M. Backus

Trace Metal Variability of Estuarine Sediments, St. Bernard Geomorphic Region, Louisiana

Kenneth E. Landrum

Upper Cretaceous Sequence Stratigraphy of the Mississippi - Alabama Area

Ernest A. Mancini (1,2), T. Markham Puckett , Berry H. Tew (1,2), Charles C. Smith

Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Oil Reservoirs of the Updip Basement Structure Play: Southwest Alabama

Robert M. Mink, Ernest A. Mancini

Use of Combined Air Sparging with Soil Vacuum Extraction and Groundwater Recovery and Treatment as Remedial Alternatives for Dissolved Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Recovery

Raymond Sturdivant, Jr. , Gary A. Fulton, Jr. , Frank E. Bains

Using Production-Based Plays in the Northern Gulf of Mexico as a Hydrocarbon Exploration Tool

G. L. Lore, E. C. Batchelder

X-Ray Computed Tomography of Macroscale Variability in Sediment Physical Properties, Offshore Louisiana

Thomas H. Orsi, Aubrey L. Anderson