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3-D Seismic Applications for Environmental and Groundwater Reconnaissance

Donald J. Marlin , William H. Schramm , Robert M. Mayer

ABSTRACT: 3-D Synthetic Seismic Modeling of Turbidite Sandstones

Kathleen O. Horkowitz , William R. Morris , Mark H. Scheihing , H. DeVille Wickens

ABSTRACT: Achieving Remedial Endpoints Using A Risk Based Approach and Integrated Remedial Technologies to Mitigate Impacted Aquifers at Exxon Chemicals Baton Rouge Polyolefins Plant

William H. Schramm , Ray Sturdivant , Frank E. Bains

ABSTRACT: Fluvial Deposits and Leaky Aquitards of the Late Pleistocene Shallow Subsurface in Southwest Louisiana

Joseph A. Cancienne , Mark Distefano , William H. Schramm

ABSTRACT: Geologic Review: Reducing Oil and Gas Environmental Impacts

John E. Johnston, III

ABSTRACT: GULFNET a High Precision GPS Network to Measuring Horizontal and Vertical Deformation Across the Gulf Coast

Giovanni Sella, Roy Dokka, Timothy Dixon

ABSTRACT: Hydrogeologic Definition of the Norco Aquifer in the Geismar, Louisiana Area

Kyle L. Krischenmann

ABSTRACT: Seafloor Morphology and Sediment Paths of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Deepwater

Jia Y. Liu, William R. Bryant

ABSTRACT: Sequence Stratigraphic Analyses of the Upper Cretaceous Deposits, Rio Grande Embayment, Using Well Logs, Cores and Outcrops

Salah E. Mahmoud, Emile A. Pessagno, Jr., Janok P. Bhattacharya

ABSTRACT: Tectonic Evolution and Mechanism of Folding of Mississippi Fan-Fold Belt System, Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Joydeep K. Haldar, C.J. O'Byrne, A.E. Berman, J. Gamber

ABSTRACT: The "Up-dip" Norphlet Trend: A Re-vitalized Target for Exploration in Southwest Alabama

Lawrence R. Baria

ABSTRACT: Using a Geographic Information System to Determine the Chicot Aquifer System Surficial Confining Unit's Thickness and Location of Sand Lenses, Southwestern Louisiana

B. Pierre Sargent, C. Paul Frederick

Assessment and Restoration of a Condensate Spill in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest in the Atchafalaya Basin

Shea Penland , Shaw Thompson , Andrew Milanes , Steve Tischer

Base of Salt Determination Utilizing Full Tensor Gradient Data

Gary W. Coburn

Bottom Boundary Layer Parameters and Sediment Transport on the Louisiana Inner-Shelf During Cold Front Passages

David A. Pepper , Gregory W. Stone , Ping Wang

Burial and Thermal Maturation History of the Gilbertown Area, Southwest Alabama

Richard E. Carroll

Characterization and 3-D Modeling of Turbidite Reservoir: A Case Study in Miocene Slope Deposits, Main Pass Area, Offshore Gulf Coast of Mexico

Kexian Yang, Jeffrey M. Yarus, William P. Cantanese

Climatic-Eustatic Control Of Holocene Nearshore Parasequence Development, Southeastern Texas Coast

Robert A. Morton , Jack L. Kindinger , James G. Flocks , Laura B. Stewart

Comparing Two Models of Source Rock Potential in the Perdido Fold Belt Area, Northwestern Deep Gulf of Mexico

Joseph C. Fiduk

Detection of Faults at the Earth's Surface by Hand-held Ground Conductivity Surveys, Eastern Texas

Darren Davis, E. B. Ledger

Diagenetic Influence on Reservoir Development and Quality in the Smackover Updip Basement Ridge Play, Southwest Alabama

D. J. Benson, E. A. Mancini

The Dilemma of Assessing Heavy Metal Toxicity

Wayne C. Isphording , Maria E. Bundy

Dynamic Response of Deepwater Depositional Systems to Growth of the Mississippi Fan Fold Belt, Gulf of Mexico

Ciaran J. O'Byrne , Joydeep K. Haldar1, Richard Klecker , Arthur E. Berman , John Martinez

Evidence for Local Groundwater Recharge Site in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana

Christopher B. Williams, Timothy W. Duex

Evolutionary Model of the Jurassic Sequences of the East Texas Basin: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Gary W. White , Steve J. Blanke , C. F. "Casey" Clawson, II

Evolution of the Geological Model, Lobster Field (Ewing Bank 873)

Mitchell K. Burk, Gregory L. Brown, David R. Petro

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Accurate Reservoir Volumes Using 3-D Geological Modeling Seismic Attributes and a Workflow Approach

Ravi Chhibber

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Charge of Fault-Bounded Reservoirs: Paths and Reserves as a Function Of Fault Properties

Jianyoung Bai, C.L. Decker, Joel S. Watkins

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Classification of Porosity and Permeability Category with Regression Trees

Haiyan Li , Hui-Chuan Chen , Ernest Mancini

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Evolution of the Apalachicola Delta: The Last Glacial Eustatic Cycle

Heather E. Anderson, Philip J. Bart

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Freshwater Depth in the Chicot Aquifer of Southwestern Louisiana During the Holocene Sea Level Lowstand

Dale J. Nyman

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Late Miocene Mississippi Fan Fold Belt Effect on Deepwater Deposition in the Atwater Valley Area, Offshore Louisiana

Andrew E. Hannan, Norman E. Biles, George A. Jamieson

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Magnitude, Distribution and Impacts of Accidental Brine Spills in the Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Conservation Plan Area

Aaron S. Bass

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Maximizing the Value of Your Interpretation Software, an Example: 3-D-Based versus "Traditional" Seismic Interpretation

Karen S. Glaser

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Migration And Entrapment Of Multiphase Hydrocarbons: Results From Simple Computer Modeling Experiments

C. L. Decker, Honglin Yuan, Joel S. Watkins, Yuqian Li

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Prospective Features Revealed By New 3-D Seismic In Shallow Waters Of Chandeleur Sound/Viosca Knoll

Marc A. Lawrence , Hugh T. Logue , Jess Kozman

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Relationship between Drag Fold Geometry and Fracture Production in the Selma Chalk, Gilbertown Oil Field, Southwest Alabama

Guohai Jin , Richard H. Groshong Jr. , Jack C. Pashin

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Stratigraphic framework of the Mesozoic sediments of the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin

T. Markham Puckett, Ernest A. Mancini

Field Discovery History, Northern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for Future Exploration

James C. Brenneke , W. Hines Austin

Foraminiferal Biofacies, Local Zonation and Paleobathymetry of the Hackberry Sequence (Middle Oligocene Frio) of Southwestern Louisiana

Sylvester Q. Breard, Arden D. Callender, Michael J. Nault

Geology and Geochemistry of Gas Hydrates, Central Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope

R. Sassen , S.T. Sweet , A. V. Milkov , D.A. DeFreitas , G. G. Salata , E. C. McDade

A Graphical Dip Domain Technique For Projecting Large Growth Faults To Depth Using Imaged Hanging-Wall Structure

R. E. Bischke, D. J. Tearpock

Growth Analysis (Dd/d): Case Histories of the Resolution of Correlation Problems as Encountered while Mapping around Salt

R. E. Bischke , W. Finley , D. J. Tearpock

The Importance of Cyclogenesis on the Short-Term Evolution of Gulf Coast Barriers

Gregory W. Stone, Ping Wang

Integrated Paleoecology and Marine Vertebrate Fauna of the Stone City Formation (Middle Eocene), Brazos River Section, Texas

Sylvester Q. Breard , Gary L. Stringer

Interpretation Of Coherence Cubeô Processing In The 3-D Workspace

John D. Arenson, Evelyn A. Medvin, Steven J. Maione

Joint Systems Along the Northeast Margin of the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin, Alabama

Jack C. Pashin, Andrew K. Rindsberg

Late Cenomanian Foraminifera from the Lower Tuscaloosa Formation Across Southern Mississippi

Dean A. Dunn , W. Cecil Pettway , , Ulysses Cooley, Jr. ,

Malacca 3-D -- A Comprehensive Approach to Seismic Data Acquisition in Transition Zones

Kevin N. J. Pelletier , Witan Odakar Ardjakusumah

Massive U. S. Crude Oil Losses, 1901-1933: Examples from Caddo-Pine Island and Smackover Fields

Mary L. Barrett

Mid-Slope Bottom Currents off the Louisiana Coast

W. J. Wiseman, Jr., H. H. Roberts

Modeling Allochthonous Salt Structures Integrating Microstructural Observations and Laboratory-Derived Salt Rheologies

R.A. Mazariegos , N.L. Carter , and J.E. Russell

Modeling of the Burial and Thermal Histories of Strata in the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin

Ernest A. Mancini, T. Markham Puckett, William C. Parcell

Mud Hole: A Unique Warm-Water Submarine Spring, Located Offshore Southwestern Florida

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping , Joel R. Bellucci , Graham Woody , Thomas J. Lee

New (?) Bioherm-Building Tubular Organism in Jurassic Smackover Formation, Alabama

David C. Kopaska-Merkel 1, Dieter U. Schmid 2

New Models for the Origin of Shale/Salt-Cored Anticlines in the Gulf of Mexico Using a Modified Area-Constant Detachment Fold Model

John H. Spang

New Technology for Characterizing Louisiana's Shallow Coastal Water Bottoms and Predicting Future Changes

Harry H. Roberts , Charles A. Wilson , John Supan , , Walker Winans

Paleocene - Lower Miocene Sequences in the Northern Gulf: Progradational Slope Salt-Basin Deposition and Diminishing Slope-Bypass Deposition in the Deep Basin

Richard H. Fillon , Paul N. Lawless

Petroleum Exploration and Stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous James Limestone (Aptian) and Andrew Formation (Albian): Main Pass, Viosca Knoll, and Mobile Areas, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico.

Andrew J. Petty

Petrology, Paleontology, and Paleoenvironments of Wilds and Lower Nichols Sands: Subsurface Paleocene Wilcox Units in Louisiana

Lloyd N. Glawe1, Leonard M. Young , and Harry H. Roberts

Possible Geologic Influence on Salt Falls Associated with the Storage Caverns at Bryan Mound, Brazoria County, Texas

Karl M. Looff , Kurt M. Looff

Potential Oil Generation Capacity of the North Louisiana Hydrocarbon System

Ronald K. Zimmerman

Prediction of Porosity and Permeability Using a Data Mining Approach: Appleton Field, Alabama

Wen-Tai Yang , Hui-Chuan Chen and Ernest A. Mancini

Production Characteristics of Sheet and Channelized Turbidite Reservoirs, Garden Banks 191, Gulf of Mexico, U.S.A

David S. Fugitt , Charles E. Stelting , William. J. Schweller , James E. Florstedt , Gary J. Herricks , Michael. R. Wise

Reservoir Continuity and Architecture of the Genesis Field, Gulf of Mexico (Green Canyon 205): An Integration of Fluid Geochemistry within the Geologic and Engineering Framework

Mark A. Beeunas , Thomas A. Hudson , Josann A. Valley , David K. Baskin , Wesley Y. Clark

Sedimentological Features Within the Edwards Group of West-Central Texas

Brian E Lock , Jamsie L. Roberts

Sequence Stratigraphy of the Late Miocene-Early Pliocene Peace River Formation, Southwestern Florida

Thomas M. Missimer

Spatial Variations in Formation Water Salinities, South Pelto and South Timbalier Areas, Eastern Louisiana Continental Shelf

Amanda M. Nikiel , Jeffrey S. Hanor

Stratigraphic Architecture and Dynamic Evolution of Barrier Bar-Lagoon Depositional Systems, Eocene Jackson Group, Duval County, South Texas

Wan Yang

Stratigraphic Architecture of Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian) Reefs in the Northeastern Gulf Coast, U.S. and the Eastern Paris Basin, France

William C. Parcell

A Technology to Extract Lithology, Porosity and Hydrocarbon Content from Conventional Seismic Data

Roger A. Young

Textural and Diagenetic Controlson Sandstone Permeability

Christopher M. Prince

Thermohaline Pore Water Trends of Southeastern Louisiana Revisited

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Top Seal Character and Sequence Stratigraphy of Selected Marine Shales in Gulf Coast Style Basins

William C. Dawson, William R. Almon

Turbidites From The Lower Atoka Formation Jacksonville, Arkansas

Christian J. Clark , Arnold H. Bouma , Gian A. Constantine

Use Of Oil And Gas Platforms As Habitat In Louisiana's Artificial Reef Program

Rick A. Kasprzak

Well Data Projection into Undrilled Exploration Areas Using Gravimetric and/or Seismic Isochron Steering Functions

Richard H. Fillon, Rosanne J. Jowitt, Ronald L. Phair

Wetlands Regulation and the Oil and Gas Industry In the Gulf Coast Region

Valerie Enck, C. Lee Sherrod