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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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The Application of Log Derived Transmissibility in Well Completion Design and Well Performance Evaluation

K. I. Martin

Applications of the Electromagnetic Propagation Tool in Indonesia

B. R. Wood, P. Westaway

Arun Field Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion System

Robert S. Metcalf, Zulkarnain Muzakkir

Besitang River Sand as the First Turbidite Reservoir in Indonesia

Mulhadiono, R. P. Koesoemadinata, Rusnandar

Cenozoic Stratigraphic Nomenclature in East Kutai Basin, Kalimantan

Edward Marks, Sujatmiko, Luki Samuel, H. Dhanutirto, T. Ismoyowati, B. B. Sidik

Corrosion Control at the Badak Gas Production Facilities: An Update

James W. Ward

Deep-Sea Basins in Indonesia

L. Witoelar Kartaadiputra, Zainal Ahmad, Andre Reymond

Design Support for Texaco CO2 Flooding Projects

R. L. Gardenas, A. J. Nute

Development of Offshore Gasfields Using a Liquefaction and Shipping System

K. W. Edwards, E. K. Faridany, M. Banister

Diversified Uses of a Colloidal Material in Drilling and Completion Operations

William K. Ott, Warren Miller, Lilik Sabariman, Mulyadi

Exploration and Development of the Heber Geothermal Field Imperial Valley, California

J. O. Salveson, A. M. Cooper

F Field – A Typical Marginal Field Development in Offshore Northwest Java

Rukmana Hardjadiwinangun

The Formation of the Makassar Basin as Determined from Subsidence Curves

Ir. B. Situmorang

The Future of Unconventional Natural Gas© as an Alternative Energy Resource

Lawrence C. Bonham

Gas Condensate Reservoir Simulation, E-xy Reservoir, Badak Field

R. Sudibjo, D. Hadiatno, C. Soemarso

Genisis of Hydrocarbons in the Mahakam Delta and the Relationship Between Their Distribution and the Over Pressured Zones

J. L. Oudin, P. F. Picard

Importance of Diagenesis in Carbonate Exploration and Production, Lower Batu Raja Carbonates, Krisna Field, Java Sea

Andrew Wight, Daniel Hardian

Innovations in Offshore Cathodic Protection Design

Sheldon Evans

Killing of PT–29 Burning Gas Well, Paluhtabuhan

S. Wiryodiarjo, K. Sumanta

Late Cainozoic Origin for the Bintuni Basin and Adjacent Lengguru Fold Belt, Irian Jaya

C. J. Pigram, G. P. Robinson, Sahat Lumban Tobing

Miocene Carbonate Buildups, Offshore North Sumatra

A. C. McArthur, R. B. Helm

Mobile Production Platforms

George E. Mott

The Nature of the Crust Underlying Cenderawasih (Geelvink) Bay, Irian Jaya

Duncan B. Dow, Udi Hartono

Performance of the Handil Water Injection Scheme


Petroleum Geology of the Malacca Strait Contract Area (Central Sumatra Basin)

R. A. Lee

Project Management of Large Offshore Petroleum Project

V. Stuart Nielsen

A Reservoir Description, Based on Wireline Logs, Geological and Production Data, Aids Selection of New Well Locations for Optimum Oil Production

Sungarna Sukandar, Sofyan A. Siregar, Louis Leverbvre

Seismic Design of Fixed Offshore Platforms in Indonesia

George Khng Yew Chye

Seismic Hydrocarbon Indicators in the South China Sea: Geological and Geophysical Aspects

Stephen P. J. Cossey, William T. Valenta, Francois Payot, Tom T. Ho, P. J. Wegenhofer

Seismic Sequences Interpretation, a Contribution to the Stratigraphical Framework of the Mahakam Area

B. Loiret, J. F. Mugniot

Seismic Stratigraphy in Carbonate Rocks: Depositional History of the Natuna D-Alpha Block (L-Structure): Stage II

Michael T. Kraft, J. B. Sangree

Stratapax Bit Performance in Drilling Arun Gas Field

Ridwan Abdul Gani

Supporting Oil Drilling Rigs in Indonesian Swamps

Paul M. Reed, Johannes Karundeng

Ultimate Recovery of the L-1 Sand, Benakat Timur Field, South Sumatra

R. S. Trijaya Kartoatmodjo

Waterflood Performance of Benakat Field, South Sumatra

M. Nahir Basuni, Rashid I. Mangunkusumo

Well Completion and Lift Method, Duri Steamflood

R. Utama, J. B. Barnett

Well Completions in Arun Field

Samin Tanjung, Syahrizal Tamin

Wellsite Log Evaluation of the Miocene Carbonates in Salawati Basin

S. O. Ajam, L. A. Henzell, Jerry Wang, Agus M. Syarif, H. Soedirdja

Zonal Control with Single Selective Completions, Udang Field - Natuna Sea - Indonesia (PC-82-005)

Fernando H. Rodriguez