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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Indonesian Petroleum Association

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Application of Foam Cement and the Stringent Quality Control Techniques Basic to the Use of This New Oil Field Cementing System

Alex Antonovitch, George Birch, D. Larry Murphy

The Application of Induced Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy in Cased Hole Formation Evaluation in Sumatra, Indonesia

W. D. Morgan, R. C. Hertzog

Application of Steamflooding to Light Oil Reservoirs

K. C. Hong, J. W. Ault, T. R. Blevins

Application of the Nuclear Magnetism Log and Electromagnetic Propagation Tool to Define Steam Potential in Heavy Oil Reservoirs

C. H. Neuman

Aspects of Vertical Multiphase Flow Determination and Calculation Procedure in South Palembang District Oil Wells

Okti Barmi, M. Assegaf

Bekapai-11: An Example of Drilling a High Pressured Well in Weak Formations

Budi Suryodipuro

Case History of a Multiple Zone Peripheral Waterflood

Soenoko Hadisoemarto, R. S. Trijana Kartoatmodjo

Corrosion Mitigation and Monitoring Techniques at Badak/Nilam Gas Production Facilities

John M. Leeds, James W. Ward

Diapirism and Deformation East of the Mamberamo River, Northern Irian Jaya

P. R. Williams, Amiruddin

Evaluation of the Texaco Dielectric Log in Central Sumatra

P. T. Cox

Exploration and Development of the Kamojang Geothermal Field

D. Robert, R. Raharso, S. Bastaman

Feasibility Study: Pressure Maintenance/Secondary Recovery of E-22 Reservoir — Ardjuna Field, Offshore Northwest Java

Rukmana Harjadiwinangun

Heat Flow Variation on Western Indonesian Basinal Areas: Implication on Basin Formation and Hydrocarbon Potential

B. Situmorang, Siswoyo, M. Thamrin, Barlian Yulianto

Hi-Vis Gel as Fluid Loss Control During Workovers

Budi Setiawan, R. G. Rennie

High Performance Seismic Data Migration for High Resolution Interpretation

C. N. Chernoff

The Impact of Conservation on Future Oil Demand

Tor Meloe

Interdependence and Economic Recovery: Linkages Between Industrialized Nations and East Asian Countries

James L. Pate

Lost Circulation and Control in Reefal Limestone Depositions

Rusjdi Iljas

Micritization and Calichification: Their Recognition and Implications

Stephen J. James

Miocene Carbonate Rocks of Sibolga Basin, Northwest Sumatra

Robert Rose

Newly Emerging Concepts for Managing Cleanup of Oil Spills

Albert H. Lasday

OPSEIS™ Seismic Recording System

H. A. Tims, D. R. Cahill

Petrographic Characteristics of Badak and Nilam Fields Sandstone Reservoirs

Hilmi Panigoro

Practical Use of Borehole Seismic in Exploration; Goals and Shortcomings

F. Sandnes, L. Nustt, S. G. Henry

Reef Exploration in the East Sengkang Basin, Sulawesi

Andrew M. Grainge, Kenneth G. Davies

Reservoir Data Analysis at the Wellsite

Sami O. Ajam, Terry O. Anderson, Don Kyle

Satellite Tree Subsea Completions Permit Marginal Reserves Production Offshore East Kalimantan, Indonesia

R. L. Bunnell, J. G. Hawkins

Seawater Treatment for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Monica A. Jorque

Seismic Facies Study in the Sepasu Area of East Kalimantan

J. Vallet

Single Buoy Mooring Systems: Anchoring Selection and Construction Considerstions

P. M. Reed, T. T. Tjen

Space Shuttle Radar Images of Indonesia

Floyd F. Sabins Jr.

The Status of Miscible and Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods

R. J. Blackwell

The Stratigraphy of the Sihapas Formation in the North West of the Central Sumatra Basin

N. R. Cameron

The Stratigraphy of Western Irian Jaya

P. E. Pieters, C. J. Pigram, D. S. Trail, D. B. Dow, N. Ratman, R. Sukamto

Structure of the North Banda-Molucca Area from Multichannel Seismic Reflection Data

Jean Letouzey, Philippe de Clarens, Jean Guignard, Jean-Lous Berthon

Tension Pile Foundation — Current Design Practices and Load Tests

Jack H. C. Chan

Treatment of Java Seawater for Pressure Maintenance and Secondary Recovery

J. P. Smith

Use of Risk Analysis at TOTAL

Alain Leroy

The Use of Seismic Data in Predicting the Abnormal High Pressure Zone for Exploration Drilling in Pertamina Unit E.P. III Working Area

Basuki Puspoputro