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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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The Environmental Significance of Cross Stratification Parameters in an Upper Carboniferous Fluvial Basin

Gilbert Kelling

Clay Mineralogy and Paleoclimatic Significance of Some Red Regoliths and Associated Rocks in Western Colorado

P. E. Power

Deposition of Clastic Sediments by Clams

Nikola P. Prokopovich

Calcium Carbonate Size Distribution on the West Florida Shelf and Experimental Studies on the Microarchitectural Control of Skeletal Breakdown

L. M. Force

Tyee Formation: A Study of Proximality in Turbidites

J. P. B. Lovell

Dispersal Patterns and Diagenesis of Oolitic Calcarenites in the Ste. Genevieve Limestone (Mississippian), Missouri

Stephen L. Knewtson, John F. Hubert

Grain Orientation in Vicksburg Loess

Rudolph V. Matalucci , John W. Shelton , M. Abdel-hady

Progressive Diagenesis in Quaternary to Late Tertiary Carbonate Sediments: Sequence and Time Scale

Eliezer Gavish , Gerald M. Friedman

Hydrology of South Bonaire, N.A.--A Rock Selective Dolomitization Model

R. C. Murray

Clay Mineralogy of Kope and Fairview Formations (Cincinnatian) in the Cincinnati Area

D. R. Bassarab, W. D. Huff

Petrography of the Sirban Limestone of Riasi, Jammu Province, Jammu and Kashmir State

M. R. Sharma, S. P. Krishnaswami

Large Non-Tectonic Deformational Structures from Upper Cretaceous Rocks of Utah

James. D. Howard, C. Frederick. Lohrengel, II

Diagenesis and Dolomitization of a Limestone (Pennsylvanian of Missouri) as Revealed by Staining

William J. Neal

Stromatolites and Oncolites in the Otavi Series, South West Africa

Louis Kruger

Experimental Dissolution of Calcium, Magnesium, and Strontium from Recent Biogenic Carbonates: A Model of Diagenesis

Johannes H. Schroeder

Grain Size Distributions and Depositional Processes

Glenn S. Visher

Experimental Investigation of Pressure Solution of Quartz

J. J. Renton, M. T. Heald, C. B. Cecil

Associations of Fossils, Grain-types, and Chemical Constituents in the Upper Devonian and Lower Carboniferous Limestones of the Bonaparte Gulf Basin, Northwest Australia

J. J. Veevers

Linear "Lower Continental Rise Hills" Off Cape Hatteras

Peter A. Rona

Glacial Marine Sediments from the Northeast Pacific

G. B. Griggs, L. D. Kulm

Characteristics of Columbia River Sediment and Sediment Transport

John. T. Whetten, James C. Kelley, Larry G. Hanson

Quantitative Statistical Analyses of Columbia River Sediment Samples

James C. Kelley, John T. Whetten

Tidal Flat Erosion by Ice at La Pocatiere, St. Lawrence Estuary

Jean-Claude Dionne

The Deformed Nature of Various Size Fractions in Some Clastic Sands

M. R. H. Ramez, F. H. Mosalamy

Diagenesis, Chemical Sediments, and the Mixing of Natural Waters

Donald D. Runnells

Anatomy of a Modern Carbonate Tidal-flat, Andros Island, Bahamas

Eugene A. Shinn, R. Michael Lloyd, R. N. Ginsburg

Dispersal Patterns of Pennsylvanian Sandstones in the Michigan Basin

Gerald L. Shideler

An Inexpensive Coring Platform for Shallow Estuarine Waters: NOTES

Franz E. Anderson, Frederick R. Hess

Relationship of Size and Composition in Pebble Counts: NOTES

Sam Boggs, Jr.

Procedure for Shipboard Measurement of pH and Eh in Sediment Cores Within Plastic Liners: NOTES

Gerald M. Friedman , Naresh Kumar (5)

Direct Illustration of One Way Sand Transport by Tidal Currents: NOTES

Robert H. Belderson, Neil H. Kenyon

Rock Impregnation Trials Using Monomers, Epoxide, and Unsaturated Polyester Resins: NOTES

J. A. Franklin

Recognizing Fossil Strand Lines From Grain-size Analysis: DISCUSSION

Anil Lyall, James Shearer

Origin of Large Kaolinite Crystals in the Lower Almond Formation in South-west Wyoming, by G. B. Asquith: DISCUSSION

Iain A. Williamson

The Origin of Penemosaic Texture in Evaporites of the Detroit River Formation (middle Devonian) in Northern Indiana, by L. F. Rooney and R. R. French: DISCUSSION

D. W. Holliday

Allogenic Quartz and the Origin of Penemosaic Texture in Evaporites of the Detroit River Formation (Middle Devonian) in Northern Indiana: REPLY

Lawrence F. Rooney, Robert R. French