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Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

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Citation Patterns of Papers Published in the Journal of Sedimentary Petrology

Gerard V. Middleton

Carbonate Cementation in Coralline Algal Nodules in the Skagerrak, North Sea: Biochemical Precipitation in Undersaturated Waters

Torbjorn Alexandersson

Origin of Carbonate Pseudopellets

L. E. FAhraeus, R. M. Slatt, G. S. Nowlan

Ooids from Great Salt Lake, Utah, as an Analogue for the Genesis and Diagenesis of Ooids in Marine Limestones

Charles F. Kahle

The Natural History Of Crystalline Calcium Carbonate: Effect of Magnesium Content And Salinity

Robert L. Folk

Magnesian Calcite Nucleation in Ancient Dolomitized Limestones of Western Sicily

Marco Leone, Rosario Alaimo

Magnesium Distribution in living and Fossil Specimens of the Echinoid Peronella Lesueuri Agassiz, Shark Bay, Western Australia

Roger W. Macqueen, Edward D. Ghent, Graham R. Davies

Origin and Lithification of the Pleistocene Carbonates of the Salum Area, Western Coastal Plain of Egypt

Amer A. Selim

Significance of the Boring Sponge Cliona for the Origin of Fine Grained Material of Carbonate Sediments

Dieter K. Futterer

Differential Cementation of a Pleistocene Carbonate Fanglomerate, Guadalupe Mountains

Alonzo D. Jacka

Strontium as a Tool in Facies Analysis

Jan Veizer , Rudolf Demovic

Vertical Orientation of Shells on Some Florida Oyster Reefs

Robert S. Grinnell, Jr.

Transformation of a Polyphase Sedimentary Assemblage into a Single Phase Rock: A Chemical Approach

L. V. Benson

Grain-size Parameters and Paleoenvironments of the Nubia Sandstone

S. Omara, Wagih W. Bishara, M. Nasr

Detrital Quartz as a Natural Tracer--fourier Grain Shape Analysis

Robert Ehrlich, John J. Orzeck, Bernhard Weinberg

Surface Textures of First Cycle Quartz Sand Grains

Raymond V. Ingersoll

Reliability of Cross-stratification Types as Paleocurrent Indicators in Fluvial Rocks

Lee R. High, Jr., M. Dane Picard

Oscillatory Ripple Marks and the Evaluation of Ancient Wave Conditions and Environments

Paul D. Komar

Positive-Relief Bedforms on Modern Tidal Flat that Resemble Molds of Flutes and Grooves; Implications for Geopetal Criteria and for Origin and Classification of Bedforms

Gerald M. Friedman, John E Sanders

Beach Foreshore Sedimentology and Morphology in the Apostle Islands of Northern Wisconsin

Wayne N. Engstrom

Sedimentation Rates and Recent Sediment History of Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron

A. L. W. Kemp , T. W. Anderson , R. L. Thomas , A. Mudrochova

Sedimentary Reflection of Depositional Environment in the Bardawil Lagoon, Northern Sinai

Y. Levy

Petrology of the Chilhowee Group (Cambrian and Cambrian (?)) in Central-Eastern and Southern Tennessee(1)

Robert C. Whisonant

Determination of Carbonate and Organic Matter in Calcareous Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks by Loss on Ignition: Comparison With Other Methods

Walter E. Dean, Jr.

An Inexpensive Titration Method for the Determination of Organic Carbon in Recent Sediments

Henri E. Gaudette, Wilson R. Flight, Lois Toner, David W. Folger

Determination of Montmorillonite in Small Samples and Implications for Suspended-matter Studies

Brian E. Tucholke

Simplified Form of the Folk-ward Skewness Parameter

Guyon Warren

Prophylactic Separation of Heavy Minerals

Harvey Blatt, V. Max Brown

Use of the Camera Lucida to Directly Label Photomicrograph Negatives

Harvey Maurice Sachs

Query: Orthoquartzite ? ? ? ?: DISCUSSION

H. A. Ireland

Some Sedimentological Aspects of Planar Cross-stratification in a Sandy Braided River: DISCUSSION

Nigel L. Banks, John D. Collinson

Some Sedimentological Aspects of Planar Cross-stratification in a Sandy Braided River: REPLY

Norman D. Smith

Recent Dedolomitization and the Origin of the Rusty Crusts of Northumberland: DISCUSSION

Donald D. Runnells

Recent Dedolomitization and the Origin of the Rusty Crusts of Northumberland: REPLY

W. S. Al-hashimi , J. E. Hemingway

Osler Lenses: Possible Environmental Indicators in Fluvial Gravels and Conglomerates: ERRATUM

I. P. Martini, J. Ostler

Polyphase Limestone Dikes in the Oamaru Region, New Zealand: ERRATUM

D. W. Lewis